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A College with Momentum 

1992-93 Annual Report 

Lebanon Valley College 

of Pennsylvania 

The Challenge 
of the Future 

The past year has seen a crisis of 
confidence in higher education. 
Recent articles in Business Week 
and a host of other publications 
tell the story in graphic terms: 
massive deficits, poor teaching, 
arcane research, questionable 
ethics, racial strife, deteriorating 
facilities, staff cutbacks, slashes 
in academic programs, low 
morale, the flight of the middle 
class to the public sector and 
empty beds in the private sector. 
Add to this litany a weak 
economy and a shrinking pool of 
secondary school graduates, and 
it's easy to see why even some of 
the country's oldest and most 
venerable institutions find 
themselves struggling. 
Against this background, the 
success that Lebanon Valley 
College has experienced over the 
past year — indeed, over the past 
several years — is truly remark- 
able. The college is not only 
successfully weathering the 
challenges of the early '90s, it is 

A year of records 

The 1992-93 year ended with a 
$500,000 operating surplus, the 
largest anyone can remember. A 
good portion of these monies 
will be used to establish a much 
needed reserve for physical plant 
and equipment. 

The year achieved new 
records in fund-raising. Public 
and private gifts totaled 
$3,182,598— up 29 percent. 
The number of donors in all 
categories increased by 25 
percent, and the percentage of 
alumni contributing rose from 
26 to 32 percent. The year also 
brought the successful comple- 
tion of the Kline Foundation 
Challenge, lifting annual giving 

above the $1 million mark. 
Endowment also rose to a new 
high of $16.4 million, boosted 
by a number of generous gifts 
and bequests and helped along 
by a favorable investment 
climate. Perhaps the most 
gratifying news, however, came 
as a result of the year's admis- 
sions efforts. The fall 1993 
entering class of 368 students is 
the largest in the history of the 
college, and academically one of 
the best. One- third of the 
freshmen ranked in the top 10 
percent of their high school 
graduating class and three- 
fourths of them ranked in the 
top third. 

A campus 

The pace of campus improve- 
ments continued with the 
completion of the Derickson Hall 
condominiums and their 
acquisition for student housing 
for seniors. North College was 
substantially renovated and re- 
opened as a small residence hall 

for students engaged in commu- 
nity service projects. A new 
classroom was constructed on 
the lower level of Miller Chapel. 
The Administration/Humanities 
building was enhanced by the 
renovation and expansion of the 
college's media center. 

Several landscaping projects 
were also completed. New 
walkways, curbing and street 
lighting were provided along 


linking Up to a 
World of Knowledge 

College Avenue, White Oak and 
Sheridan. The handsome new 
Benjamin Cantor Entrance on 
Sheridan Avenue was con- 
structed and dedicated in April. 

With one-third of the campus 
already renovated and land- 
scaped, several new projects are 
scheduled to begin this fall. The 
former St. Paul's Lutheran 
Church on White Oak and 
Church streets will be renovated 
to provide a gallery and small 
recital hall (see page 4). Exten- 
sive work will be undertaken in 
the Mund College Center to 
renovate the theatre on the main 
floor and create a new informal 
eating facility on the lower level. 
Elevators will be installed in 
Miller Chapel and the Adminis- 
tration/Humanities Center to 
assure access by the handi- 
capped. Improvements are also 
planned for Arnold Field, 
including a new press box, 
tennis courts and extensive 
grading to improve drainage and 
provide additional practice areas. 

Library of the 

As the college looks forward to 
its future, construction of a new 
library becomes ever more 
important. More than a building, 
much more than a repository of 
books, Lebanon Valley College's 
library is being designed to 
incorporate the new and 
sophisticated information 
systems that will extend its reach 
throughout the campus and 
beyond. Constructing the new 
facility on the site of the present 
library and providing for all 
related technologies are expected 
to cost $6.2 million. 

The elements of the network 
that will become the heart and 
circulatory system of the new 
library include fiber optic cable 
and conduit, a profusion of 
personal computers, new central 
processors and specialized 
software. The library's data and 
information capabilities and 
services will extend far beyond 
its walls. Via the electronic 

Lebanon Valley's new library will 
become an important focal point 
for the campus, A reconstruction 
and expansion of the existing 
library built in 1956, the 
building when completed will 
provide 43,000 square feet- 
sufficient room to accommodate 
program needs and to house its 
primary collection of 1 If ,000 
books and other materials. 

Although construction will not 
begin on the building itself until 
1994-95, work on the high-tech- 
nology component of the library 
began some time ago. In 1989, 
Digital Equipment Corporation 
was asked to draw up a plan for a 
campus-wide fiber optic network. 
The first link of the network 
connecting the computer center 
in Lynch Hall to the communica- 
tions center in the basement of 
the Humanities Building was 
established in early 1990. 

A second link was completed 
this summer, bringing Garber 
Science Center onto the network, 
By 1996-97, all academic 
buildings and residence halls will 
be connected, the campus-wide 
information system will be a 
reality and the new library will 
be opened. 

At the center of this system, 
the new library will serve as an 

information hub as well as a 
traditional repository for books 
and other materials. 

In 1991, the college con- 
nected to PREPnet, a regional 
network for Pennsylvania. This 
in turn provided access to the 
NSENet, the national network, 
which is connected to other 
networks and systems all over 
the world. The whole collection 
of networks, known as the 
Internet, offers students and 
faculty access to hundreds of 
libraries, data bases and other 
networks in the state, country 
and world. Our own library's 
CD-ROM catalog is scheduled to 
be upgraded to a fully automated 
on-line system within two years. 

Because the amount of 
information available can be 
overwhelming, the college has 
already established a "dual 
support" system of librarians and 
computer services personnel to 
assist users and make their 
information searches easier. A 
training program for the Internet 
developed by Donna Miller, 
readers service librarian, and 
Mike Zeigler, director of user 
services; was so successful that 
they have been invited to train 
librarians, faculty and adminis- 
trators at other colleges. 


An Impiring 


Music and Art 

Suzanne Arnold, chair of the College 
Ait Committee, and Dan Massad, 
acting art department chair, look at 
architectural drawings. 

The transformation of the former 
St. Paul Lutheran Church into an 
art gallery and small recital hall 
will shift into high gear in the 
coming fiscal year. Plans and 
architectural drawings were com- 
pleted in 1992-93, and construc- 
tion will begn in November. 

The recital hall will accom- 
modate 100 to 150 concert- 
goers, and the gallery will be 
suited to displaying a wide range 
of art. 

Helping the project become a 
reality are an 1 1 -member College 
Art Committee and the "Friends 
of the Gallery" group, which 
now has over 140 members. This 
year the Friends gave over 
$16,000 in support of gallery 
exhibits and activities. 

network, students, faculty and 
community members will have 
access — from the library, their 
offices and their dorm rooms — 
to a tremendous amount of 
information from around the 
globe. (See page 3.) 

Residential life 


A comprehensive study of 
residential life completed during 
the year recommended several 
new initiatives, including more 
varied living arrangements. Stu- 
dents may now choose to live 
with others in a substance-free 
environment, or with students 
engaged in community service. 
Seniors may apply to live in the 
newly acquired Derickson Hall 
condominiums. Freshmen are 
now assigned to communities of 
20, led by an upperclass mentor 
and housed in contiguous rooms. 

The college has instituted 
new policies aimed at reducing 
alcohol abuse, a growing concern 
in our society and on our 
nation's campuses. In accordance 
with state laws, minors may not 
consume or possess alcohol. 
Students who have attained the 
age of 21 may consume alcohol 
in the privacy of their roorns, 

provided that no minors are 
present and that they maintain 
appropriate behavior. Steps 
being taken to reduce drinking 
on the campus include new and 
stiffer sanctions, increased 
availability of psychological 
counseling, additional alcohol 
awareness programs, more adult 
counselors living in the residence 
halls and increased training for 

resident assistants. We intend, 
under this new plan, to hold 
students firmly accountable for 
their actions while being 
supportive and respectful of their 
rights under existing laws. 


It is well-known that the greatest 
strength of Lebanon Valley lies in 
our faculty and their commitment 
to teaching. Our faculty continue 
to hone their considerable skills 
in that regard. Some two-thirds 
are participating in a series of 
workshops exploring teaching 
methods that reach beyond the 
traditional lecture format to stress 
more actively involving students 
in the learning process. The 
program, funded by a grant from 
the State System of Higher 
Education and the Pew Founda- 
tion, will continue in the 1993-94 
academic year. 


Athletic success 

Our athletic teams are matching 
the college's progress in other 
areas. The baseball team 
recorded its first 20-win season, 
capturing the Middle Atlantic 
Conference (MAC) Southwest 
Division title. Basketball won its 
first NCAA playoff game in 40 
years and its first MAC playoff 
game in 20 seasons. Football 
finished with its first seven-win 
season since 1960. Field hockey 
won its second consecutive MAC 
championship — its third in the 
past five years. 

Field hockey team wins aga 

A more 
global campus 

The college's move to interna- 
tionalize its student body and 
curriculum continued apace in 
1992-93. In March, the college 
announced a new general 
education program that requires 
all students to take at least one 
foreign studies course. The new 
program also strengthens the 
language requirements. Faculty 
and student exchange arrange- 

ments were established in China 
with Nanjing University and in 
the United Kingdom with Anglia 
University and Regents College. 
A consulting relationship was 
created with Guangzhou Foreign 
Languages Institute in China. 
Thanks to overseas recruiting 
efforts, the college now has 
almost two dozen students from 

A college with 

The yisiting team of the Regional 
Association of Middle States, the 
group that accredits all institu- 
tions of higher education, gave 
the college high marks during its 
October 1992 review visit to the 
campus. In both oral and written 
statements, the Middle States 
team called Lebanon Valley "an 
exciting and vibrant institu- 
tion. . . well on its way toward its 
goal of being a first-rate college 
in its region." Lebanon Valley is, 
said Middle States, "a college 
with momentum." The visit 
capped an intensive, yearlong 
internal review process'during 
which 100 faculty members, 
administrators, students, alumni 
and trustees worked together to 
compile a 106-page report. 

the future 

It is good to remember, however, 
that momentum is a fragile 
quality and can turn rapidly. To 
assure its continuance, the 
college must look to future 
achievements, not just rest on 
past accomplishments. The 
external environment within 
which colleges and universities 
operate is constantly changing. 
Although we can and should 
take pleasure in Lebanon Valley's 
success, there are obstacles to 
overcome, work to be done, 
goals to achieve: 

• a library/learning center to be 
funded and built 

• a campus information 
network to be completed 

• continued progress to be 
made in admissions to create a 
student body of not just 1,000 
students, but 1 ,000 students of 
exceptional ability and diversity 

• residential programs to 
enhance and support the 
academic efforts of students and 
that foster true community 

• a governance structure to 
involve appropriately all parties 
in the building of the college's 

• more effective ways to articu- 
late and make real our mission 
and our belief that the college's 
role is not only to educate but to 
educate for a life of service to 

• more intensive efforts to 
prepare students for a world that 
is increasingly diverse, environ- 
mentally fragile and international 
in its dimensions. 

We have a long way to go, 
but we can accomplish much in 
the next few years if we continue 
to anticipate the future, build on 
strengths, take appropriate risks, 
work always with a sense of 
urgency and never be satisfied 
fully until the vision of the 
college is achieved. Although the 
climate for higher education is 
fraught with difficulties, with 
your continued support and 
help, we believe there is good 
reason to be optimistic about 
Lebanon Valley's future. 



oaid Chair Thomas Rcinhart (left 

ohn bynoduws. 

Thomas C. Reinhart 
Chairperson, Lebanon Valley 
College Board of Trustees 


John A. Synodinos 
President, Lebanon Valley 


August 1992 

27 Some 291 freshmen — the 
largest entering class in 20 years 
— are welcomed at the colleges 
127th Opening Convocation. 
More than 1,200 full- and part- 
time students are enrolled as 
undergraduates and in the 
M.B.A. program. 

29 Field hockey coach Kathy 
Tiemey is featured in U.S.A. 
Today's "Voices from Across 
America" column. 


lOA new "China connection" is 
announced — a faculty exchange 
program with Nanjing University 
and a consulting arrangement 
with the Guangzhou Foreign 
Languages Institute. 

20 A special "Salute to Autumn" 
piano recital honors Drs. Clark 
and Edna Carmean 059), who 
have been associated with the 
college since 1933. 

30 Award-winning author 
Sharon Sheehee Stark reads from 
her works. 

26 The Third Annual Achieve- 
ment Golf Tournament, with 
honorary chair Sam Bowie 
(Lebanon native and star center 
for the Los Angeles Lakers) raises 
over $33,000 for disadvantaged 
college-bound students from the 
Lebanon School District. 


2 More than 300 alumni return 
to the Valley for Homecoming 

3 The field hockey team wins its 
second consecutive MAC 
championship when it earns 
three 1-0 wins in a week to 
capture the crown. It's the team's 
third MAC championship in five 

The Year 
in Review 

The Mowing are a few of the many 

significant events in the life of the college 

during the 1992-93 academic year 

10 Dr. Jerome A. Ottley, 
director of the Mormon 
Tabernacle Choir, is the featured 
speaker at the college's 40th 
Annual Choral Lectureship. 

1 8-2 1 A team from the 
Regional Association of Middle 
States visits the college to tour 
the campus and conduct 
interviews. Its final report calls 
Lebanon Valley "an exciting and 
vibrant institution" and "a college 
with momentum." 

21-22 The humanities 
departments sponsor "Coming to 
America," a two-evening 
symposium on immigration. 

23 Drs. Clark and Edna 
Carmean 059) are honored for 
their 60 years of service to^the 
college at the Thomas Rhys 
Vickroy Society dinner. 

27 Captain 
Paul Watson, 
founder of the 
speaks on 
the Seas." 


1 Actor Max McLean presents 
his one-man narrative of "Mark's 
Gospel: The Story of Jesus." 

5 Dr. David Jablonsky , professor 
of National Security at the U.S. 
Army War College in Carlisle, 
discusses "The Future of 
American Foreign Policy." 

6-7 The Rebecca Kelly Dance 
Company performs under the 
auspices of the Authors and 
Artists Series. 

19 The Metropolitan Museum of 
Art purchases Adjunct Art 
Professor Dan Massad's pastel, 
"Very Old Are the Woods." 

20 The college hosts a 
dinner in Tokyo and 
establishes its first 
overseas alumni club. 

6 Christmas at the Valley, an 
annual celebration of seasonal 
music and readings, rings in the 
holiday season. Highlight of the 
evening is the premiere of an 
original choral work, "Sleep Baby 
Sleep," composed by Music 
Professor Scott Eggert. 

7 Authors and Artists present 
The Bobs, an a cappella quartet. 

January 1993 

10 Members of the college's 
legendary 1952-53 basketball 
team return for their 40th 
reunion, and the event generates 
nationwide news coverage, 
including articles in The New 
York Times and U.S.A. Today, an 
AP wire story that ran across the 
country and a report on the ABC 
evening news. 


25 Martin Luther King Day is 
celebrated in a lecture by Bishop 
Felton May, resident bishop of 
the Central Pennsylvania 
Conference of the United 
Methodist Church and a college 
trustee. The Gospel Choir of the 
Camp Curtin Mitchell Memorial 
United Methodist Church of 
Harrisburg performs. 


2 The college signs an affiliation 
agreement with Regents College, 
a four-year liberal arts college 
located in London, which will 
allow students and faculty to 
spend one semester or a year on 
that campus. 

4 Actress Kathryn Woods 
portrays Sojourner Truth in a 
one-woman show. 

15 The campus's 19 overseas 
students set up an International 
Students Organization. 

23 Adam Yarmolinsky, 
University of Maryland Baltimore 
County provost who served in 
the Kennedy, Johnson and 
Carter administrations, is 
keynote speaker at the 14th 
Annual Founders Day Convoca- 
tion. Harrisburg philanthropist 
Hannah S. Cantor receives the 
Founder's Day award. 


4 The men's basketball team 
wins its first MAC playoff game 
in 20 seasons, and its first NCAA 
playoff game in 40 seasons. Both 
wins are against Johns Hopkins. 

13 Navejo-Ute flutist R. Carlos 
Nakai entrances an overflow 
audience with his original 
compositions based on tradi- 
tional Native American melodies. 

22 Annual Spring Business Blitz 
begins, with 45 faculty and 
administrators calling on some 
125 local businesses. 

27 In the 13th Annual Quiz 
Bowl Competition, some 550 of 
the best and the brightest 
students from 72 high schools in 
the region match wits. 


16-18 Some 5,000 visitors pass 
through the NAMES Project 
AIDS Memorial Quilt Exhibit. 
On display are 500 panels from 
the national AIDS Quilt, as well 
as 19 panels made by Lebanon 
County families who have lost 
relatives to the virus. 

18-14 Author 
Lorrie Moore 
is in residence 
under auspices 
of the Lila 
Reader's Digest 
Writing Fellows 

29 The college dedicates its 
handsome new Benjamin Cantor 
Entrance on Sheridan Avenue. 
The gate is the gift of Hannah S. 
Cantor, honoring her late hus- 
band, a Harrisburg businessman. 

30 A combined Alumni Week- 
end and Spring Arts Festival 
celebration brings 600 alumni 
back to campus. 


1 The basebll team wins 20 
games in a season for the first 
time in the history of the college. 
On May 7, they go on to win an 
ECAC Southern Championship 
and compete in the MAC 
playoffs — again a first. 

15 John A. Crowl, a founder of 
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 
speaks at the college's 124th 
annual commencement cer- 
emony, in which 169 people 

18 Arnold Sports Center is 
named "Sports Center of the 
Year" by Recreation Resources 

27 The basketball team begins 
its tour of Europe, taking on 
teams in Holland and Germany. 
The team returns triumphantly 
on June 3, having won all six 


1 The college announces it is 
expanding its M.B.A. program by 
offering on-site courses for 
employees of individual 
companies and institutions. 
Lancaster General Hospital is the 
first site. 

17-19 Alumni and friends of 
the college gather for the first 
Alumni Hostel learning program. j 
The weekend includes presenta- 
tions and discussions by faculty, 
staff and alumni. 

24 The Youth Scholars Institute 
is renamed The Daniel W. Fox 
Youth Scholars Institute in honor 
of the late Dan Fox ('48). He 
became internationally known as 
the "father of Lexan," the 
polycarbonate that launched the 
engineering plastics industry. 

magazine. For the third year in a 
row, Arnold's water fitness 
program is named "Top Water 
Fitness Program in the Country" 
by the National Water Fitness 
Association in Florida. 

28 As enrollments skyrocket, 
the college decides to buy the 
Derickson Hall Condominiums 
on Church and North White 
Oak streets to house the 
increasing numbers of students. 


Statement of Current Funds Revenues, 
Expenditures and Other Changes 

for the years ended June 30, 1993 and June 30, 1992 



Educational and general: 
Student tuition and fees 
Government grants 
Gifts and private grants 
Endowment and current investment income 

Total educational and general 
Auxiliary enterprises: 


Total Unrestricted 
and Restricted 






Total Unrestricted 
and Restricted 









Educational and general: 
Academic support 
Student services 
Plant operation 
General administration 
General institutional 
Student aid 
Debt service/mandatory transfers 

Total educational and general 

Auxiliary enterprises: 
Mandatory transfers (Auxiliary) 



Transfer from endowment to 

total return authorized draw 
Unrestricted surplus transfer to plant reserve 

Source: 1992-93 audited financial statements, Coopers & Lybrand 
































Source as % of Total Revenue 


Source as % of Total 

Au xiliary 21 .6% 

Transfers (AUX) 1,6% 

Instruction 30.6%, 

Auxiliary 15.8% 

Government Grants 4.8% 

Academic Support 5.0% , 

Student Services 2,5% 
Advancement/Admissions 8.5%, 

Plant Operation 7.6% 


Consolidated Report of Gifts and Grants 
to Lebanon Valley College 




































































Total Current 
Total Capital 















































































' 10 












Total Current 
Total Capital 



















•Categories overlap; trustees included in alumni, friends and parents total. 

3,566 $2,453,312 


Special Thanks to All 

The past year was indeed a year to remember as Lebanon Valley's 
alumni, college relations and development programs played a signifi- 
cant role in the continued advancement of the college. Special thanks 
to all the volunteers and staff who, together, make it all happen. Some 

• The fiye-year Kline Foundation Challenge was successfully com- 
pleted, boosting annual gifts to more than $ 1 million from public and 
private sources. 

• A restructured Alumni Association increased volunteer participation 
in support of admissions^ career riacernent, fund-raising, student life 
and other programs on- and off-campus. 

• The college's story reached an ever-widening audience through 
regional and national public relations efforts and award-winning ads 
and publications produced by the College Relations Office. 

• The college's comprehensive campaign, TOWARD 2001 : taping the 
Vutiire^ approached the half-way mark of its $21 million goal 

In fund-raising, 1992-93 was one of the best years ever, setting 
several records. Private and public gifts totaled $3,182,598, up 29 
percent over last year. The number of donors, an important measure of 
the breadth of support the college enjoys, increased to a record 4,450, 
a 25 percent increase. More than one-third of the college's alumni 

Annual giving was an especially bright spot in the final year of the 
Kline Foundation Challenge. Beginning in 1988-89, the Foundiation 
offered $80,000 per year if the college could increase unrestricted and 
scholarship gifts from private sources by a similar amount. Spurred on 
by the Challenge, the annual giving level rose from $537,000 to 
$940,000, an average annual increase of better than 15 percent. 

The college is grateful to the many alumni, trustees, faculty and staff, 
friends in business and the community, and parents of students past 
and present whose gifts helped assure the success of the Wine Chal- 
lenge. My special thanks goes to our annual giving volunteer leaders: 
Kristen R. An^tadt 74, Alumni; Gary and Helen Crissman, parents of 
Catherine '94, Parents; Jim Hanford, Friends, Jeanne Hey, Faculty/Staff; 
and Leonard Schott, Business. 

For the past 18 months, members of a small steeringcommittee led 
by Trustee and General Campaign Chair Tom Reinhart '58 has been 
quietly working to raise advance gifts in anticipation of the public 
launching of TOWARD 2001: Shaping the Future, a $21-million cam- 
paign designed to prepare Lebanon Valley College for the next century. 
I am pleased to report that more than $10 million in gifts and pledges 
has already been received, $3. 1 million of which came from trustees of 
the college- You'll be hearing more about this remarkable effort in the 
coming months as the campaign moves into its more public phase. The 
committee plans to invite every graduate $nd friend of the college to 
participate prior to the campaign's conclusion in 1996. 

Your confidence and support helped make this a truly memorable 
year. On behalf of our Board of Trustees, my thanks and best wishes. 

Darwin G, Click '58 
Trustee and Advancement O 

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society 
1992-93 Honor Roll 

Alumni and other 
friends who are 
members of the 
Vickroy Society 
outstanding leadership in sup- 
port of Lebanon Valley College. 

Through the dedication of 
Vickroy Society members, the 
strength of Lebanon Valley 
College continues to grow. It is 
with heartfelt thanks that we list 
their names below. 

Membership in the Vickroy 
Society is open to alumni, 
parents of students and other 
friends of the college on an 
annual basis, renewable each 
year. The Society recognizes gifts 
of $1,000 and above given to the 
college for any purpose during 
each academic year. 

Active memberships are available 
in the following categories: 

Trustee Associate: A gift of 
$10,000 and above 
Five Founders Circle: A gift of 
$5,000 to $10,000 
President's Circle: A gift of 
$2,500 to $5,000 
Society Associate: A gift of 
$1,000 to $2,500 

Active membership may be 
fulfilled with gifts of cash, 
securities, real estate or other 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates are 
members whose cumulative 
contributions to Lebanon Valley 
College total $100,000 and 
above. Annual Active and 
Lifetime Vickroy Society 
memberships may be held 

Note: This Honor Roll recognizes Vickroy 
Society members whose gi/its were made 
during the academic year July 1, 1992 
through June 30, 1993, and includes both 
annual and capital gi/its, as well as 
contributions to endowment. 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Mrs. Sylvia Evelev Baker 36 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C Fish . 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C Hen, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mrs. Rhea Reese Madden 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Penturelii 

'48, '49 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Williams, Jr. 

Trustee Associates 

Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. Ethel A. Beittel 

Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 

Mr. Edward Cohen 

Betty Rutherford Daiber '41 

tMr. Enos A. Detweiler 79 

Mr. Eugene C. Fish 

Dr. Manin and Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
Dr. Alvin R. Grove 36 
Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Colleen Clemens Harris 74 
June Eby Hen 34 
Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 

tMr. Paul I. Kleinfelter 32 
Miss Johann L. Klick '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lesher 
f Dr. Victor Leske 
Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller '41 
tDr. George G. Struble 
Mr. Lloyd M. Weber 30 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger *44 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengen 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Witmer 
tMr. Edwin H. Zeigler '17 
Mrs. Nancy Cramer Zimmerman '53 

♦ Deceased 


Five Founders Circle 

Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 
tMrs. Catherine D. Bronson 
Robert and Eva Cassel 36 
Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler 38 
Darwin G. and Elizabeth R. Glick 

'58, '58 
Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 71 
Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
TMr. Warren C. Rugh 
Dr. and Mrs. F. Allen Rutherford, 

jr. 37 
Dr. David P. Sheetz '48 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben O. Willman 

President's Circle 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

Mr. Richard T. Early 

Mr. David S. Etter '50 

Dr. and Mrs. Ross W. Fasick '55 

Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling '45 

Mr. Jeffrey E.Gleim 78 

Mr. Richard E. Harper '81 

Mr. Richard L. London '65 

Mr. Richard G. Mund 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

'58, '57 
Bruce and Janet Lee Rismiller 

'59, '59 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Schott '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Spangler '48 
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Ulrich 33 
The Honorable and Mrs. John 

Walter '53, '57 
Mrs. Marian M. Warden '57 
Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham '45 
Miss Margaret S. Weimer '40 
Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Williams, Jr. 
Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman 

'67, '68 
Harry B. and Carol Smith Yost 

'62, '62 
Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 30 

Society Associates 

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Albert 70 
Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. 74 
Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 
Dr. Loy C. and Rose Awkerman 

'50, '49 
Philip and Beth Bach 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Bains '64 
Mr. John E. Bex 
Michael S. and June C. Beyer 

'80, '80 

Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 
Mr. Robert S. Black 38 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Bomberger and 

Dr. Elaine A. Thallner 78, 79 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Boswell, 

Dr. Nancy H. Bright '50 
Donald L. and Phyllis B. 

Burkholder '54, '53 
Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly '40 
Dr. Margaretta A. Carey '43 
Mr. Joseph E. Carr '42 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carson 
Richard and Pauline Charles 
Mrs. Kathryn M. Chernich '50 
Mr. John L. Cousler 
James K. and Elizabeth Sattazahn 

Davis '50, '42 
Jim and Nancy Davison 
Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 
Wesley T. and Amy H. Dellinger 

75, 78 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Ditzler 

'68, '68 
Vera J. and Robert F. Early, Sr., 

M.D., '49, '48 
Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger '58 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Engle, Jr. '51 
Mr. David J. Farling'56 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth 33 
Daniel S. Fox 
Lt. Col. and Mrs. James T. Frantz 

jr. 33 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Frey 

39, 39 
Mr. Rufus A. Fulton 
Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl Gacono 
Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

'47, '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L Goldberg 
Ms. Dorothy Landis Gray '44 
tMs. Myra R. Greenawalt '62 
Dr. Judith F. Grem 72 
Jane Shellenberger Grubgeld 36 
Robie Lauman Hall '58 
Mr. and Mrs. George C Halliday 
Robert and Judith Hamilton 
Dr. John E. and Marian K. 

Hampton '43, *43 
Mr. A. L. (Jim) Hanford, 111 
Dr. Samuel A. Hartman, II '48 
Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock '53 
Drs. Ned D. and Linda 'H. Heindel 

'59, '59 
Eugene and Blanche Heisey 
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Heffley '52 
Philip C Herr, 11, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C Herr, Sr. 
Mrs. Mary Jane Hicks 
Frederick L. and Nancy S. Hoff '46 
Mr. Kenjiro Ikeda '48 
Lawrence E. and Georgianne F. 

Jones '56, '57 
Drs. William G. and Charlotte R. 

Jones '50, '50 
Dr. Robert R. and Bette S. Kaneda 


Miss Ellen S. Keller '25 

Dr. Gordon B. Kemp '46 

Mrs. Virginia Templeton Kichline 

Mr. William H. Kiick '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 
Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 38 
Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 32 
Mrs. Cora G. Limmroth 39 
Dr. Theodore K. Long 35 
Mr. Richard A. Look 72 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Algire McFaul 

34, 34 
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill 
TMiss Miriam L Mengel '25 
Dr. Stephen J. Metro '43 
Dr. Carl E. Miller '65 
Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 
Debbie K. Morgan '82 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Morgan 31 
Mr. H. Lee Moyer '62 
Robert J. and Susan S. Mrazik 

79, '80 
Mrs. G. Ruth Armacost Muffly 32 
Mr. Brian R. Mund 
Miss Mildred E. Myers 30 
Dr. and Mrs. David D. Neiswender 

Clair W. and Jeanne C. Noll '55, '57 
Thomas and Carol Orndorf '81, '81 
Harold S. Peiffer '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips 
Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C Reese 
Mr. George M. Reider '63 
Dr, and Mrs. Jacob L Rhodes '43 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C Riley 
Stephen H. and Janet L. Roberts 

'65, '68 
Arbelyn Wilder Sansone 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 
Dr. Tibor Sipos '64 
Dr. Gary K. Smith 74 
Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke '18 
Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Sowers 
Mr. Calvin D. Spider 38 
Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 
Frank and Cheryl Stearn '67, '68 
Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 
Dr. Sterling F. Strause '52 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Swope 

'42, '48 
Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 
Dr. David G. and Elaine A. 

Thompson '65, '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Curt S. Tomlinson 
Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
Mrs. Brenda B. Troisi '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Tschop 39 
Mr. Robert L. Unger and 

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson Unger 

'69, 72 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Vanderwall 

30, '29 

Mr. George W. Veale IV 

Dr. John D. and Edna B. Walmer 

38, 37 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Waltz 37 
Ronald B. and Dorothy A. Weinel 

Clifford and Joan Gilbert Wengert 

'53 ' 
Marie and John Wengert 
Jim and Nancy Wolfe '58 
Mrs. L. Mae Zwally '28 

Business, Foundation and 
Organization Associates 

Actex Publications 

Aetna life & Casualty Foundation 

ALCOA Foundation 

AMP Incorporated 

Arnold Industries, Inc. 

AT&T Foundation 

Bell of Pennsylvania 

Berkshire-Taconic Foundation, Inc. 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

Boscov's Department Stores, Inc. 

The Boston Foundation 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Central Pennsylvania Conference, 

The United Methodist Church 
Chemical Banking Corporation 
Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. 
Cleaver Brooks Division of AQUA- 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
Corestates Hamilton Bank 
Derek & Edson Associates 
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. 
Dow Chemical Company 
Ivan C. Dutterer, Inc. 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, 

The United Methodist Church 
Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, 

GMC Trucks, Inc. 
Ernst & Young Foundation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Farmers Trust Bank 
Foundation for Independent 

Colleges, Inc. 
General Accident Insurance 
Glick, Stanilla and Siegel 
Hallmark Management Services 
Hamilton Bank Foundation 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hopper Soliday & Company, Inc. 
IBM Corporation 
Joel, Inc. 

Johnson & Johnson 
Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. 
Josten's Foundation 
Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline 

Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Layser's Flowers, Inc. 
Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon Electric Supply Company 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 11 

Lebanon Mutual Insurance 

Lebanon Valley Cable TV 

Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lesher Mack Sales & Service 
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback 

Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bank 

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
New Penn Motor Express, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
The William Penn Foundation 
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. 
Peoples National Bank 
KenPlummer.Jr., Inc. 
The Presser Foundation 
Prudential Foundation 
Ralston Purina Company 
The Reidler Foundation 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
L. B. Smith Educational 

Foundation, Inc. 
John Frederick Steinman 

Sterling Winthrop, Inc. 
T.C.R. Packaging, Inc. 
UGI Corporation 
UPS Foundation, Inc. 
United Methodist Foundation for 

Christian Higher Education, Inc. 
United Methodist Church, 

General Board of Higher 

Education and Ministry 
United Methodist Women, 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
Walter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
Westvaco Corporation 
Wimpey Minerals PA, Inc. 
The Woodrow Wilson National 

York Container Company 

Honor Roll 
of Donors 


CLASS OF 1917 

Annual Fund $25,000.00 
Capital $18,788.15 
t*Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

CLASS OF 1918 

Annual Fund $1,000.00 
*Mrs. Elizabeth G. Snoke 

CLASS OF 1919 

Annual Fund $25.00 
Endowment $50.00 
Mrs. Mary C. McNelly 

CLASS OF 1920 

Annual Fund $100.00 
°Mrs. Helena M. Bouder 

CLASS OF 1922 

Annual Fund $200.00 
°Dr. Oliver S. Heckman 
Mrs. Ada H. Shalley 
Mrs. Anna S. Wright 

CLASS OF 1923 

Annual Fund $375.00 
°Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 
°Mrs. Dorothy F. Smith 
°Mrs. Delia H. Thomas 

CLASS OF 1924 

Annual Fund $250.00 
°Mr. Samuel D. Evans 
Ms. Ruth C. Harpel 

CLASS OF 1925 

Annual Fund $2,670.00 
*Miss Ellen S. Keller 
tMiss Miriam L. Mengel 
Mrs. Sarah D. Neischwender 
Mrs. Ruth H. Sadler 
°Miss Elizabeth S. Sloat 

CLASS OF 1926 

Annual Fund $250.00 
#Mr. William A. Grill 
Mrs. Marion H. Kolb 
°Dr. Mervie H. Welty 

CLASS OF 1927 

Annual Fund $2,050.00 
Endowment $250.00 
°Mrs. Madeline M. Colman 

Donor Clubs 

* Vickroy Society $ 1 ,000 and above 

• Society of 1 866 $600 to $ 1 ,000 

# Charter Club $250 to $600 
° QuittapahillaCIub $100 to $250 

°Mrs. Blanche S. Fox 
#Mrs. Hilda H. Longenecker 
°Miss Emma I. Madciff 
•Mr. Walter L.Ness 
#Bishop W. M. Sparks 
#Mr. John F.Walter 
#Mrs. Myra S. White 

CLASS OF 1928 

Annual Fund $2,590.00 
Capital $1,000.00 
#Dr. C. Ray Bell 
#Dr. Joseph C. Bruno 
Mr. Ralph A. Daubert 
Mrs. Grace W. Kauffman 
#Dr. Monroe H. Martin 
°Mrs. Mabel B. Mentzer 
°Mr. L. E. Meyer 
•Dr. Millard J. Miller 
°Mrs. Edna G. Moser 
Mrs. Deborah O. Orbock 
#Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 
Mrs. Fredricka B. Yetter 
*Mrs. L. Mae Zwally 

CLASS OF 1929 

Annual Fund $14,107.20 
Endowment $3,176.80 
#Mrs. Hilda W.Bell 
°Mr. Martin F. Bleichert 
t*Mr. Enos A. Detweiler 
•Mrs. Emmeline S. Miller 
Mrs. Ruth E. Miller 
Miss Ruth E. Reigel 
°Mr. Charles R. Troutman 
°Mrs. Miriam M. Vanderwall 

CLASS OF 1930 

Annual Fund $6,640.00 
Endowment $21,300.00 
°Mrs. Dorothy H. Behney 
#Miss M. Blanche Cochran 
#Mrs. Marian H. Cote 
°Dr. Joseph R. Fiorello 
°Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 
Rev. Lester M. Kauffman 
Dr.J. C Keene 
Mrs. Mildred H. King 
#Mrs. Josephine S. Klopp 
°Mrs. Pauline S. Matter 
*Miss Mildred E. Myers 
Mrs. Ruth C Sanford 
Mrs. Helen Hain Shearer 
*Mr. Norman Vanderwall 
Mrs. Margaret S. Wales 
*Mr. Lloyd M. Weber 
Mrs. Madeline R. Yundt 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 
*Mrs. Grace K. Zerbe 

CLASS OF 1931 

Annual Fund $1,645.00 
Endowment $2,000.00 
°Mr. George J. Becker 
Mrs. Ethel H. Darkes 
#Miss Edna M. Early 
Mr. Paul J. Evancoe 
t#Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 
°Mrs. Anna W. Merkel 
Rev. Grant N. Miller 
*Dr. Russell E. Morgan 
Mr. George B. Patrizio 
#Mrs. Margaret Y. Schrope 
°Mrs. Anna W. Whitmire 
°Mrs. Alma B. Wise 

CLASS OF 1932 

Annual Fund $29,975.00 
Capital $44,553.06 
#Lt. Col. Newton M. Burgner 
#Mrs. Margaret L. Coleman 
Mrs. Naomi S. Depuy 
#Dr. Paul K. Keene 
#Dr. Alvin E. Kinney 
t*Mr. Paul I. Kleinfelter 
*Mrs. Ruth S. Lark 
t°Mrs. Evelyn K. Leib 
♦Mrs. G. Ruth Muffly 
#Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Mund 
°Mrs. Edith F. Reynolds 
•Mrs. Dorothy G. Roudabush 
Mrs. Lenora B. Shortlidge 
#Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 

CLASS OF 1933 

Annual Fund $6,095.00 
Endowment $100.00 
Mr. Edgar C. Brinser 
°Mrs. Gloria L Erb 
*Dr. Mae I. Fauth 
*Lt. Col. James T. Frantz, Jr. 
°Mrs. Marion K. Light 
°Miss Sophia Morris 
#Mrs. Luella H. Myers 
°Mrs. Lucille E. Otto 
#Mr. Luther A. Saylor 
#Mr. Leonard M. Schrope 
*Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 
Rev. Stuart W. Werner 
°Mrs. H. Jane Whiteman 
°Dr. Harry E. Zech 

CLASS OF 1934 

Annual Fund $5,084.00 
Endowment $12,190.00 
°Mrs. Minna W. Barnes 
Mrs. Eva L. Becktel 
Mrs. Esther L. Duke 
Dr. K. M. Edwards 
Mrs. Mildred N. Fisher 
*June Eby Herr 
°Mr. Peter W. Kandrat 
#Mrs. Margaret L. Kem 
t°Ms. Christine G. Kreider 
°Dr. John J. Light 
°Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 
*Mrs. Charlotte W. McFaul 
*Mr. H. A. McFaul 
•Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 
Mr. Rudolph B. Miller 
Mr. Earl S. Rice 
Mrs. Martha K. Rudnicki 
TMrs. Kathryn W. Sandel 
°Mr. James H.Scott 
Mr. George D. Sherk 
°Dr. Leonard Volkin 
•Mr. Robert D. Womer 

CLASS OF 1935 

Annual Fund $3,190.00 
#Mr. Casper E. Amdt 
°Mrs. Catherine W. Conrad 
°Mrs. Ethel K. Erickson 
Dr. C. W. Fetter 
°Mrs. Anne B. Gilbert 
TMr. Henry H. Grimm 
*Dr. Theodore K. Long 
#Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 
°Dr.J. Henry Ricker 
Mrs. Rose D. Rose 
Dr. William G. Rose 
°Mr. Francis S. Rotunda 
°Mr. Gerald B. Russell 


#Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 

Top Teacher 

Winner of the 1993 

B^"" 1 

Mr. William Scherfel 

#Mr. Allen W. Steffy 
Mr. Donald E. Walter 

i Ur 

•Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling 
°Mrs. Verna S. Sollenberger 

Christian R. and Mary F. 

. ■* • hKS| 

Mr. H. H. Strohman 

CLASS OF 1936 

L WL ^p^9B 

°Mr. Christian B. Walk 

Annual Fund $6,325.00 

Lindback Distinguished 

^k ^1 H 

*Miss Margaret S. Weimer 

Endowment $500.00 
Capital $1,620.00 

Teaching Award, Tom 

°Mrs. Ellen R. Wert 

#Dr. George S. Bachman 

Strohman 75, adjunct in- 

1 mi\} Pl^P^H 

CLASS OF 1941 

#Mr. Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. 

y, ^k\ ' IftB H 

Annual Fund $4,491.67 

•Ms. Louise E. Bishop 

structor of music, is well- 

Kk *\ ijl JH 

Endowment $37,100.00 

°Mr. Jay H. Bolton 
*Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

known on campus for his 


°Mrs. Irene S. Bigler 
Miss Jeanne L. Bliven 

Mrs. Mary K. Clagett 

work as director of the 

1 HGHBi 1 

Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo 

#Mrs. Iva Claire Edwards 


°Mrs. Marian R. Craighead 

#Mr. Robert L. Edwards 

college's lively jazz band. 


*Mrs. Betty R. Daiber 

Miss Evelyn C. Frick 

Mrs. Louise Shearer Gingher 

He also performs regularly 


Mr. John H. Dressier 
°Mr. C. M. Erdman 

#Mr.J. S. Glen, Jr. 

with the Central Pennsyl- 

'31 fc^T WrW 

°Rev. M. L. Esbenshade 

Dr. Dorothy F. Grimm 

Mr. Harry L. Fehl 

Dr. Alvin R. Grove 

vania jazz group, Third 

has accompanied many 

Mrs. Dorothea K. Fisher 

#Mr. Harry G. Gruber 
Mrs. Louise G. Harris 

Stream, where he plays 

professional musicians, in- 

°Mrs. Floda T. Guinivan 
°Mr. Raymond C. Hess 

Miss Anna M. Herr 
#Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 

saxophone, keyboard 

cluding Natalie Cole, Delia 

°Mrs. Frances P. Kauffman 
Mrs. Mildred R. Keiser 

°Mrs. Kathleen P. Land 

and flute. Over his profes- 

Reese, Eddie Fisher, Sonny 

Mrs. Louella S. Koenig 

°Mrs. Marian L. Light 
°Mr. Edgar P. Monn 

sional career, Strohman 

and Cher and Patti Page. 

Mrs. Mary E. Kurtz 
#Mrs. Evelyn W. Lynch 

°Dr. Calvin H. Reber 
Mrs. Mary H. Rockwell 

Dr. Charles R. Miller 
*Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 

°Mrs. Helen S. Schell 

Mr. Harold L. Moody 

•Mrs. Irma K. Shearer 

°Mr. Robert M.Johns 

Mrs. Lillian Z. Melman 

Mrs. L. Jeannette Partridge 

*Mrs. Isobel C Klinefelter 

°Mrs. Amy M. Melson 

•Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 

CLASS OF 1937 

°Mr. John W. Kreamer 

°Mrs. Helen B. Miller 

Mrs. Edna R. Sheckart 

Annual Fund $6,412.00 

Mr. George W. Lazorjack 

Mrs. Pauline L. Minnick 

°Lt. Col. Frank L. Shenk 

Capital $1,500.00 

•Mr. John P. Marbarger 

#Dr. John H. Moyer, III 

Mrs. Ellen R. Silvers 

°Mrs. Sara E. Aungst 

#Mrs. Lena R. Mitchell 

Mr. Donald G. Smith 

°Lt. Col. Frederick W. Smee 

#Mr. Edward R. Bachman 

#Mrs. Hazel H. Muth 

°Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

#Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 

°Mrs. Ruth G. Berger 

°Mrs. Greta H. Payne 

*Mr. Robert P. Tschop 

Mr. David G. Spittal 

°Mr. Paul C. Billett 

°Dr. C. Boyd Shaffer 

°Col. RoyA.Weidman 

Mrs. Ethel F. Steiner 

°Mr. William H. Earnest 

°Mrs. Louise S. Shaffer 

Mrs. Catherine W. Wetterling 

Mrs. Margaret B. Twyford 

°Mrs. Cordelia S. Felder 

•Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 

Mrs. Rebecca P. Umstead 

#Mrs. Lois H. Guise 

Mrs. Ethel H. Slonaker 

CLASS OF 1940 

°Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman 

°Dr. Charles I. Hoffman 

*Mr. Calvin D. Spider 

Annual Fund $4,750.00 

#Dr. Charles B. Kinney, Jr. 

Mrs. Nora F. Strohman 

Endowment $3,200.00 

CLASS OF 1942 

Rev. Paul A. Miller 

•Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ulrich 

Mrs. Jeanne S. Agnellini 

Annual Fund $9,475.00 

°Mr. Jack R. Morris 

•Maj. Paul T. Ulrich 

#Mrs. Mary Albert Attick 

Endowment $775.00 

°Mrs. Rose T. Needy 

*Dr. John D. Walmer 

°Mr. Charles M. Belmer 

Capital $1,319.00 

*Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 

°Mrs. Dorothy K. Wendel 

°Mrs. Evelyn E. Broderick 

°Mrs. Fredericka L. Albert 

Mrs. Ruth B. Schlegel 

*Mrs. Lucille G. Byerly 

Ms. Jean P. Anger 

#Dr. Donald E. Shay 

CLASS OF 1939 

Mrs. Evelyn S. Cassady 

°Ms. Kathryn E. Brehm 

°Mrs. Grace N. Sinclair 

Annual Fund $7,645.00 

Mr. Florian W. Cassady 

*Mr. Joseph E. Carr 

Mrs. Romaine S. Smeltzer 

Endowment $1,050.00 

Mr. J. S. Deck 

*Mrs. Elizabeth S. Davis 

°Mr. Henry C. Steiner 

°Mrs. Janet W.Alford 

Mrs. Lillian L. Deck 

°Mr. Harry I. Drendall 

#Mrs. Claire A. Stoudt 

Mrs. Grace G. Aston , 

Mr. Robert E. Dinsmore 

°Cmdr. Robert F. Dresel 

Dr. Edwin H. Tallman 

°Mrs. Evelyn F. Baker 

°Dr. Carl Y. Ehrhart 

#Dr. Donald J. Glen 

°Mr. Duey E. Unger 

•Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 

°Mr. Robert S. Grimm 

#Mrs. Margaret C Glen 

*Mrs. Edna B. Walmer 

Mrs. Anna Louise Blatt 

°Mrs. Mary T. Hale 

#Dr. David W.Gockley 

*Dr. Paul K. Waltz 

#Mr. Robert G. Brown 

#Dr. Paul E. Horn 

°Mr. Herbert R. Greider 

Mr. Stanley Bulota \ 

°Mrs. Esther W.Hovis 

#Mr. RusselJ. Horst 

CLASS OF 1938 

Mrs. Irene R. Christman 

Mrs. Anna E. Hower 

°Mrs. Virginia G. Hunsicker 

Annual Fund $9,320.00 

Mr. William F. Clark 

#Dr. W. Frederick Huber 

°Mrs. Pauline S. Jacoby 

Endowment $125.00 

Mrs. Arlene H. Crone 

°Rev. William H. Jenkins 

Mr. George V. Kenney 

Capital $5,120.00 

Mrs. Catherine L. Diehl 

°Mr. George A. Katchmer 

°Mrs. Viola S. Maury 

°Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 

°Mrs. Gertrude E. Dupler 

#Mr. David F. Lenker 

°Mrs. Lois S. Miller 

Mr. Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 

Mr. John W. Engle 

Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 

•Mr. William P. Mueller 

Mrs. Mary Z. Bamhart 

°Dr. Arthur S. Evelev 

#Miss Lela W. Lopes 

#Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

°Mr. Lloyd D. Berger 

°Mrs. Ruth R. Freed 

°Mr. Gustav T. Maury 

Mrs. Carolyn K. Powers 

*Mr. Robert S. Black 

*Mrs. Dorothy N. Frey 

Dr. Edward R. Minnick 

°Dr. Richard F. Seiverling 

°Miss Helen I. Butterwick 

*Mr. Raymond T. Frey 

#Mr. John V. Moller 

*Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

°Lt. Col. Adolph J. Capka, Ret. 

°Mrs. Mildred H. Grimm 

°Dr. John H.Ness 

#Mrs. Louise B. Silliman 

#Mr. Gordon Davies 

°Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

°Dr. John G.Oliver 

°Mrs. Rosanna B. Slayton 

t°Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 

Mrs. Virginia N. Hess 

Mr. Freeman D. Rice 

Rev. Samuel H. Stoner 

*Mrs. Lucille M. Detwiler 

#Ms. Ruth C. Keene 

Mr. Clayton M. Rider 

*Mr. John F. Swope 

#Mr. Herman A. Ellenberger 

#Mr. Harlin S. Kinney 

*Mrs. Ruth R. Riley 

#Mr. Charles J. Tyson 

Mr. Walter P. Fridinger 

°Mr. Edward K. Kress 

Mrs. Adele B. Russell 

#Mrs. Martha F. Tyson 

#Mrs. Ella M. Hamilton 

*Mrs. Cora G. Limmroth 

Mr. John A. Schaeffer 

Mrs. Betty S. Wallace 

+ Deceased 


NUAL REPORT 1992-93 



Rev. Robert G. Whisler 
Mrs. Eleanor J. White 
°Dr. Christian G. Womas 

CLASS OF 1943 

Annual Fund $7,510.00 
Endowment $7,925.00 
Capital $250.00 
#Dr. John A. Bamberger 
°Dr. Donald F. Bartley 
#Mrs. Adelaide S. Burgner 
*Dr. Margaretta A. Carey 
•Mrs. Jean D. Can- 
Rev. W. Edgar Cathers 
Rev. Lloyd H. Crall 
°Mrs. Dorothy B. Dillin 
Mrs. Anna Mae Duke 
#Mrs. Janet S. Ebersole 
•Mrs. Martha C. Eppley 
#Mrs. Elizabeth K. Ewen 
•Mrs. E. Louise Frantz 
•Mr. Frederick S. Frantz 
*Dr. John E. Hampton 
*Mrs. Marian C. Hampton 
Mrs. Katharine S. McLaughlin 
°Mrs. Dorothy M. Meals 
Col. John B. Mengel 
*Dr. Stephen J. Metro 
°Mr. Albert H. Morrison 
#Mrs. Vera S. Musser 
*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig 
#Dr. R. Howard Paine 
*Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 
#Mrs. Mary M. Roth 
#Dr. Helen R. Russell 
°Mrs. D. Pauline Rutt 
°Mrs. Verna K. Schenker 
Mrs. Jane S. Scherfel 
Mrs. Grace S. Schillich 
•Mrs. Jane Gruber Seiverling 
°Mrs. Genevieve S. Shenk 
Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 
#Dr. Warren B. Silliman 
#Mr. Hans W. Uberseder 
Dr. Doris S. Watson 
°Miss Eleanor L. Witmeyer 
#Mrs. Evelyn J. Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1944 

Annual Fund $4,535.00 
Endowment $25,050.00 
Capital $100.00 
°Ms. Betty V. Bartels 
°Rev. Samuel H. Beamesderfer 
°Dr. Marian K. Bosien 
Mr. Norman M. Bouder 
Mrs. Grace S. Drager 
°Mrs. JoMarie S. Dresel 
°Mrs. Esther W. Ebright 
Dr. James E. Flinchbaugh 
*Ms. Dorothy L. Gray 
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hamilton 
°Mr. Richard J. Hoerner 
•Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 
Mrs. Dorothy E. Keller 
Dr. Paul Lipsitz 
°Mr.JohnC. McFadden 
°Mrs. Ruth H. Ness 
Rev. Bruce C. Souders 
°Mr. Edward E. Stansfield 
Dr. Samuel E. Stein 
#Mrs. Elizabeth A. Uberseder 
Dr. Martin R. Weber 
*Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger 

CLASS OF 1945 

Annual Fund $5,045.00 
Endowment $12,500.00 
#Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 
Mrs. Marian U. Cams 
Mrs. Norma K. Daihl 
Mr. Russel B. Ebling 
°Mrs. Mary B. Fitz 
Mrs. Evelyn H. Frick 
*Mrs. Janice S. Geiling 
Mrs. Caroline E. Harclerode 
°Mrs. Jeanne W. Hoerner 
Mr. Melvin H. Hughes 
Mrs. Gilda T. Hutchinson 
*Miss Johann L. Klick 
°Mrs. Verna C. Loftus 
Mrs. Janet C. Miller 
Mrs. ErisJ. Norvell 
°Ms. Yvonne L. Raab 
#Rev. E. S. Raby 
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Rhodes 
Mrs. Miriam J. Rudy 
Mrs. Patricia B. Souders 
Dr. A.F.C. Wallace 
*Mrs. Ruth K. Wareham 
Mrs. Sarah K. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1946 

Annual Fund $4,965.00 
Endowment $50.00 
Capital $100.00 
°Mrs. Clare S. Berger 
•Mrs. Jean G. Bomgardner 
°Mrs. Phyllis E. Boyer 
#Mrs. Edna M. Budy 
Mr. John E. Carbaugh 
°Dr. Gene U. Cohen 
Mrs. Viola S. Crites 
Ms. Catherine Deraco 
Mrs. Phyllis T. Gingrich 
Mrs. Betty S. Grosky 
°Mrs. Jean T. Hawkins 
•Mrs. Nancy S. Hoff 
•Mrs. Eleanor H. Kauffman 
*Dr. Gordon B. Kemp, M.D. 
Mrs. Martha L. Klein 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Marino 
Mrs. Grace C. Marquette 
°Mrs. Catharine Y. Miller 
•Mrs. Edith K. Probus 
°Dr. George P. Rutt 
°Mrs. Sarah E. Sandy 
Mr. Richard D. Seidel 
#Mrs. Frances W. Weiser 
°Mrs. Marion H. White 

CLASS OF 1947 

Annual Fund $3,190.00 

Endowment $600.00 

#Mr. Richard I. Bacastow 

#Ms. Florence E. Barnhart 

#Ms. Jean E. Bedger 

°Dr. Carl L. Derr 

°George E. Edwards, M.D. 

°Mr. Lloyd V. Fegan 

Mr. Vernon M. Fickes 

Dr. Paul G. Fisher 

Mrs. Sara S. Fisher 

Mrs. Lois G. Gibbs 

Dr. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 

#Miss Nora M. Goodman 

°Mrs. Evelyn S. Gourlay 

Dr. Gerald J. Gruman 

#Dr. Miles D. Harriger 

Mr. John G. Heagy 

Mrs. Esther E. Hivner 

°Mrs. Arlene S. Keller 

Dr. William J. Lloyd 

Rev. Earl R. Marks 

°Mr. Frank R. Meze 

°Mr. Charles R. Miller 

Dr. George L. Moore 

Mrs. Winifred K. Oviatt-Winemiller 

Mrs. Betty G. Rauch 

°Mrs. Helen D. Sandrock 

°Capt. Marlin D. Seiders 

Mrs. Pearl M. Siegel 

Mrs. Marion S. Stauffer 

#Mr. E. Peter Strickler 

Mrs. Jean M. Swanson 

Mrs. Margaret T. Trumbo 

Dr. Warren D. Trumbo 

#Dr. Herman J. Weiser 

Annual Giving 19884993 

The Kline Challenge 










(thousands) FY88 FY89 1Y90 FY91 FY92 FY93 

CLASS OF 1948 

Annual Fund $16,510.00 
Endowment $150.00 
Capital $600.00 
°Mrs. Barbara K. Baker 
°Dr. Robert M. Bashore 
•Mrs. Mildred N. Beck 
•Mr. Robert F. Beck 
°Mr. Alvin C. Berger 
Mrs. Mary Helen Bickel 
Mrs. Doris C. Biery 
Capt. Charles D. Bolan 
Mrs. M. Kathleen Bolger 
°Mrs. Dorothy K. Bomgardner 
#John A. Detweiler, M.D. 
#Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler 
*Robert F. Early, M.D. 
°Mrs. Nellie W. Eaton 
Mr. Anthony J. Gerace 
Mrs. Mary Frank Habig 
*Dr. Samuel A. Hartman, 11 
#Mrs. Mary E. Hoffman 
*Mr. Kenjiro Ikeda 
Mrs. U. Joyce Kauffman 
#Mrs. Ruth G. Keech 
#Dr. Grace E. Laverty 
Mr. John H. Light 
Mrs. Dorothy S. Mark 
•Dr. George R. Marquette 
#Mrs. Elaine H. Marshall 
°Dr. Anna Faber McVay 
Mr. Robert H. Miller 
Mr. William A. Rothrock 
°Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 
*Dr. David P. Sheetz 
Mr. Paul O. Shettel 
Mr. Alton M. Smith 
*Mr. Earl J. Spangler 
*Mrs. Elaine F. Stepanek 
*Mrs. Martha R. Swope 
Mrs. Carolyn B. Urich 
Mr. Frank E. Urich 
°Mrs. Ruth W. Yingst 
Mr. Robert A. Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1949 

Annual Fund $7,225.00 
Endowment $25,875.72 
*Mrs. Rose Marie Awkerman 
Mrs. Marion H. Bair 
°Mr. Robert E. Baker 
Mr. James L. Barto 
Rev. Harold W. Beam 
°Mr. Arthur I. Bodden 
Mr. J. Richard Bolger 
Mrs. Hattie C. Bowman 
Mr. John K. Carl 
Mr. Harlan A. Daubert 
°Mrs. Olive R. Derr 
Dr. Albert P. Dijohnson 
*Mrs. Vera J. Early 
Mr. Herbert A Eckenroth 
Mrs. Beatrice M. Euston 
°Mr. William D. Ferguson 
Rev. Donald N. Fridinger 
°Dr. Dennis L. Funck 
Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 
°Rev. Dr. Paul J. Gerhart 
Mrs. Nancy M. Gingrich 
#Mr. Glenn L. Hall 
°Mrs. Dorothy S. Heisey 
Mr. Robert E. Hess 
*Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand 
#Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 
Dr. Henry G. Hostetter 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

Mrs. Mary-Catherine W. Jackman 

- > § 

Mr. Earl F. Kauffman 


%■■ I % 

°Rev. William J. Keeler 
°Mrs. Mary H. Keller 
°Mrs. Mary Ellen B. Kinch 

Annual Giving by 


Mr. Howard B. Kreider 

°Mr. Wesley R. Kreiser 

•Mr. Howard F. Lebegem 

Mr. John F. Loser 

Class Amount 

ltd. of 

Percentage of 


Amount Hoof 

Percentage of 

°Dr. Donald V. Malick 




Contributed Donors 


Mr. Robert H. Marquette 

#Dr. John E. Marshall 

1917 $25,000.00 




$19398,75 62 


Mr. Robert P. McCoy 

1918 1,000.00 




24.07 U4 56 


°Mr. Gerard J. McKenna 
Mr. Sidney S. Miller 

1919 25.00 




4,670.00 52 


°Mrs. Betty J. Moller 

1920 100.00 




3,435.00 46 


°Mr. Richard W. Moller 

1922 200.00 




9357.50 60 


°Mr. William T. Moore 

1923 375.00 




6,872.50 63 


°Mr. Bryce C. Oxenrider 

1924 250.00 




7,89000 76 


°Mr. George F. Patterson 

°Mrs. Hazel K. Peiffer 

1925 2,670.00 




11,493.64 77 


Mrs. Jane R. Pope 

1926 250.00 




6,375.00 71 


°Dr. Stuart K. Remley 

1927 2,050.00 




12,270.00 72 


Mrs. Joanna N. Roe 

1928 2,590.00 




12,193.64 68 


Dr. Laveme E. Rohrbaugh 
Mrs. Thelma Z. Shearer 

1929 14,107,20 




9,755.00 94 


Dr. Russell I. Steiner 

1930 6,640.00 




4,740.00 67 


Mr. Charles W. Tome 

1931 1,645.00 




8356.00 67 


*Mr. Elvin W.Walters 

1932 29,975,00 




6,26000 63 


Mrs. Dorothy Z. Werst 
#Mrs. R. Patricia Wiedeke 

1933 6,095,00 




5,146.00 73 


°Mrs. Marion G. Wilhelm 

1934 5,084.00 




B,654.75 65 


Mr. Clarence W. Witt 

1935 3,190.00 




5355.00 75 


Mrs. Erma G. Yeakel 

1936 6325.00 




4^26500 75 


#Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel 

1937 6;412.00 




5,485.00 71 


°Mr. William J. Yingst 

°Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman 

1938 9,320.00 




5,790.00 56 


1939 7,645.00 




7,722.00 76 


CLASS OF 1950 

1940 4,750.00 


47; : 

1 * ?H( ! 

7,940.00 78 


Annual Fund $11,335.00 

1941 4,491.67 




7,955.00 74 


Endowment $22,600.00 

1942 9,475.00 




4/725 60 60 


Mr. John H. Allwein 
*Dr. Loy C. Awkerman 

1943 7,510.00 




4,83200 44 


°Mr. Arthur J. Bacastow 

1944 4,535.00 




2,720.00 57 


Mr. Milton W. Baker 

1945 5,045.00 




1,516.00 39 


Dr. George W. Bartels 

1946 4,965.00 




3,145.00 45 


Mrs. Betty C. Barto 
Mr. Edgar O. Beck 

1947 3,190.00 




2,605.00 45 


Mr. John R. Beddall 

1948 16,510.00 




2^05i'0 48 


#Dr. Lewis W. Bowman 

: 1949 7,225.00 




1,380.00 30 


°Mr. Harry L Bricker, Jr. 

1950 11335.00 




1385,00 58 


*Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
Mr. Paul E. Broome 

1951 4,52100 




805.00 27 


Mr. Allen H. Brown 

1952 10,720.00 




635.02 12 


°Mr. Frederic W. Brown 
Mrs. Janet E. Bucher 

1953 18,694.08 

1954 6,229,48 




1135.00 90 




Rev. Norman B. Bucher 

1955 8,290.00 




$ 510,521.75 J 

Mr. Ronald M. Burd 

*Mrs. Kathryn M. Chemich 

1956 8,957.20 



*¥km i 

igures include 88 seniors who contributed 

*Mr. James K. Davis 

1957 11,089.48 



$11,755 to the Class of i993Senior Gtf ten^ 

Mr. Henry C. Deens 
Mr. Hugh L. Eberly 
°Dr. Charles R. Eigenbrode 


i ■ ■ .> is a duplicated count oi spouses tad 

.1-. ■■-•• 

Mr. R. F. Eigenbrode 

*Dr. Charlotte R.Jones 

Mr. Richard H. Light 

Col. Donald A, Potter 

Mr. Ralph S. Espenshade 

*Dr. William G. Jones 

°Mrs. Ellen J. Lukens 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

*Mr. David S. Etter 

°Rev. Stephen F. Jordan 

Mr. Harold G. Madeira 

Mr. George Roman 

Mr. Fred B. Fore 

#Rev. Roger E. Keech 

Mrs. Phyllis D. Magill 

Mr. Robert S. Shaak 

Dr. Donald A. Geib 

Mrs. Vivian W. Keefer 

°Mrs. Ethel B. Mark 

Rev. Monroe J. Shearer 

Mr. Carl W. Gibson 

°Mrs. Doris L. Ketner 

°Dr. Paul D. Mattem 

°Rev. Howard H. Smith 

°Dr. James E. Gregg 

°Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mr. Bernard R. Mazzoni 

Mr. Jack Snavely 

Mrs. Doris S. Hen- 

Mr. Anthony J. Kutchever 

Miss Esther C. McNeal 

Mr. Richard H. Spanglei 

Mr. Robert W. Hess 

Mrs. Barbara K. Lawver 

°Mr. Simon J. Meyer 

°Mr. William D. Steely 

Mr. Frank W. Hockley 

Mr. Joseph W. Layser 

°Mr. Elliott V. Nagle 

Mrs. Jean K. Stolte 

Mrs. M. Louise Hockley 

Mr. Ray A. Layser 

°Mrs. Geraldine R. Nease 

Mrs. Sidney G. Tome 

°Mrs. Doris K. Hoepfer 

Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis 

Mr. John R. Nilan 

Miss Nan E. Urich 

Mrs. Rachel G. Hook 

°Mr. Clifford J. Light 
Mrs. Mary C. Light 

Mr. James E. Parker 
Mr. James W. Parsons 

°Dr. David H. Wallace 
TRev. Charles B. Weber 


KtfUKi jyy^-vj 

°Mrs. Dorothy K. Welsh 

Success Story 


Mr. William R. Shoppell, Jr. 

°Mr. William Wertz 
°Mr. James A. Wilhelm 

Continuing ed student 

l-vV^flW : I 

Mrs. Mary Lou K. Sweigard 
Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo 

°Mrs. Marian A. Wise 

Denise Gingrich '93 was 
named the 1993 Adult 


Mr. William J. Walborn 

°Mr. J. E.Wood 
Mr. Harold E. Yingst 

*Hon. John Walter 
Rev. Russell E. Walters 

Rev. Paul M. Youse 

°Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman 

Student in Higher Educa- 

• '^^SSrm* 1 

Mr. Edward H. Walton 
*Mrs. Joan G. Wengert 

Rev. Robert E. Zuver 

tion by the Pennsylvania 

\ ; »•• :'^&4"*^'ral^^|P 

Mrs. Alma M. Wood 

CLASS OF 1951 

Association for Adult Con- 

| .'. ';*** j Kill 

Mr. William H. Wood 
*Mrs. Nancy C. Zimmerman 

Annual Fund $4,525.00 
Capital $600.00 

tinuing Education. A 

0- 1 » Jj£* . * -^^^CW^J^^'^^x^ 

CLASS OF 1954 

Mr. Robert L. Allen 

single mother of two, she 

Etf^^ JBBPP^^^^S 

Annual Fund $6,229.44 

Rev. David H. Andrews 

Wf^\^ ^^JSISB 

Endowment $75.00 

Mrs. Kathryn L. Andrews 

began her studies on a 

m w^. ^BK^^^mr% 

Capital $950.00 

Mrs. Helen M. Bartels 
Mr. Floyd M. Baturin 

part-time basis, then ad- 


Mrs. Sara H. Alecxih 
°Dr. F.Paul Alepa 

°Mr.JohnD. Boag 

vanced to full-time status 


Mr. Bruce A. Baver 

°Mrs.* Margaret B. Boag 
°Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

while holding down a full- 

bachelor's degree in music 

Mrs. Joanne B. Belson 
°Mrs. Frances S. Bova 

°Dr. William J. Boyd 
°Mrs. Betty E. Creamer 

time job in a Reading 

education, and is now 

Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

*Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 

Mr. Donald A. Degler 
Capt. Paul L. Downey 
*Mr. Harold G. Engle, Jr. 

candy factory. Gingrich 
graduated this spring with 

teaching music to middle 
school students in the Bal- 

Mr. Robert B. Campbell 
Mr. George J. Cardone 
Mr. Kenneth C. Donmoyer 

Mr. Guy J. Euston 
#Mr. Robert K. Feaster 

a 3.72 GPA and a 

timore County Schools. 

Mrs. Patricia S. Edge 
Mrs. K. May Ertle 

°Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

Mr. John T. Ervin 

Mrs. Arlene S. Fisher 

CLASS OF 1952 

Miss Ruth M. Stambach 

•Dr. Jay A. Felty 

Mr. Joseph J. Frank 

Annual Fund $10,720.00 

Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

°Dr. Herbert Fields 

Mrs. Joan M. Franks 

Capital $12,500.00 

*Dr. Sterling F. Strause 

Mr. Boyd C. Flickinger 

Ms. Jean E. Frantz 

°Ms. Lois L. Adams 

°Mr. Robert F. Swanger 

°Mr. Walter H. Fry 

Mr. Louis L. Fried 

°Mrs. Elaine B. Auerbach 

Mr. John 1. Sweigard 

Mr. Donald J. Gingrich 

Rev. Roland E. Garvin 

Mr. Anthony K. Bering 

Mr. Edward F. Tesnar 

°Mr. William D. Gorgone 

°Mrs. Miriam K. Gottlieb 

°Dr. Joseph P. Bering 

#Miss Evelyn Toser 

°Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

°Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

°Mr. Alden G. Biely 

Mrs. Julia T. Witmer 

Mr. Harry W.Hall 

Mrs. Betty Z. Hallman 

#Dr. Samuel H. Black 

Mrs. Diane R. Woodward 

#Mrs. Doris C. Heck 

Mrs. Carolyn G. Harris 

°Mr. Donald Blanken 

Mrs. Gloria D. Zeigler 

°Dr. Robert G. Hower 

Mrs. Mary S. Hayes 

Mr. Frederick R. Boltz 

#Mrs. Betty C. Hungerford 

Mrs. Lois S. Herrick 

#Mr. Nicholas Bova 

CLASS OF 1953 

°Mrs. Alice D. Kelly 

Mr. Lemoyne W. Hoffman 

Mr. Leonard A. Casper 

Annual Fund $18,694.08 

°Mr. William H. Kelly 

Mr. Ira L. Hostetter 

Mrs. Virginia A. Curfman 

Endowment $1,633.14 

°Mrs. Geraldine N. Koppenhaver 

Mr. J. H. Housman, M.D. 

#Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 

Capital $3,606.88 

°Ms. Barbara A. Kreiser 

Mrs. Barbara M. Kline 

#Mrs. Ruth S. Daugherty 

Dr. Howard R. Ancell 

#Mr. Robert Mackrides 

Mr. Richard L. Kline 

#Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 

°Mrs. Sara L. Bixler 

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Miller 

Rev. W. Richard Kohler 

Mr. M. E. Fisher 

Mr. Allen C. Boyer 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

Dr. Elam S. Kurtz, M.D. 

#Rev. Bernard E. Fogle 

°Mr. Robert A. Brandt 

Mrs. Joan R. Policastro 

°Mr. Walter Levinsky 

Mrs. E. Maxine Fritz 

*Mrs. Phyllis B. Burkholder 

#Mr. Frank A. Ritrievi 

°Mrs. Sara E. Linkous 

Mrs. Elma B. Frysinger 

Mr. Robert Y.Clay 

#Dr. Gail E. Ritrievi 

°Rev. Robert P. Longenecker 

#Mr. James M. Geiselhart 

Mr. Lawrence W. Crain 

Mr. Harold Y. Sandy 

°Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

#Mrs. Joan O. Geiselhart 

Dr. George D. Curfman 

Mr. John Sant'Ambrogio 

•Mrs. Rufina F. Marquette 

°Mr. John E. Giachero 

Mrs. Janice D. Diehm 

Mr. Pro well M. Seitzinger 

°Dr. Robert L. Meals 

Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 

Mrs. Jean S. Donohue 

°Mrs. Carol J. Smith 

Dr. Robert K. Miller 

*Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman * 

Dr. Warren L. Early 

°Mr. Lee C. Smith 

Mr. William F. Miller 

Mr. Phillip W. Hayes 

Mr. Lloyd O. Evans 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

Mr. Horace F. Moyer 

Mr. Robert J. Heath 

°Dr. Joseph A. Ferrer 

#Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

Mr. Richard B. Moyer 

*Mrs. Elizabeth B. Heffley 

°Mr. Ralph R. Giordano 

#Mrs. M. Rosie Sorrentino 

Mr. Robert Mrgich 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hess 

*Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 

°Miss Agnes M. Souders 

Mrs. Ethel L. Nuss 

#Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer, Jr. 

#Mr. John 1. Grosnick 

Mr. Richard G. Styring 

Mrs. Dorothy M. Nye 

#Mrs. Joanne R. Jacoby 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin 

°Mrs. Masami U. Tabe 

#Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mr. James R. Kendig 

Mrs. Jane M. Hart 

Mrs. Barbara R. Taylor 

°Mr. Richard J. Schiemer 

Mr. Thomas F. Kirchoff 

*Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock 

Mrs. E. Jane Theophilos 

#Mrs. Anne Shroyer Shemeta 

Mrs. Adele B. Lauder 

°Mrs. Joan B. Herman 

Lt. Clair D. Wagner 

Mrs. Joyce M. Simons 

#Ms. D. J. Lutz 

°Mr. Melvin E. Hostetter 

Mr. Robert J. Wagner 

Mrs. Jeanne E. Tesnar 

Miss Jane L. Martin 

Mr. Winslow Johnson 

Mrs. Sylvia W. Woodin 

°Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 

Dr. Mardia Melroy 

Mrs. Pauline R. Kauffman 

Mr. Donald L. Trostle 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 

Mrs. Evelyn M. Kegerise 

CLASS OF 1955 

°Rev. Martin W. Trostle 

Mr. Richard W. Miller 

t°Dr. Allen J. Koppenhaver 

Annual Fund $8,290.00 

Mr. Peter S. Villa 

°Mr. Joseph T.Oxley 

°Mr. Keith H. Lebo 

Mrs. Hazel K. Beish 

Mrs. Nancy L. Weber 

°Dr. James S. Pacy 

Mr. Walter S. Leffler 

°Mrs. Nancy M. Chiodo 

Mr. William O. Wert 

°Dr. Michael J. Papp 

°Mr. Leon M. Miller 

°Mrs. Nancy D. Conner 

°Mr. Neal E. Woll 

•Dr. Frederick P. Sample 

Rev. Albert E. Moser 

Mr. Arthur J. Dukes 

Rev. Donald D. Zeiders 

Mr. Melvin Schiff 

Mrs. June F. Mosse 

°Mr. Roger L. Dundore 

Mrs. Ruth B. Zimmerman 

°Dr. Nancy D. Seiders 

*Dr. David D. Neiswender 

°Mr. Robert L. Enders 

#Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

°Mr. Philip H. Seltzer, Jr. 

*Dr. Ross W. Fasick 

Mr. Sherdell A. Snyder 

Mrs. G. Arlene Shaffer 

16 LfcBANON 


H Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

°Mr. D.J. Grace, Jr. 

Conducting Honor 

Dr. Mark Mecham, chair 

■ ^HH 

CLASS OF 1959 

Mrs. Joyce D. Hen- 
Mrs. Dorothy R. Hollinger 


Annual Fund $24,073.24 
Endowment $750,590.02 

Dr. Henry B. Hollinger 

of the music department, 

Mr. D. N. Aharrah 

#Mr. Robert R. Jenkins 

B ^H 

Mrs. Mary B. Aharrah 

Mr. John E. Kauffman 

was guest conductor for 

~ . Jk B fl 

°Mrs. Carol D. Biederman 

°Mrs. Carol A. Keblinger 
Mrs. Hilda Y. Landis 

the Mormon Tabernacle 

A " 

#Mrs. Flora R. Blumenthal 
Mr. Russell J. Boeshore 

#Mrs. Rita C. Mackrides 

Choir in August 1992. He 

** ^1 w 

Mrs. Jean B. Bowers . 

Mrs. Joyce H. Madden 


*Dr. Edna J. Carmean 

#Mr. J. Stanley Mull 

led the choir in three selec- 


#Mrs. Ruth H. Cook 

#Mrs. Joan W. Mull 
*Mr. Clair W.Noll 

tions during the weekly 

3^. ^Nr— 

Mrs. Shirley B. Crumlich 
°Mr. William F. DeLiberty 

Mrs. Mary Jane Parsons 
Mrs. Ann R. Reinhard 

program, "Music and the 


°Rev. Harvey W. Ebright, Jr. 
•Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. 

Mrs. Alice B. Savastio 

Spoken Word," which is 

^ T 1 

Mrs. Joanne G. Gain 

°Mr. William Schmidt 

Mrs. Marjorie B. Schoneboom . 

broadcast nationwide on 

w *~ — 

Dr. Helen G.Gill * 
°Dr. James K. Graby ■ 

Mr. Frederick L. Shaak . - 

NBC Television and Radio. 

*W IT 

°Mrs. Janice W. Graby 

°Mr. George D. Shaak 
Mrs. P. Sally Ann Shaak 

IB^^v % J^M \ 

Mr. James E. Greenwood 
#Mrs. Estelle B. Hartranft 

•Mrs. Adora R. Sholley 

#Mr. Theodore L. Blumenthal 

°Mrs. Fem L. Bucher 

*Dr. Linda H. Heindel 

Rev. Melvin G. Sporisler, Jr. 

Rev. Dorothy M. Book 

Mrs. Virginia S. Burkhart 

*Dr. Ned D. Heindel 

#Mrs. Edith W. Taylor 

°Mr. Roy E. Boush 

°Dr. Thomas B. Carmany 

°Dr. John B. Hoffman 

Rev. Clarence D. Ulrich 

Mr. Donald S. Burkhart 

Mrs. Joan H. Colliflower 

Mr. Sheldon K. Hoover 

•Mrs. Florence R. Umberger 

°Ms. Grace G. Connell 

Mr. Thomas E. Cooper 

Mrs. Janet Z. Hostetter 

°Ms. Lynette E. Waller 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

°Mrs. Susan Dietrich 

Mrs. Linda S. Huber 

Miss Dorothy M. Wenger 

#Ms. Hazel A. Davis 

°Mr. Henry G. Douglass 

Hon. Wayne G. Hummer 

•Dr. Ralph E. Yingst 

#Mr. Ronald K. Dissinger 

*Mr. Gary D. Eisenberger 

°Dr. H. Dale Kreider 

Mr. DeWitt P. Zuse 

°Mrs. M. Elaine Forbes 

Mr. Everett M. Gilmore 

Mr. Nello M. Lavorini 


Mr. Dominic J. Garda 

*Mr. Darwin G. Glick 

#Mr. Gene R.-Laysei 4 

CLASS OF 1956 

#Dr. Murray B. Grosky 

*Mrs. Elizabeth S. Glick 

#Mrs. Marilyn K. Layser s 

Annual Fund $8,957.20 

°Mrs. Carol K. Hamilton 

Mrs. Nancy G. Good 

°Mr. H. K. Lee 

Capital $377.80 

Miss Emma E. Herr 

♦Mrs. Robie L. Hall 

Mr. David M. Long 

Dr. Gene R. Adams 

°Dr. F. P. Hottenstein 

Mrs. Evelyn K. Hanley. 

Mrs. Phyllis L. Lowe 

•Dr. John B. Allwein 

*Mrs. Georgianne F. Jones 

#Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 

°Mr. David R. Meder " 

°Dr. Edward J. Billingham 

Mr. Thomas F. Kershner 

°Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

#Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 

Mr. Harold E. Bird 

*Mr. William H. Kiick 

°Mr. Donald R. Hole 

#Mr. Mark L. Miller 

Dr. James N. Bollinger 

Mr. Charles C. Kindt 

•Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein 

Mr. Myles L. Miller - 

°Dr. David N. Bosacco 

Mrs. June L. Lantz 

#Ms. Barbara G. Johnson 

Mrs. Carolyn S. Moyer 

Mrs. Dorothy G. Boyd 

Rev. W. F. Lantz 

°Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner 

Dr. Karl E. Moyer 

°Mrs. Kathryn D. Burke 

°Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

#Mrs. Minako A. Kida 

°Mr. Walter H. Muller 

Mr. Henry T. Chadwick 

Mrs. Nancy K. Lenker 

Ms. Glenda L. Kirker 

Mr. William D. Murray 

" °Mr. Anthony B. Creamer 

°Rev. Gerald A. McCormick 

Mr. Fred S. Kreider, Jr. 

Mr. Darryl L. Myers 

°Mr. Ronald R. Day 

Mr. Frank R. McCulloch 

Dr. Thomas H. Kreiser 

°Mr. James G. Novinger 

°Mr. Cyrus R. Dietrich 

Mr. C. L. Mcllvaine 

°Mr. William P. Krick, Jr. 

Mr. Samuel G. Poet 

°Dr. Jacquelyn F. Douglass 

Mrs. Dorothy L. Monaghan 

Mrs. Kathryn H. Lanz 

Susan Richartz 

*Mr. David J. Farling 

°Mrs. Geraldine S. Mosemann 

Mr. John F. Lenker 

*Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 

Mrs. Nancy K. Fisher 

°Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann 

°Rev. Charles W. Lightner 

*Mrs. Janet B. Rismiller 

Mrs. Margaret M. Flickinger 

*Mrs. Jeanne C. Noll 

°Mrs. Harriet M. Lightner 

Mr. Joseph C. Saile 

°Mr. Herbert M. Forrest 

°Dr. Jo Anne Pieringer 

Mrs. Beverly W. Mcllvaine 

°Mr. John A. Tartaglin 

*Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 

°Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer 

Ms. Sally A. Miller 

Mrs. Ethel K. Thomasco 

°Mr. David H. Gittleman 

Mr. Donald L. Reinhard 

#Mr. James A. Mitchell 

Mr. David A. Tobias 

°Mrs. Sylvia R. Gittleman 

*Mrs. Polly R. Reinhart 

Mrs. Barbara K. Nelson 

Mrs. Marilyn H. Toy 

#Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 

°Mrs. Loretta H. Risser 

Mrs. Roberta K. Peightel 

°Mrs. Catharine H. Van Hess 

Mrs. Joan N. Horn 

Mrs. Jane H. Roush < 

Mr. Richard E. Powell 

Mrs. Marion B. Vespe - 

*Mr. Lawrence E. Jones 

Brig. Gen. Robert M. Sheaffer, Ret. 

Mrs. Ruth O. Ranalli 

°Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 

Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 

Mr. Henry W. Shuey 

Mrs. Ruth Reddinger 

°Miss Doris E. White 

"Mrs. Joan E. Kirk 

°Dr. Thomas E. Silliman 

*Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Miss Jane E. Wolfe 

Mrs. Shirley W. Knade 

Mr. Robert E. Snyder 

Ms. Rosemary D. Ruhl 

Mrs. Gloria K. McCauley 

Mrs. Hannelore W. Starsinic k 

Mr. David H. Schell 

CLASS OF 1960 

Mrs. Cynthia P. Poet 

Rev. Jacob F. Stover 

°Mrs. Sandra W. Shipman 

Annual Fund $4,670.00 

Rev. H. Rodney Stoner 

°Mr. Calvin J. Wacker 

Mrs. Mary E. Shroyer 

Endowment $650.00 

#Mrs. Mildred 0. Teitelman 

♦Mrs. Patricia L. Walter 

#Mr. Gary H. Sipe 

Mr. Edward J. Alexander 

°Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 

*Mrs. Marian M. Warden 

Mr. Richard H. Smith 

Mrs. Patricia H. Bohrs 

•Mr. Donald H. Umberger 

Dr. William C. Workinger 

°Mr. Joseph K. Snare 

#Mrs. Eleanor B. Boyer 

Mr. Harold R. Webber 

"Mr. Larry L. Ziegler 

°Mr. Joe L. Stauffer 

Mr. Philip D. Bronson 


°Mr. Sandy R. Stover 

°Mr. James S. Bustard 

°Mrs. Shirley H. Wunsch 

CLASS OF 1958 

Mr. Joseph R. Toy 

°Mrs. Joyce F. Bustard 

Mrs. Elin B. Yeagley 

Annual Fund $19,398.75 

#Miss Beverly A. Walp 

Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

#Mr. Eugene W. Zimmerman 

Endowment $5,160.00 

•Mr. Ronald B. Weinel 

°Mrs. Barbara B. Carpenter 

Ms. Carol E. Anderson 

Mr. Warren S. Wenger 

°Dr. James W. Carpenter 

CLASS OF 1957 

Mr. Edward A. Anderson 

Mr. George M. Wentling 

Ms. Jean L Caruth 

Annual Fund $11,089.48 

°Dr. Jerald G. Bachman 

Mrs. Dorothy K. Whitman 

Mrs. Phyllis D. Caskie 

Endowment $1,820.00 

Mrs. Janet M. Boehm 

#Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

°Rev. Richard L. Cassel 

Capital $1,093.60 

°Mrs. Sessaly P. Boyd 

*Dr. James F.Wolfe 

°Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty 

°Mr. Charles T. Brightbill 

°Mrs. Mary Ellen Ziegler 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 1 7 

°Mrs. Joan T. Derr 


Art Coup 

Acting Art Department 

•Mr. Ellis W. McCracken 

°Dr. William F. Derr 


Mrs. Barbara B. McMinn 

°Mr. Joseph B.Dietz 

W *^^^^« 

#Capt. Herman J. Meyer 

Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

1 1 

Chair Dan Massad sold 

Mrs. Shirley B. Michel 

Mr. Mark R. Dubbs 

W X 

#Mrs. Leann R. Miller 

#Mr. Fredric P. Eckelman 

K ■ 

one of his pastels, 'Very 

Mrs. Susan S. Miller 

#Mr. Philip H. Feather 
Mr. Ray K. Fields 

mt Jl 

Old Are the Woods," to 

Mr. Byron N. Mock 
Mr. Dennis C. Phillippy 

Mr. Charles F. Gerberich 
#Mrs. Marsha C. Grosky 

^r^ '^^ 

the Metropolitan Museum 

°Rev. David W. Pierce 
*Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. 

Capt. Richard H. Harper 

i / i 

of Art in New York, 

°Ms. Judith N. Renzulli 

°Mrs. Dolores H. Hartman 
Mr. Richard K. Hollinger 

Massad, who joined the 

Ms. Joy D. Rice 
Mrs. Judith S. Rife 

Mr. Ronald P. Hovis 
Mrs. Judith T. Imler 

m 1 

w 1 

college as an adjunct pro- 

Mr. Richard H. Rotz 
Miss Dawn E. Sandy 

Mr. Glenwood H. Krill 


fessor in 1982, has exhib- 

Mrs. Nedra R. Schmuck 

#Mr. John W. Metka 

K*. J# £ 

ited his works in pres- 

°Mrs. Priscilla B. Schwenk 

Mr. Kenneth R. Nelson 

| «t 

Mrs. Rebecca U. Scott 

°Mr. John H.Phillips 
°Mrs. Margaret G. Philp 

tigious galleries and shows 

Mrs. Sarah L. Seidel 
°Mr. David J. Shenk 

Mrs. Margaret W. Pierson 

9IH > 

throughout the country. 

°Rev. William A. Sherman 

Mr. Fred A. Poorman 

Ms. N. Patricia Shonk 
Ms. Kathryn S. Skewis 

°Mr. Joseph D. Ragno 

°Mrs. Nancy N. Ragno 

Mrs. Dawn B. Reinhart 

°Mr. Ray C. Lichtenwalter 

#Mr. Gregory G. Stanson 

Rev. William B. Ramey 

°Dr. William F. Renzulli 

°Dr. Barry W. Light 

Vance R. Stouffer, M.D. 

Mr. John F. Schlegel 

#Dr. Samuel J. Shubrooks 

Mrs. Margaret S. Markert 

Mrs. ShelvyJ. Stuck 

Rev. David W. Schmuck 

Mr. Albert P. Silldorff 

Mr. Joseph E. Michael 

Miss Jane A. Sunday 

Mrs. Sally L. Seavey 

°Mr. Walter L. Smith 

Mrs. Jane M. Miller 

°Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart 

°Mr.JohnJ. Stouffer 

°Mrs. Dianne A. Snook 

°Ms. Delores A. Mounsey 

Rev. Donald E. Van Kirk 

Mr. Kenneth J. Swisher 

°Mrs. Barbra S. Stehlik 

*Mr. H. Lee Moyer 

Mr. Harry M. Voshell 

Mrs. Shirley A. Tannenbaum 

°Mrs. Carol B. Steiner 

°Mrs. Elaine L. Pierce 

Mrs. Patricia D. Ward 

°Mrs. Nancy K. Thomer 

Mr. Charles J. Tobias, II 

°Mrs. Judith K. Reighter 

Mr. Roger N. Ward 

°Mrs. Constance C. Trostle 

Mrs. Annetta J.D. Wells 

°Mr. K. W. Reighter 

°Mr. John R. Weaber 

°Mr. L. N. Umble 

°Mrs. Marcia P. Wilson 

Mr. C. Richard Rhine 

Rev. George M. Weaver 

Mr. Fredric Vespe 

°Lt. Col. D. T. Winter 

Dr. Carl B. Rife 

Mrs. Brenda L. Wen 

°Mrs. Martha R. Williams 

°Rev. Keith B. Wise 

Mrs. Rosalie W. Roth 

Mr. Mark H. Wert 

°Mrs. Patricia P. Wise 

Mrs. Patsy W. Rudy 

Mrs. Nancy N. Wilboum 

Mr. Ralph J. Ziegenfuss 

CLASS OF 1962 

Mr. Charles R. Seidel 


#Mr. Joel H. Zinn 

Annual Fund $9,357.50 

Mr. Eugene P. Sergent 

Endowment $1,225.00 

Mrs. Yvonne K. Shaffer 

CLASS OF 1964 

CLASS OF 1961 

Capital $2,400.00 

Mr. Daniel F. Shearer 

Annual Fund $7,890.00 

Annual Fund $3,435.00 

Mrs. Aglaia S. Ahmed 

Mrs. Y. Viola Shepherd 

Endowment $20.00 

Endowment $100.00 

Mrs. Jane L. Alexander . 

°Mrs. Sandra S. Stouffer 

#Mr. Charles B. Allwein 

Dr. Charles L. Amett 

Mrs. Judith B. Babey 

*Mrs. Brenda B. Troisi 

Mr. Lavelle H. Arnold 

Mrs. Janet H. Bamdt 

°Hon. Rowland W. Barnes 

Mrs. Martha E. Wargo 

*Dr. Elizabeth M. Bains 

#Dr. John C. Britcher 

Mr. Karl W. Bordner 

*Mrs. Carol S. Yost 

Mrs. Carolyn H. Baittinger 

°Mr. Joseph C. Coen 

°Mr. Lowell B. Brogan 

*Mr. Harry B. Yost 

Mr. John E. Baittinger 

Dr. Calvin H. Cole 

Mrs. Emily J. Brown 

#Mrs. Patricia J. Balsbaugh 

°Mrs. M. Nancy DeLiberty 

Mrs. Patricia D. Bullock 

CLASS OF 1963 

°Mr. Robert M. Bechtold 

°Mrs. Shirley L. Dietz 

Mrs. Mary L. Burke 

Annual Fund $6,872.50 

Mr. Kenneth C. Beck 

Mrs. M. Ruth Erb 

Mrs. Gloria F. Carter 

Endowment $100.00 

Mrs. Linda B. Becker 

°Miss Nancy I. Ford 

Mrs. Janice S. Crudele 

Capital $150.00 

Rev. Ronald J. Beistline 

Mr. Richard N. Garwood 

#Mr. David L. Czirr 

#Mr. H. William Acker 

Mr. Henry A. Bessel 

Rev. Dr. William K. Glaser 

Mrs. Georgiana K. Doner 

°Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi 

Mrs. Lavinia B. Biltimier 

Mr. Larry Q. Hall 

Mrs. lsobel M. Dottle 

#Ms. Barbara H. Bailes 

Mrs. Helen H. Bosart 

°Mr. Robert D. Hartnett 

Mr. Donald R. Drumheller * 

#Dr. G. Thomas Balsbaugh 

°Mrs. Elizabeth V. Bowman 

Mrs. Miriam W. Hawk 

#Mrs. Judith K. Feather 

°Mrs. Mary H. Berthold 

°Mr. Donald J. Bums 

Mr. William B. Hawk 

#Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 

Mr. Barry V. Bishop 

Ms. Judith K. Cassel 

Mrs. Jean D. Hetherington 

Mr. Dean A. Flinchbaugh 

°Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 

#Dr. Joseph M.Clark 

Mrs. FayW. Horst 

°Dr. David H. Fortna 

°Mr. James L. Boyle 

Mr. John W. Davis 

Mrs. Kathy B. Horst 

Mrs. Barbara W. Fragasso 

#Mr. Robert J. Brill 

°Ms. Roberta A. Dudas 

Mrs. Adele M. Hunt 

Dr. Harry P. Frederick 

Mr. James E. Brommer 

Mr. M.Jay Earley 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Jones 

Mrs. Bonnie W. Garwood 

Mrs. Judith N. Brown 

•Mrs. Sandra B. Edmunds 

Mrs. Lois S. Kaylor 

t*Ms. Myma R. Greenawalt 

Rev. James D. Corbett 

Mr. Frank W.Eiler 

Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 

°Dr. L. David Harris 

°Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 

Mrs. Judith A. Freeman 

Capt. Alfred J. Kreiser 

Mr. James T. Heath 

#Mr. James W. Davis 

Dr. Larry L. Funck 

Mrs. Joan M. Linnane 

Mr. George J. Hiltner, III 

#Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger 

Ms. Linda M. Gatchel 

Mrs. Kathleen P. Lockwood 

°Mr. Warren H. Hoffman 

#Mr. Adam Diebus 

Mr. Dennis T. Geib 

°Mrs. Amelia H. McElwee 

Mr. William H. Hooke 

°Rev. Richard G. Felty 

Mrs. Julie J. Geib 

°Dr. Frederick Meiselman 

Mrs. Cecelia R. Keehn 

Mr. William W. Focht 

Mr. Gordon J. Gingrich 

tMr. George K. Meyer 

Mrs. Kay S. Kelbley 

Mr. Ronald C. Haring 

°Dr. David D. Grove 

Mrs. Marjorie P. Miller 

Mrs. Kay H. Kemper 

Mrs. Ruth R. Heath 

°Mr. Walter S. Hamsher 

Mr. Nolan E. Miller 

*Mrs. Virginia T. Kichline 

Ms. Barbara E. Horst 

°Mrs. Judith B. Higgins 

Mr. Donald E. Murray 

°Dr. Richard E. Klinedinst 

Mr. G. Thomas Keehn 

°Dr. William R. Higgins 

Mr. Fred L. Neiswender 

°Mrs. Suzanne G. Klinedinst 

°Mrs. Margaret W. Kramer 

°Mr. Richard B. Hiler 

°James T. Reilly, Esq. 

#Col. Walter A. Krueger 

Mr. David B. Kruger 

°Mr. James D. Huey 

Dr. June E. Lawrence 

Dr. Bruce M. Lidston 


" Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

°Mrs. Susanne L. Huey 

Research Recognized 

Crifl ^^W 

Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 

°Dr.J. M. Kildee 

IPS Wl w 

Mrs. Carolyn M. Soderman 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Klinger 

Dn Steven Williams, pro- 

T a 

#Mrs. Susan S. Stanson 

°Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 
Ms. Sallie A. Light 

fessor of biology, has spent 

*Mr. Donald R. Stanton 
Mr. Jay S. Stanton 

°Mr. Wesley J. MacMillan 

more than 25 years 
researching and publishing 

Mrs. Linda B. Stoe 

°Mrs. Carole L. Marburger 
Mr. John F. Matsko 

Mrs. Donna S. Stroh 
Rev. David E. Stum 

#Mr. Curtis R. Miller 
Mr. Larry H. Miller 

on carnivorous plants, 

4M W fh ,J 

Mrs. Carol W. Tallman 
Mrs. Carol W. Testa 

Mrs. Barbara S. Moyer 

focusing on the compara- 

m « H 

Mrs. Elaine K. Tomlinson 

Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 
Mrs. Dolores M. Neuroth 

tive physiology of sundew r s 

#Mr. John C. Vaszily 

Mrs. Kathleen G. Wagaman 

Mrs. Doris I. Nolt 
Mr. W. S. Nolt 

and Venus fly traps. This 

HfifCf ' '"■ 

Ms. Helen M. Wamke 
Rev. Charles E. Weigel 

°Mr. John F. Onofrey 

year, he and two co- 

^.s : ivr^j 

Rev. James W. Weis 

Mr. Thomas L. Overly 
Mrs. Rita B. Patterson 

authors published a widely 

HHflu "^^I^^I^B^I 

Mrs. Ruth H. Wert 
°Mrs. Jean E. Witter 

Mrs. Patricia Z. Petrak 
Mrs. Loretta S. Rittle 

read study, "Carnivorous 

Dr. Stephen N. Wolf 
Mr. Richard J. Wolfe 

°Ms. Eileen R. Sabaka 

Plant Phytogeny and 

ence. The article received 

#Dr. Michael G. Wolfersberger 

°Mr. Carl F. Sayers 
Mrs. Helen S. Schmick 

Structural Evolution," in 

national media attention, 

°Mr. Frank F. Yeager 
Mr. John L. Yeingst 

Mr. Robert J. Scott 
Dr. Douglas V. Shaw 

Science, a journal of the 

including articles in The 

Mrs. Anne S. Young 

Mrs. Judith R. Shearer 

American Association for 

Washington Post and 

CLASS OF 1967 

*Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne M. Slothower 

Mr. James C. Snell 

the Advancement of Sci- 

The New York Times. 

Annual Fund $12,270.00 
Endowment $357.53 
Capital $1,400.00 

°Mr. E. L. Spancake 

°Mr. George J. Hollichjr. 

CLASS OF 1966 

°Mrs. Doris K. Allen 

°Mrs. Lynn L. Spancake 

#Mrs. Carole D. Horn 

Annual Fund $6,375.00 

°Mrs. Barbara J. Atkinson 

Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 

Mrs. Mildred B. Hughes 

Capital $150.00 

•Mr. David L. Bachtell 

Mrs. Carol K. Taylor 

Mr. William G. Hughes 

Mr. James K. Brandt 

Mrs. Barbara B. Banket 

Mr. George G. Thomas 

#Mr. Richard T. Irwin 

°Dr. Linda J. Bums 

#Mr. Kenneth S. Berry 

Mr.JayH. Uhler 

°Dr. Howard D.Jones 

°Mr. Ralph H. Buys 

Mrs. Alma P. Bobb 

#Mr. Thomas W. Weik 

Mr. Philip C. Kohlhaas 

°Mr. Joseph J. Chuchla 

°Dr. Gary N. Brauner 

Mr. Kenneth S. Whisler, Jr. 

Mrs. Gail B. Krebs 

Mrs. Danna T. Comick 

°Dr. Charlene Cassel 

Mrs. Nancy B. Whisler 

Dr. Richard L. Krill 

Dr. David H. Deck 

Mrs. LeAnn L. Chandler 

Mrs. Janet B. Willis 

Mr. Joel B. Lantz 

Mrs. Virginia S. Deck 

°Mr. Louis J. D'Augostine 

°Mr. Jon A. Yost 

Dr. Robert C. Lau 

#Mr. Sylvester F. Eppley 

°Dr. John E. Dougherty 

Mr. Paul R. Young 

Dr. Kenneth L. Laudermilch 

Mrs. Judith S. Ermigiotti 

°Ms. Mary M. Dowling 

#Mr. James H. Zimmerman 

Mrs. Diana N. Laul 

Ms. Carol M. Fleisher 

°Mr. Arthur R.Dunn, Jr. 

#Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mrs. Kristin B. Fortna 

°Mr. Thomas R. Embich 

CLASS OF 1965 

Mr. David W. Leigh 

Mrs. Dorothy E. Geesaman 

°Dr. Robert E. Enck 

Annual Fund $11,493.64 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Lidston 

Mr. J. R.Gilbert 

Mrs. Phyllis P. Ford 

Endowment $200.00 

Ms. Bonnie W. Lingerman 

Mrs. Sally B. Gilbert 

°Mr. Tilman R. Frye 

Capital $471.40 

Mr. Jay W. Lingerman 

Dr. John W. Gregory 

Mrs. Patricia T. Frymoyer 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbach 

*Mr. Richard L. London 

Mrs. Joanne S. Haring 

Mr. George N. Fulk 

°Mr. H. William Alsted 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig 

Rev. Sarah A. Heintzelman 

•Mr. John M. Galat 

°Mrs. Susan E. Altland 

°Mr. Barry L. Lutz 

°Dr. Richard P. Henzel 

Mr. Frank J. Geier 

°Mr. William G. Altland 

°Dr. Frederic J. Marsik 

#Mrs. Sharon S. Herr 

°Dr. Harold F. Giles 

Mrs. Constance A. Arnold 

°Mrs. Audrey F. Metro 

Mrs. Susan L. Hershey 

Ms. Susan J. Green 

Ms. Virginia D. Bergey 

*Mr. Carl E. Miller 

Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 

°Mrs. Kathleen C. Habecker 

Lt. Col. Sandra K. Blouch 

Dr. Glenn A. Moser 

°Mrs. Carol F. Hollich 

Ms. Marry-Ann Halladay 

#Mrs. Sylvia L. Brill 

°Mrs. Barbara B. Newcomer 

#Mr. Robert E. Horn 

Mrs. Donna B. Heberlig 

Mrs. Jeanne B. Brody 

°Dr. Edward L. Nickolpff 

Mrs. Penelope S. Horton 

°David P. Ingalls, M.D. 

Mr. Richard A. Carlson 

Mr. Charles R. Plantz 

°Mr. Barry E. Howard 

#Mrs. Linda P. Irwin 

°Mrs. Dorothy C. Carpenter 

Dr. Robert H. Rittle 

Mr. Robert L. Huffman 

°Mrs. Ellen K. Jarrett 

Mrs. Virginia M. Chalinsky 

*Mr. Stephen H. Roberts 

Mrs. JoAnn P. Kreeger 

•Mrs. Ann M. Kauffman 

Mr. G. S. Close 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Robson 

Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 

•Mr. Jack Kauffman 

°Dr. James G. Code 

Mrs. Betsy L. Ruth 

Mr. John M. Lafferty 

Rev. Donald B. Kitchell 

Mrs. Carol B. Davies 

Mr. Edward B.Ruth, Jr. 

Mrs. Karen C. Lamb 

Mrs. Donna D. Kuntz 

#Mrs. Sallie S. Davis 

Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 

Mr. Mervin K. Lentz 

Mrs. Susan J. Kushner 

°Mrs. Judith B. Downs 

Mrs. Mary E. Rutter 

Mr. Charles V. Liles 

#Mr. Howard L. Lake 

Mrs. Carolyn S. Enterline 

Mrs. Norma W. Shearer 

#Mr. Donald C. MacGowan 

Dr. William J. Lamont 

Mr. Paul D. Enterline 

Mrs. Audrey W. Smith 

°Mrs. Elspeth L. MacMillan 

Mrs. Patrice T. Langdon 


Mrs. Lois S. Smith 

Mrs. Lois S. Magyar 

°Mrs. Rayanne B. Lehman 

Mrs. Nancy D. Fennell 

Mr. Peter A. Stanilla, Jr. 

°Mrs. Barbara H. Mark 

Mrs. Mary S. Luntz 

Ms. Kay F. Fontenoy 

Mr. Carroll G. Stroh 

Mrs. Gail V. McFadden 

#Mr. Robert J. -Martalus 

Mrs. Patricia S. Fredericks 

Mr. Albert J. Taylor 

Mrs. Betty D. Melcher 

Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

°Mrs. Runette W. Gabrielle 

*Dr. David G. Thompson 

°Mr. Daniel B. Moran 

Mrs. Donna S. Mertz 

Mr. William C. Gingrich 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

°Mrs. Karen C. Moran 

Dr. Charles W. Mowrer 

Mr. William A. Grove 

Mr. Jamie G. Wescott 

°Mr. Albert E. Padley 

Mr. Ronald D. Newmaster 

Mr. Dale B. Hains 

#Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 

Miss Katherine A. Patrick 

Mr. Larry J. Painter 

#Dr. Suzanne H. Hetrick 

#Mrs. Martha H. Wolfersberger 

#Dr. Richard C. Reed 

Miss Eileen C. Patrick 

#Dr. William H. Hillmann 

°Mr. A. B. Yocom 

TMrs. Judith S. Scott 

°Mrs. Ellen J. Patterson 

#Mrs. Karen E. Zimmerman 

Mr. P. B. Sholley 



#Ms. Lois E. Quickel 
Mrs. Bonnie M. Rausch 
Mrs. Luise W. Reading 
°Dr. Roberta G. Reed 
Mr. David R. Rogers 
°Mr. Reynaldo T. Rovers 
Dr. Helaine H. Scarlett-Golann 
*Dr. C. Richard Schott 
°Mr. Charles R. Seibert 
°Dr. Damon L. Silvers 
°Mr. Walter L. Smith 
Mr. Ward O. Smith 
°Mrs. Margaret B. Snyder 
*Mr. Francis M. Steam 
Mr. Michael R. Steiner 
Mrs. Bonita Y. Stum 
Mrs. Lucy L. Sumner 
*Mrs. Elaine B. Thompson 
°Ms. Gale M. Thompson 
°Mr. Edward J. Updegrove 
Mrs. Marilyn G.. Wagner 
#Deacbn Richard W. Wentzel 
Mrs. Carol C. Williams 
*Mr. Samuel A. Willman 
°Mrs. Carol C. Yocom 

CLASS OF 1968 

Annual Fund $12,193.64 
Endowment $1,050.00 
Capital $2,071.40 
Ms. Paula S. Aboyoun 
Mrs. Carol E. Allen 
Ms. Barbara P. Berkowitz 
°Mrs. Thelma H. Blouch 
Dr. William P. Bohlander 
Mrs. Rebecca C. Burgee 
Mr. William A. Cadmus 
#Mrs. Mary J. Coleman 
°Dr. Michael D. Curley 
°Mrs. Janet D'Alessandro 
°Mr. Charles J. Dehart 
*Mrs. Carol E. Ditzler 
*Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 
Mrs. Cecelia D. Edwards 
Mr. David A. Fetters 
Dr. LeRoy G. Frey 
°Ms. M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 
#Mr. Alan P. Hague 
°Mrs. Diane B. Haight 
°Dr. Donald A. Haight 
°Dr.JohnH. Heffner 
Mrs. Carolyn D. Hollenbach 
•Mr. Gregory P. Hoover 
Mr. Charles K. Homberger 
Mr. Carl E. Homing 
Miss Mary A. Hostetter 
Mrs. Rebecca W. Hyman 
Mr. Eugene Katzman 
Mr. David P. Keehn 
#Mr. George J. King 
Mr. Robert A. Laughead 
°Mrs. Constance W. Leitner 
°Mr. Kermit R. Leitner 
°Mr. Glenn H. MacGregor 
°Mrs. Linda S. MacGregor 
Mr. James G. Magazino 
Mr. Jeffrey S. McCullough 
°Mrs. Carol S. Moffatt 
Mrs. Marjorie M. Nelson 
•Mr. James R. Newcomer 
Mrs. Suzanne B. Newell 
Mrs. Katrinka S. Osborne 
°Mrs. Barbara C. Padley 
°Mr. David J. Padley 
Mrs. Margaret B. Peterson 
#Dr. Lynn G. Phillips 

Tops in His Field 

Dr. Si Pham 79, a 
cardiothoracic surgeon at 
the University of Pitts- 
burgh Medical Center, was 
part of the team that in 
June performed Pennsyl- 
vania Governor Robert 
Casey s heart/ liver trans- 
plant, Pham came to Leba- 
non Valley in 1975, along 
with 11 other Vietnamese 
refugees who had been 
flown out of Saigon to the 
refugee camp at nearby 
Fort Indiantown Gap. 
After graduating with a 

degree in biology, he went 
on to earn his M,D. degree 
from the University of 
Pittsburgh in 1983 and 
completed his general sur- 
gery residency in 1989 + 

°Mr. Ronald L. Richcreek 
*Mrs. Janet L. Roberts 
Rev. Jack C. Sawyer 
°Mr. Stuart G. Schoenly 
Ms. Carol P. Schwalm 
Mrs. Anna S. Schwartz 
Mr. Arthur D. Semon 
°Mr. Walter S. Shakespeare 
Mr. C. Scott Shametzka 
°Rev. M. Thomas Shatto 
°Mrs. Patricia H. Shatto 
Mr. Richard Simington 
Mrs. Margaret H. Sipe 
*Mrs. Cheryl A. Steam 
•Ms. Joan R. Taylor 
°Mrs. Vivian P. Tokarsky 
°Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar 
#Mr. James R. VanCamp 
Ms. Patricia R. Wheelock 
#Mr. Richard E. Williams 
*Mrs. Elaine J. Willman 
#Mr. John R. Yerger 

CLASS OF 1969 

Annual Fund $9,755.00 

Endowment $1,500.00 

Ms. Susan H. Abemethy * 

°Mr. Robert D. Atkinson 

•Mrs. Pixie H. Bachtell 

Mrs. Eleanor S. Bair 

Dr. Kenneth M. Baker 

Mr. Stephen L. Barbaccia 

#Dr. John A. Biever 

Mrs. Barbara R. Bohlander 

Mrs. Linda B. Brown 

Mr. J. Dean Burkholder 

Mr. William E. Campbell 

Ms. Diane F. Cerutti 

°Dr. Thomas M. Clemens 

Rev. Albert L. Clipp 

°Mrs. Barbara Tezak D'Augostine 

Ms. Jacque R. DaCamara 

Mr. Bruce R. Decker 

Mrs. Leslie B. Decker 

°Mrs. Elaine D. Dehart 

°Dr. Frederick E. Detwiler, Jr. 

Mrs. Jean M. Doherty 

°Ms. Carol A. Dunn 
Mrs. Jeanne A. Eamshaw 
°Mr. Linn D. Eisenhower 
Mr. Thomas J. Falato 
Mr. Lloyd J. Fasnacht 
°Mrs. Lucille D. Forrest 
Mrs. Mary L. Fox 
Mr. Robert S. Fox 
Rev. Dennis L. Frantz 
Mrs. Diane G. Hankinson 
Mr. James W. Haslam - 
Ms. Jean L. Heilman 
°Dr. Paula K. Hess 
Mr. Franklin S. Hoch 
Mr. David A. Hoffner 
°Mr. Michael R. Hollen 
Mrs. Polly C. Jaymes 
Robert G. Jennings, D.D.S. 
Mr. Michael R. Jones 
*Dr. Robert R. Kaneda 
Mr. Richard W. Kaufmann 
Ms. Barbara T. Laquer 
°Mrs. Nancy R. Learning 
°Mr. Dennis M. Lehman 
°Mrs. Quinetta D. Lemons 
°Mr. Ronald L. Long 
°Mrs. Margaret J. MacGowan 
°Mr.JohnD. Maclary 
°Dr. Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum 
Mr. Carl L. Marshall 
Mrs. Joanne C. McHugh 
•Mrs. Sandra H. McKinley 
Ms. Cynthia S. Melman 
Mrs. Miriam B. Moury 
•Mr. George R. Mover 
°Mr. Dennis E. Patrick 
Mrs. Louise L. Rahalewich 
°Dr.JackR. Reid 
°Ms. Linda S. Rothermel 
°Mrs. Nancy K. Rovers 
Mrs. Carole C. Schauer 
Mr. Larry L. Schauer 
Mr. Dale C. Schimpf 
Mrs. Karen L. Schwalm 
°Mrs. Shirley D. Shaffer 
Mr. Franklin R. Shearer 
Mrs. Lucille K. Shearer 

Mr. Alan E. Shenk 
Mrs. Shirley W. Sherman 
Mr. Kenneth L. Sipe 
#Mrs. Doris B. Skinkus 
Rev. Dennis R. Snovel 
°Mr. David L. Stanilla 
°Mr. George A. Stauffer 
Mr. Allen W. Steffy ■ 
Mrs. Mary A. Stewart 
°Ms. Gloria F. Strausbaugh 
#Ms. Nina E. Tafel 
#Ms. Helen E. Templin 
Ms. Carolyn E. Thompson 
Ms. Rae L. Thompson 
Mr. Frank M. Timlin 
Mr. Dennis J. Tulli 
*Mr. Robert L. Unger 
#Mrs. Diane A. Vaszily 
Mrs. Linda S. Weeks 
Mr. Carlin L. Wenger 
°Mrs. Nancy H. Wieman 
Mr. Douglas R. Winemiller 
Dr. Jan H. Wubbena 
#Dr. Ronald G. Yarger 
°Mr. Joseph T.Yost 
Dr. Ronald J. Zygmunt 

CLASS OF 1970 

Annual Fund $4,740.00 

Endowment $40.00 

Mr. Robert J. Adams' 

Mr. Malcolm B. Ahrens 

*Dr. Bruce A. Albert 

Mr. William H. Allen 

Mrs. Patricia R. Beckman 

#Mr. James R. Biery 

Mr. John W. Bitrier 

Mrs. Barbara J. Boltz 

Mr. Larry A. Bowman 

Mrs. Ruth P. Brandt 

°Ms. Kathleen A. Bryniarski 

Mr. Barry W. Burdick 

CPO Donald C. Carter 

Mrs. Deborah S. Clemens 

°Mrs. Keeta K. Cole 

Mrs. Barbara M. Cotver 

Mr. Morris S. Cupp 

#Mr. Anthony M. DeMarco 

Dr. David A. Diehl 

Mr. Jan W. Edwards 

Mrs. Vesta B. Fisher 

Mr. James B. Fraytic 

°Mr. George S. Glen 

Mr. Robert C. Greiner 

#Mr. Jensen H. Groff, Jr. 

Mrs. Donna L. Harding 

°Mr. Lloyd R. Helt 

Mr. Thomas G. Hostetter 

°Mrs. Rae Louise Hull 

Mrs. Judith A. Hunter 

Mr. Jeffrey P. litis 

°Mrs. Judith B. Iskowitz 

°Mrs. Marsha C. King 

Mrs. Margaret L. Kreiser 

Mr. Frank A. Kuhn.Jr. 

Mrs. Mary M. Leisey 

Mrs. Nancy S. Lengle 

Mrs. Sally S. Lownsbery 

°Mr. Michael B. Mallon 

Mrs. Carol B. Marron 

Mrs. Carol A. McCall 

Mrs. Kathleen K. McCullough 

Dr. J. Michael Meyers 

Mr. George L. Morse 

Mrs. Mary H. Nelson 

Mr. John S. Nornhold 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

Mrs. Catherine M. Phelps 
Dr. Glenn A. Phelps 
Mrs. Linda G. Remsburg 
Mrs. Susan S. Rhodes 
Mr. JoelS. Riedel 
Mr. Lawrence F. Riedman 
Mr. James M. Rife 
Dr. Henry D. Schreiber 
°Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 
Mrs. Sandra G. Shametzka 
°Ms. Susan J. Shedenhelm 
Mrs. Susan J. Sink 
°Mrs. Paula S. Smith 
Mr. Richard M. Snell 
Mr. Stanley A. Steiner 
°Mrs. Winifred W. Walters 
°Dr. Michael P. Waltz 
Mr. Bruce T. Welsh 
Mr. Thomas E. Whittle 
Mrs. Gloria R. Winemiller 
°Rev. Dr. G. Edwin Zeiders 

CLASS OF 1971 

Annual Fund $8,556.00 

Endowment $1,030.00 

Mrs. Catherine U. Anderson 

Mrs. Suzanne S. Banish 

°Mr. Donald R. Bechtel 

Mr. David H. Binkley, 11 

Mr. Donald P. Bloser 

Mr. Robert B. Brandt 

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Bryan 

Mrs. Barbara A. Burgess 

Mrs. Nancy W. Carter 

Mr. Thomas W. Cestare 

Ms. Susan E. Cramer 

Mrs. Kathy K. Cupp 

Mrs. Kathleen W. Edwards 

Mrs. Nancy L. Embrey 

Mr. Donald F. Engle 

Mrs. Mona Enquist-Johnston 

Mr. Larry A. Fenner 

°Mrs. Linda H. Fisher 

°Mr. Paul S. Fisher 

Mrs. Patricia L. Ford 

°Mrs. Deborah S. Freer 

Mr. Barry E. Fry 

Sgt. Kevin E. Gamer 

#Mr. Keith D. Gittermann 

#Mrs. Marianne C. Gittermann 

Mr. Dennis M. Graybill 

Mrs. Catherine B. Greco 

Mr. Harvey G. Gregory 

Mrs. Jessica L. Gregory 

Mr. Reid W. Habecker 

#Mrs. Barbara W. Hague 

#Mr. Kenneth M. Hale, Jr. 

#Mr. Wilbur A. Hamsher, Jr. 

Mrs. Dianne C. Jones 

Mr. Robert E. Jones 

*Mrs. Bette S. Kaneda 

Mrs. Pamela B. Kaufman 

Mrs. Mary Y. Keller 

°Mr. Steven R. Krick 

°Mrs. Barbara Y. Light 

Rev. John H. Lynch 

*Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

°Mrs. Unda S. McAlpin 

Ms. Anita J. Meiser 

Mr. David E. Miller 

Rev. Frederick J. Moury 

Mr. Michael L. O'Hara 

Dr. Nancie H. Park 

Mr. George J. Pence 

°Ms. Margaret K. Potteiger 

Mrs. Connie B. Powers 

Mrs. Margaret M. Purdy 
Mr. James R. Ressler 
Ms. Allison C. Smith 
Mr.JefferyJ. Stock 
Mrs. Jane Y. Strazza 
Mr. Barry H. Streeter 
Mr. Larry E. Sweger 
Mr. Gary J. Templin 
Mr. Greg L. Teter 
Mr. Richard B. Thompson 
°Mr.JohnD. Ulrich, Sr. 
Mr. Brian D. Wayne 
Mr. Kent C. Willauer 
Mrs. Virginia S. Williams 
Mrs. Nancy M. Yaun 
°Mr. Robert R. Zolad 

CLASS OF 1972 

Annual Fund $6,260.00 
Endowment $2,355.00 
°Mrs. Sandra K. Adkins 
°Dr. Gregory V. Arnold 
Dr. Michael J. Bartell 
Mr. David Boltz, IV 
Ms. Sue E. Bowman 
Mrs. Becky H. Davidowski 
Mrs. 1. Michelle Diehl. 
Mrs. Allison R. Duff 
Dr. Ross W. Ellison 
Rev. Claire L. Fiedler 
#Mr. Richard W. Fowler 
Mrs. Virginia F. Garatina 
Mrs. Judith H. Gibney 
*Dr. Judith F.Grem 
Mr. Robert G. Hamilton 
Mr. Peter A. Harubin 
°Mrs. Gail F. Henschke 
Mrs. Carol R. Jennings 
Mr. Edward B. Johnson 
°Mrs. Phyllis B. Johnson 
Mr. John W. Jones 
Mrs. Marilyn G. Kimple 
#Mr. David E. Klein 
Mrs. Becky L. Krepps 
Mr. C. Andrew Krepps 
Mr. Lawrence M. Larthey 
Mrs. Patricia S. Larthey 
Mrs. Jane R. Leposa 
Mr. David Lilien 
Dr. Carolyn K. Lincoln 
Mr. Rick A. Linthurst 
#Mrs. Nancy M. Longnecker 
*Mr. Richard A. Look 
°Mr. Stuart J. Magdule, Esq. 
Mrs. Charlene T. McCabe 
Mrs. Barbara R. Miller 
#Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 
Mrs. Cheryl K. Noll 
Mrs. Barbara M. Olds 
Mrs. Nan D. Papp \ 

Mrs. Anita B. Pence 
Mr. Douglas R. Poffenberger 
°Mr. William C. Quairoli 
°Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 
Mrs. Linda H. Rhine 
Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer 
Mr. John A. Schoch 
Ms. Janet E. Smith 
Mr. David R. Snyder 
Dr. David F. Steffy 
#Dr. David L. Stein 
Mrs. Barbara H. Streeter 
Mr. David L. Stull 
Mr. Thomas K. Thompson 
Mrs. Natalie C. Treece 
*Dr. Elizabeth R. Unger 
#Mrs. Diane D. Usas 

#Mrs. Donna D. Weik 
Ms. Diane R. Wilkins 
Mrs. Linda M. Wilson 
Mrs. Betsy Wolf 
Mr. Dennis M. Wolf 
°Mrs. Theresa C. Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1973 

Annual Fund $5,146.00 
Endowment $25.00 
Ms. Kathleen A. Bangert 
Mrs. Barbara B. Biser 
Mr. John C. Bittner, 111 
Dr. Bonnie Blazer-Yost 
Mr. Richard S. Brunner 
°Dr. John J. Buckfelder, 111 
Mrs. Beverly J. Burkhart 
Mrs. Bonnie L. Chesney 
Mr. Thomas J. Chesney 
SSG. Stephen G. Crum 
Mrs. Ruth F. Daniels 
°Mrs. Diane T. Dohner 
°Ms. Cynthia L. Evans 
°Mr. Ralph J. Fetrow 
°Mrs. Sara H. Fetrow 
°Mr. Donald B. Frantz 
°Ms. Janice A. GaNun 
Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 
Mr. Carey C. Garland 
°Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg 
Miss Jean T. Gingrich 
°Mrs. Nancy J. Glen 
Mr. Robert P. Glick 
Dr. David M. Gordon 
°Maj. Bonnie P. Guggenheim 
Mrs. Sandra Snyder Gunn 
°Mrs. Nancy Hunt Heckman 
°Dr. Roger A. Heckman 
Dr. Terry M. Heisey 
Mr. Edward C. lannarella 
°Dr. Wayne D. Johnson 
Mrs. Nancy C. Jones 
Mrs. Cecelia R. Jordan 
Mrs. Cheryl W. Keckler 
Mr. John S. Kinsella 
Dr. Debra A. Kirchhof-Glazier 
Ms. Susan R. Kohl 
Mr. Steven B. Korpon 
°Mrs. Elizabeth T. Lambert 
Mr. Doren S. Leathers 
Mr. Mark A. Lenz 
Mrs. Lydia K. Mahjoubian 
Mr. John F. Mardula 
Mr. Ralph W. McCabe 
Ms. Jean A. Miller 
Mrs. Joann P. Miller 
Mr. William J. Morrison 
Mr. John H. Moyer 
Mrs. Evelyn O'Hara 
#Mrs. Janine W. Patricelli 
#Dr. John E. Patricelli 
#Mrs. Linda S. Petrecca 
Mr. James P. Rebhom 
Mrs. RaeJ. Ridge 
°Mrs. Ruth N. Rittmann 
Mr. Philip D. Rowland 
Dr. Diane M. Scholler 
°Dr. Bonnie L. Seidel-Rogol 
Mr. Scott T. Sener 
Mrs. Deborah E. Shank 
°Mr. Byron L. Shoemaker 
Mrs. Carol C. Shultis 
Mr. Phillip L. Snyder 
°Mr. Thomas E. Stewart 
Mrs. Linda L. Thompson 
Mr. Stephen J. Wagner 
Dr. Renee C. Wert 

Mr. Dana V. West 
Mrs. Mary E. Whalen 
Mr. John C. Wright 
Mrs. Gail D. Wylam 
Dr. Robert W.Yost 
#Mr. Joseph W. Zearfoss 

CLASS OF 1974 

Annual Fund $8,654.75 
Endowment $400.00 
Dr. Ann M. Algeo 
Rev. Michael 1. Alleman 
*Dr. Kristen R. Angstadt 
°Mrs. Lois A. Autenrieth 
°Mr. Stephen M. Autenrieth 
Mrs. Candace W. Beane 
Mr. Allen L. Bevan, III 
°Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel 
Dr. Robert W. Bohlander 
Mrs. Yvonne S. Bohlander 
#Maj. Barbara J. Brandt 
Mrs. Judith B. Brown 
Ms. Pamela Brown 
Mr. William C. Buckfelder 
Mrs. Kimberly S. Chesnut 
Mrs. Cindy Condran 
Mr. John S. Curry, Jr. 
°Mrs. Patricia D. Dixon 
°Mrs. June L. Durham 
Mrs. Jane K. Egermann 
Mr. John Ellis 
Mrs. Laura S. Festo 
°Mrs. Wendy K. Fiala 
*Ms. Colleen C. Harris 
#Mrs. Rebecca S. Hein 
Mr. Craig R. Hollenbach 
Mrs. Carol W. Hughes 
Mrs. Mary Deloach Jennings 
°Ms. Athanasia Johnson 
Mrs. Mary D. Kartzman 
Mr. Davis J. Knauer 
Mrs. Lucinda B. Knauer 
Mrs. Claudia M. Kugler 
Mrs. Betsy B. Leathers 
Mr. Guy L. Lesser 
°Mrs. Joan K. Lockard 
°Mrs. Mary R. Lombardo 
°Mr. Karl V. Matter 
Mrs. N. Jill McDaniel 
°Mr. William W. Moyer 
°Mrs. Susan W. Nasuti 
Mr. Matthew F. Nichols 
Mrs. Gwendolyn H. Pelsis 
°Mr. William H. Phifer 
Mr. John M. Pumphrey 
Mrs. Karen B. Pumphrey 
Mrs. Gail F. Reeder 
°Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 
°Ms. Carol A. Scott 
°Mrs. Sarah K. Sergesketter 
Mr. Gary S. Shultis 
*Dr. Gary K. Smith 
Mrs. Ethel K. Snyder 
°Ms. Susan E. Snyder 
°Mrs. Elizabeth R. Steinbach 
Mrs. Susan P. Strosnider 
°Ms. Lorraine C. Torreyson 
Ms. Catherine M. Vezza 
°Mr. Richard F. Vogel 
Mrs. Jane R. Ward 
°Ms. Pamela J. Wood 
Mrs. Jeanne S. Worley 
#Mrs. Wendie G. Zearfoss 
°Dr. Derrick S. Zingg 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 21 

CLASS OF 1975 

Annual Fund $5,555.00 

Endowment $300.00 

Mr. David C. Amsden 


Rev. D. Michael Bennethum 

°Ms. Leslie A. Berger 

°Mrs. Nancy N. Bickel 

Mrs. Roberta E. Biesecker 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boyd 

°Mr. Robert A. Boyer 

Mrs. Marcia S. Brenner 

Mrs. Deborah G. Buckfelder 

°Mrs. Maureen L. Buckfelder 

°Mr. Edward R. Burkhart 

Ms. Paula A. Clarke 

Mrs. Penelope S. Dandridge 

*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 

Mrs. Eileen B. DiRaddo 

°Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 

Mrs. Dixie L. Drybread-Erdman 

Mrs. Linda F. Ebright 

Mrs. Joanne S. Eckert 

Mr. John G. Fenimore 

Mrs. Joan G. Fessler 

Mrs. Tomilyn C. Forbes 

Mr. Harold C. Forma 

Mr. Douglas K. Franz 

°Mrs. Nancy E. Fritz 

Mr. John H. Gable 

Mrs. Deborah K. Gargiulo 

Mr. Richard S. Hamer 

°Mrs. Gloria F. Hess 

°Mr. John C. Hess 

Mr. William R. Ingraham 

Rev. Peggy O. Johnson 

Mrs. Lois G. Kickbush 

°Miss Lorraine E. Killheffer 

Mrs. Wendie W. Kiskaddon 

Dr. Marilyn B. Knaub 

Mr. Timothy A. Knaub 

Dr. Charles R. Knipe 

Mrs. Faye H. Lehman 

°Mr. Quintin A. Lerch 

°Dr. Francis T. Lichtner, Jr. 

#Mr. John R. Longacre, II 

Mrs. Heidrun M. Mayer 

Mr. J. G. McDivitt 

Mrs. Cynthia P. McGary 

Mr. Jeffrey O. McGary 

°Mrs. Brenda M. Messera 

Mr. Raymond H. Mitchell 

Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

Ms. Nancy E. Murphy 

Mrs. Charlotte E. Myers 

Mr. Joseph M. Pease 

°Mrs. Roberta S. Pennington 

°Mrs. Sue Ella Phifer 

Mr. David M. Poust 

#Mr. Donald L. Reigle 

°Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Mrs. Jean S. Ross 

Mr. Allen Z. Roth 

°Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. Howard P. Scott 

Mr. Kenneth A. Seyfert 

Mr. Daryl A. Shaffer 

Mr. William D. Shumway 

#Mr. Irwin H. Siegel 

°Ms. Martha M. Smith 

Rev. Richard D. Smith 

Mr. Gregory A. Souders 

°Dr. Michael D. Steltz 

Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 

°Mrs. Judith H.Taylor 

Mrs. Patricia Van Scyoc 

Aiding International 

Lance Dieter '93 was 
named one of 40 delegates 

°Mrs. Susan T. Vogel 
Mrs. Patricia D. Walsh 
Ms. Sally A. Wiest 
Dr. Phillip L. Wise 

CLASS OF 1976 

Annual Fund $4,265.00 

Endowment $250.00 

°Mrs. Carol F. Barbarich 

Mr. Richard L. Bamet 

Mrs. Diane S. Bennethum 

#Mrs. Kathie D. Bittenbender 

°Mrs. Suzanne S. Boyer 

Mrs. Beth E. Brandt 

Mr. Harry M. Bratton, III 

°Dr. Michael E. Brown 

Ms. Theresa V. Brown 

°Mrs. Rebecca B. Burkhart 

Rev. Peter R. Cebulka 

Dr. Theresa E. DaKay 

°Ms. Carole R. Daugherty 

Ms. Dianne M. Dickson 

°Mr. Jonathan B. Ellsworth 

Mrs. Susanne B. Essex 

°Mr. Neil E. Fasnacht 

Mr. David B. Flohr 

Mrs. Jayne D. Frankenfield 

°Mr. Louis J. Fuller 

Mrs. Charlotte S. Gingrich 

Ms. Jean M. Griffith 

Mr. David W. Guare 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Hackman 

Mrs. Karen H. Hamer 

Ms. Ellen R. Hart 

Mrs. Wendy S. Hawes 

Rev. Joy J. Hoffman 

Mr. Gregory J. Holler 

Mr. P. C. Howse 

Mr. John K. Hussey 

Mrs. Gail P. Jones 

Mrs. Donna G. Kaplan 

Mrs. Ruth H. Kelemen 

Mr. Raymond C. Kelsey 

°Mrs. Donna B. Koval 

Ms. Susan I. Kramer 

Ms. Nanette L. LaCorte 

Mrs. Priscilla L. Landis 

Mr. David S. Lang 

Mrs. JoAnne R. Lazorcik 

Dr. Charlotte A. Mackenson-Dean 

from 25 countries to 
attend a month4ong 
summer symposium on 
international culture in 
Toulouse, France. The 
symposium was sponsored 
by the Centre International 
de Rencontres Univer- 
sitaires, a project of the 
Lions Club of France. 
Dieter, a biochemistry ma- 
jor, spent his senior year in 
Paris working as an intern 
for Elf Aquitaine, a French 
petroleum company. 

Mrs. Phyllis P. Martin 
Mrs. Donna L. Metzger 
°Mr. Carroll L. Missimer 
Mr. Mark S. Morrow 
Ms. Cecilia S. Mortel 
°Mr. James J. Navarro 
°Mrs.JanJ. Navarro 
Mr. Stephen G. Osborne 
°Mr. Lewis F. Petty 
Mr. Gerald W. Posey 
°Mr. Lawrence E. Priester 
Mrs. Cynthia L. Quijano 
°Mrs. Jean B. Reese 
°Mr. Timothy L. Reese 
°Mrs. Carol L. Richters 
Mrs. Marlene W. Riela 
°Ms. Elyse E. Rogers 
Mrs. Lois I. Rowe 
Miss Wanda E. Rozelle 
Mrs. Carolyn R. Sachs 
Dr. Stephen W. Sachs 
Mr. Fred A. Scheeren 
#Mr. James C. Schoch 
°Mrs. Elizabeth B. Smith 
Mrs. Merrily R. Smith 
°Mrs. Ellen G. Snader 
Mrs. Sybil H. Snee 
Mrs. Susan S. Stachelczy 
Mr. Donald E. Starke 
°Rev. Elizabeth J. Stingley 
Ms. Joanne L. Toby 
Mr. Thomas M. Uhrich 
°Dr. Daniel J. Whittle 
Mr. Anthony S. Winter 

CLASS OF 1977 

Annual Fund $5,485.00 
Endowment $250.00 
Mrs. Michelle R. Allen 
Mrs. Ruth R. Arnold 
Ms. Anne Auerbach 
°Ms. Christine E. Baldwin 
Mrs. Mary A. Beazley 
°Mrs. Linda W.Blair 
°Mrs. Sherry E. Brown 
Mr. Kevin P. Clarkson 
Ms. Karin M. Congello 
Mrs. Laura S. Deklewa 
°Mrs. Deborah M. Dillane 
°Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

#Larry J. Feinman, D.O. 
°Mr. K. Steven Fidler 
Mr. Glen O. Gray 
Rev. John W. Green 
Mrs. Mary W. Gutekunst 
Mrs. Kathleen K. Hackman 
Major John J. Harvey 
Mr. Thomas L. Hassinger 
Mr. Wayne A. Hawes 
Mr. Stephen P. Hoy 
Capt. Kenneth O. Huling 
Mrs. Nina L. lies 
Mr. Eric D. Imhof 
#Mrs. Kathy D. Ireland 
Mr. Timothy A. Jenks 
Mr. Brian L. Johnson 
Mr. Peter C. Johnson 
Mrs. Patricia R. Juhl 
Mrs. Kay F. Kelsey 
°Mrs. Carolyn W. Kerlin 
Mr. Robert R. Kirkhoff 
Mrs. Suzanne H. Kirkhoff 
Mr. James L. Kissinger 
Mr. Daniel L. Kramlich 
°Mrs. Lyn A. Lewis 
°Mr. Jonathan D. Lippert 
°Mr. Fred E. Longenecker 
°Mrs. LuAnn F. Longenecker 
Mrs. Diane E. Lupia 
Mrs. Joyce N. McGowan 
°Mr. Jeffrey C. Meyer 
°Ms. Suzanne M. Moyer 
Mrs. Paula H. Nichols 
Mrs. Karen F. Parker 
Mrs. Jean G. Parks 
Mr. J. C. Peiper 
Mrs. Pamela H. Phayre 
Dr. Gene W. Reisinger 
°Ms. Sheila M. Roche 
Mr. Robert C. Shoemaker 
°Mr. Richard S. Siegel 
Mr. Max E. Snavely 
Mrs. Dorinda L. Snyder 
°Mrs. Trina K. Steele 
Mrs. J. Hope Stinson 
°Mrs. Roberta L. Stock 
•Mr. Daniel S. Sweigart 
Mr. Kerry P. Thomson 
Mr. Michael A. Tice 
°Ms. Jean E. Traver 
Mrs. Deborah S. Tuxhorn 
Mr. John J. Wagner 
Mrs. Terry D. Walter 
°Mr. Dennis J. Weidman 
°Mrs. Deborah C. Williams 
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Williams 
Ms. Selene A. Wilson 
Mrs. Susan S. Witman 
°Mr. Richard D. Wong 

CLASS OF 1978 

Annual Fund $5,790.00 
Endowment $300.00 
Mr. Brian S. Allebach 
Ms. Sally LAllebach 
°Mr. James M. Barbarich 
*Mr. Jeffrey A. Bomberger 
Mrs. Susan L. Bossard 
°Rev. Connie R. Burkholder 
#Mr. Scott V. Carney 
#Mrs. Susan E. Carney 
Ms. Anne G. Constein 
°Mrs. Carol G. Cunningham 
Mrs. Laura S. DeBiasse 
*Mrs. Amy H. Dellinger 
°Mrs. Nhung Hong Fidler 


" Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

Mr. David E. Fisher 
Mrs. Lou Ann Fisher 
Mr. Stephen N. Fleming 
°Mrs. BrendaJ. Geist 
°Mrs. Cindy Gingrich-Baker 
* Mr. Jeffrey E. Gleim 
Mr. Joseph E. Graff 
°Mr.MarkA. Hebda 
Mr. Michael L. Helman 
#Mrs. M. Louise Hess 
Mrs. Carol H. Knapp 
Mr. Alan L. Kull 
°Mr. Russell P. Labe 
Mr. Scott A. Lebo 
Mr. Duane R. Luckenbill 
Ms. Mary C. McGinnis 
#Mrs. Kim M. McKeon 
Mrs. Colleen R. Meier 
Mr. Dennis A. Miller 
Mrs. Anne T. Neely 
Mrs. Deborah L. Papavizas 
Rev. S. Ronald Parks 
Mrs. Eve R. Pellecchia 
Mr. Wayne Perry 
Mrs. Nancy G. Price 
Mr. Jeffery L. Rezin 
Mrs. Kathleen S. Risser 
Mr. Terry L. Ristenbatt 
Mr. William L. Routson 
Mrs. Ruth S. Ruch 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Sanders 
Mrs. Edith R. Shillitoe 
Mr. Evan T. Shourds 
Dr. Kay L. Shuttleworth 
Mrs. Cheryl B. Slavik 
#Dr. John S. Snoke 
°Mr. Wesley K. Tervo, Jr. 
Mrs. Joan B. Warner 
Mrs. Pamela E. Weigley 
Mr. Robert A. Wisniewski 
Mrs. Susan M. Wisniewski 
Ms. Meredith L. Young 
°Rev. Esther R. Ziegler 

CLASS OF 1979 

Annual Fund $7,722.00 
Endowment $275.00 
°Mrs. Tracy E. Allgier-Baker 
#Rev. Michael A. Baal 
Mrs. Donna C. Bacon , 
°Mr. Paul B. Baker 
Mr. Robert P. Baker 
°Mr. David C. Ballaban 
Ms. Mary G. Barton 
Mr. Ricky A. Benfer 
°Mrs. Barbara J. Bohn 
*Dr. Elaine T. Bomberger 
Mr. David J. Bomgardner 
Rev. Truman T. Brooks 
#Mr. William J, Brown Jr. 
°Mr. Barry D. Buckingham 
Mr. Malcolm D. Coe 
#Mr. John D. Coffin 
#Mrs. Nancy M. Coffin 
°Mrs. Minh-Phuong T. Dang 
°Dr. Tuan A. Dang 
°Dr. Barbara J. Denison 
°Mrs. Lisa H. Dew 
°Mrs. Abby S. Donnelly 
Dr. Todd E. Elgin 
Ms. Cynthia K. Fabian 
Mr. Lester E. Fawber 
Mrs. Anne E. Gabel 
Miss Pamela A. Goodwin 
Mrs. Cynthia S. Graff 
°Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

The English 

Dr. Perry Troutman, chair 
of religious studies, headed 
an effort that raised some 

$15,000 to commission a 
stained-glass window for 
the 900-year-old cathedral 
in Durham, England, 
Troutman's group, Ameri- 
can Friends of Durham Ca- 
thedral, has members from 
across the country, 
Troutman, his wife, Vivian, 
and a number of the 
Friends went to Durham 
for the dedication of the 
new window — an event 
that generated news cover- 
age by both the American 
and British press. 

#Mrs. Beth H. Graves 
Mr. David W. Hagerich 
°Mrs. Nina L. Hansen 
°Mrs. Mary G. Harvey 
Mrs. Julia A. Heneks 
Mrs. Deborah M. Jenks 
Mr. Robert A. Johnson 
Mrs. Janet S. Knipe 
Mr. Keith O. Kurtz 
#Ms. Sharon K. Lawton 
Mrs. Jane W. Lim 
Mr. Robert A. Long 
Mr. Robert W. Longenecker 
Ms. Helen I. Meissner 
Mr. H. C, Mikesell 
Mr. Brian R. Miller 
Mr. Jeffrey S. Miller 
*Mr. Robert J. Mrazik 
Mrs. Beverly H. Munz 
Mr. Karl D. Neiswender 
Mr. Donald B. Newcomer, Jr. 
Miss Diane L. Pikos 
Mrs. Susan L. Quintanar 
Mrs. Melinda M. Rentz 
Mrs. Suzanne C. Riehl 
Dr. David T. Rossi 
°Mr. Gregory P. Schmidt 
°Mrs. Susan R. Schmkt 
#Mrs. Lesley O. Schoch 
Mr. Franklin G. Shawver 
Mr. Howard L. Snyder 
Mrs. Kathleen W. Snyder 4 
Mr. Harry G. Spector 
°Mrs. Joan H. Squires 
°Mrs. Jane S. Stachow 
°Mr. Robert P. Stachow 
°Dr. Cheryl A. Stoddart 
Mr. John M. Sultzbaugh 
°Mr. David W. Swartz 
Mr. James E. Uhrich 
Mrs. Jeaninne A. Wagner 
Mrs. Doreen D. Weaber 
Mrs. Clara K. Welch 
Mr. Kirk M. Wise 
Mr. Ivan M. Wittel, III 
Mr. Paul D. Wummer 
Mrs. Virginia L. Zellers 

CLASS OF 1980 

Annual Fund $7,940.00 
Endowment $120.00 
#Mrs. Jennifer C. Arthur 
Ms. Sandra E. Ban- 
Mrs. Julie A. Benfer 
*Mrs. June C. Beyer 
*Mr. Michael S. Beyer 
Mr. John D. Boagjr. 
°Mr. Jeffrey L. Bohn 
°Mr. Michael B. Buterbaugh 
Mr. Alan D. Byar 
Mrs. Ann A. Byar 
Mrs. Dawn P. Catanzaro 
°Mr. John S. Champlin 
Miss Dolores H. Cipar 
Mrs. Beth L. Clarkson 
Mrs. Larene P. DeVine 
°Rev. Joel L. Deaner 
Ms. Jean L. Eberly 
Mrs. Kate G. Felix 
Dr. Dana S. Felty 
°Mrs. Susan S. Fitzpatrick 
Mrs. Linda G. Flynn 
Mr. Edward T. Fritz 
°Mrs. Nancy K. Frye 
#Mr. Walter F. Fullam 
°Mr. Gary S. Furman 
Mr. Michael J. Gamier 
Mr. David C. Gorman 
Mrs. Cynthia C. Green 
#Mrs. Holly H. Hall 
#Mr. Matthew M. Hall 
Mrs. Christine Y. Herndon 
Mrs. Beth A. Hertz 
Mr. Thomas V. Hoffman 
Dr. Gregory L. Ilioff 
Ms. Sandra E. Jensen 
°Mrs. Alison Jordan 
°Mr. Jack D.Jordan 
Mrs. Catherine W. Kaylor 
Mrs. Desra C. Keenan 
Mr. Tim R. Kessler 
Mr. John W. Krieg 
Mrs. Kristie A. Kroll 
Mr. David C. Lazorcik 
Mrs. Rebecca S. Lundgren 
Mrs. Natalie G. Lyter 
°Ms. Kathleen E. Maniscalco 

°Charles R. Mershon, M.D. 
°Mrs. Sarah S. Mershon 
Mrs. Dorothy B. Meyer 
°Mr. Richard T. Motley 
*Mrs. Susan S. Mrazik 
°Mrs. Karen L. Nester 
Mrs. Dorothy L. Newcomer 
°Mrs. Deborah E. Pelachick 
°Mr. Alfred LPerelli, Jr. 
°Mrs. Christina M. Phan 
°Mr. Dang A. Phan 
Mr. Jimmie L. Pogue 
Mrs. Dorothy J. Poppe 
Ms. Marsha V. Poust 
Mrs. Linda Z. Powell 
Mr. William T. Reinecke 
Mr. Andrew L. Risser 
Mrs. Jeanette B. Schroeder 
Dr. Barry S. Selinsky 
Mrs. Laura N. Selinsky 
Mr. Robert L. Shupp 
#Mrs. Brenda B. Silk 
Mr. Timothy P. Smith 
Mrs. Lori G. Sneckenburg 
Dr. Scott D. Snyder 
Mrs. Shelby T. Stauffer 
Mrs. Janet H. Tenser 
°Mrs. Cynthia K. Todoroff 
°Dr. David S. Todoroff 
Mr. Steven L. Uhlrich 
°Dr. Gary K. Whiting 
Dr. Albert R. Zavatsky 

CLASS OF 1981 

Annual Fund $7,955.00 

Endowment $145.00 

Mrs. Barbara C. Bair 

Mrs. Linda A. Bolasky 

°Mrs. Brigitte H. Boltz 

Ms. Jennifer L Bowen 

Mr. I. Lee Brown 

°Mr. Richard W. Burke, Jr. 

°Mrs. Carla S. Buterbaugh 

Mr. William F. Casey 

Mrs. Kathleen M. Cerullo-Frick, R.N. 

Mrs. Amy P. Christopher 

°Mr. Brian R. Claeys 

°Mrs. Julie K. Claeys 

Mr. Blake R. Davis 

Mrs. Nancy W. Davis 

Mrs. Karie K. DeStefano 

Mr. Kenneth E. Dearstyne, Jr., CMA 

°Dr. Richard E. Denison, Jr. 

Dr. Carla P. Desilets 

°Dr. Brent R. Dohner 

°Mr. George J. Dougherty 

Mrs. Pamela S. Fischer 

°Mr. Louis J. Fitzpatrick, III 

Mr. Timothy E. Flatley 

°Mr. Richard E. Fritsch 

#Mrs. Deborah R. Fullam 

Mrs. Michele P. Garrett 

Mrs. Alyssa D. Gould 

°Mrs. Michele L. Graffis 

Ms. Susan A. Gunn 

Mrs. Rebecca N. Haegele 

*Mr. Richard E. Harper 

Mr. Thomas A. Harper 

Mr. Ray O. Herndon 

Mrs. Krista M. Hontz 

Mrs. Kathleen K. Kalathas 

Mr. Nicholas T. Kalathas 

Mrs. Susan B. Kercher 

#Mr. David H. Killick 

°Dr. Daniel W. Koon 

Mrs. Sharon P. Luyben 

Ms. Janine R. Maletsky 


#Dr. Rodger C. Martin 

Dynamic Duo 


Mr. Robert K. Krasley 

Mr. James R. McElhenney 
Mrs. Andrea J. Megger 

Lebanon Valley College 


°Mrs. Kay E. Kufera 

Mrs. Catherine L. Luebbert 

Ms. Jane L. Meyer 
Mr. Steven R. Miller 

had the distinction of hav- 

J— r 

Mrs. Leslie E. MacPherson 
Mrs. Michele G. Malone 

Ms. Cynthia J. Mohn 

ing two of its alumni 
elected to the top jobs in 

Mrs. Deborah C. Markelwith 

Mrs. Christine L. Olinger 
Mr. Craig C. Olinger 


Mr. Wayne Martin 
Mrs. Diane K. Miller 

*Mrs. Carol M. Omdorf 
*Dr. Thomas P. Omdorf 

prestigious professional 


Mr. Joseph J. Morrison, Jr. 

°Mr.J.D. Murphy 

Ms. Regina A. Parkison 

associations, Dn Ned 

°Dr. Deborah D. Nelson 

Miss Lynn J. Pennell 
Dr. Kathleen M. Picciano 

Heindel '59 (right), who is 

Wf v 

°Mr. Stephen M. Nelson 
°Ms. Cynthia L. Nolt 

°Mr. Paul J. Pitcher 
Miss Mabel R. Sadler 

chair of the chemistry 

/ *** H 

Mrs. Rhonda B. Ochs 
Dr. Ann B. Orth 

Rev. Charles W. Salisbury 

department at Lehigh Uni- 

Mrs. Jill C. Palanzo 

Mrs. Stephanie S. Salisbury 
°Mrs. Tracy S. Sexton 

versity, became president 

for the computer science 

Mr. Bruce E. Peterson 
Mrs. Dorothy G. Plank 

Dr. Chris E. Shoop 
Mrs. Sharon D. Shoop 

of the American Chemical 

doctoral program at 

Mr. Clifford E. Plummer 
Mrs. Deanna M. Quay 
Ms. Karen A. Reider 

Mr. John P. Shott 

Society. Dr. Donald 

Dartmouth College, was 
voted president of the 

Ms. DarleneJ. Sitler 
Mr. David M. Stauffer 

Kreider '53, a professor 

Mrs. Nancy S. Rohrer 
Ms. Kathryn S. Rolston 

°Dr. Kirth W. Steele 
Mr. Bernard F. Stellar 

of mathematics and com- 

Mathematical Association 

Mrs. Nancy C. Scheid 
Mr. David G. Twamley 

°Mr. James G. Stoltzfus 

puter science and co-chair 

of America, 

Dr. Anne M. Vassallo-Showers 

°Mrs. Karen V. Stoltzfus 
°Mrs. Jill S. Swanson 

Mrs. Michele G. Verratti 
°Mr. Jeffrey W.Wieboldt 

Mr. Harry S. Weber 

Mr. Thomas P. McArdle 

Mrs. Nancy M. Pantano 

Mr. Richard C. Willis 

Ms. Barbara H. Weidman 

#Mrs. Claire M. Miller 

Mrs. Loree D. Pogue 

Mr. Stephen L. Wysocki 

Mrs. Carol W. Zellner 

#Mr. John E. Miller 

°Mr. Frank S. Rhodes 

Ms. Lori M. Yanci 

Mr. Gary R. Zellner 

*Ms.Debbie K. Morgan 

°Mrs. Kay K. Rhodes 

Mrs. Linda G. Zinkand 

Miss Karen J. Neiswender 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Riehl 

CLASS OF 1985 

°Dr. Evelyn H. Pickering 

Mr. Keith T. Roden 

Annual Fund $1,516.00 

CLASS OF 1982 

Mrs. Carol N. Potts 

Mr. Paul E. Salisbury 

Mr. James R. Angerole 

Annual Fund $4,725.60 

Rev. Lawrence H. Potts 

Mrs. Suzanne S. Schaeffer 

Mrs. Amy E. Amdt 

Endowment $1,683.14 

°Ms. Elaine M. Rydberg 

Mr. Bradley A. Shatinsky 

Mrs. Susan L. Baily 

Capital $2,513.28 

Mrs. Victoria S. Salisbury 

•Mr. Brian C. Trust 

Mrs. Claudette G. Beamesderfer 

Ms. Denise L. Achey 

Mr. James C. Sbarro 

Mrs. Christine D. Valone 

Mr. Donald G. Beaver 

Rev. Sara L.M. Aker 

°Mr. Thomas F. Shott 

Mr. Kevin J. Varano 

Mr. Gregory P. Buck 

Mr. Michael D. Armpriester 

#Mr. Steven W.St. John 

Mr. Christopher J. Wachter 

Dr. Wendy S. Carter 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ayers 

Mrs. Andrea C. Stark 

Mr. Gregory A. Weaber 

Mrs. Carol A. Cope 

Mrs. Karen F. Ayres 

Mr. Glenn A. Steinmuller 

Mrs. Catherine C. Weber 

°Mr. Todd S. Dellinger 

Miss Diane S. Baltaeff 

°Dr. Barbara J. Strock 

Dr. Steven T. Weber 

°Mr. John P. Donnachie 

Mrs. Polly K. Bamdollar 

Mrs. Linda D. Swavely 

Mrs. Sharon F. Wilson 

Mr. Jonathan P. Frye 

Mrs. Linda T. Behler 

#Mr. William E. Toner 

Ms. Elaine R. Woodworth 

Mr. Donald E. Haines 

Mr. Charles F. Beime 

Mr. James M. Welkie 

°Mr. Thomas L. Zimmerman 

Mr. Charles E. Harbach 

Mrs. Marguerite W. Bock 

°Mr. Robert J. Whalen 

Rev. James H. Hollister 

°Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

Rev. Timothy J. Wolf 

CLASS OF 1984 

Mrs. Sondra W. Hollister 

°Mr. James W. Brady 

Annual Fund $2,720.00 

Mrs. Ann J. Jones 

Ms. Roseann M. Brooks 

CLASS OF 1983 

Endowment $50.00 

Mrs. Christine D. Krulan 

°Dr. Tracy Daniel Burke 

Annual Fund $4,832.00 

Mrs. Sue B. Angelo 

Mr. Joseph A. Lamberto 

Ms. Colleen A. Crammer 

Miss Audrey L. Birkland 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Barnhart 

Mrs. Carole E. Light 

Mrs. Krishna G. Danz 

Mr. Tad A. Brown 

Mrs. Kathleen A. Basehore 

Mrs. Tamara M. Lundstrom 

Mrs. Janet J. Dearstyne 

Mr. Thomas S. Brumbaugh 

Mrs. Diane M. Beckstead 

Mrs. Rhonda R. Madigan 

Mrs. Tracy L. Devenyi 

°Mr. William N. Campbell 

Dr. David N. Blauch 

Mrs. Mary S. Mamet 

°Mr. Charles S. Eddins 

°Ms. Susan L. Davison 

Mrs. Carol D. Brame 

Mrs. Susan J. Maurer 

Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 

Mrs. Susanne H. Dombrowski 

°Mr. Brian L. Cain 

°Mrs. Barbara D. Osenkarski 

Mr. Charles J. Fischer 

Capt. Peter A. Donnelly 

Mrs. Patricia M. Carmody 

°Mrs. Maryann M. Palanzo 

Mrs. Mary M. Frew 

°Dr. Debra S. Egolf 

Mr. Richard A. Carpenter 

Mrs. Nancy A. Plummer 

Rev. Carolyn W. Gillette 

#Ms. Vivian J. Elliott 

Dr. David K. Carter 

°Mr. Joseph R. Rotunda 

*Mrs. Karen M. Gluntz 

°Ms. Linda J. Evans 

Mr. Spencer G. Coover 

°Mrs. Terri R. Rotunda 

#Dr. Michael F. Gross 

Mr. Garry M. Freysinger 

Ms. Martha J. Feaser 

Ms. Jo Ann R. Scheu 

Ms. Darlene M. Hein 

Mr. David J. Hall 

Mrs. Carol J. Fleming 

Ms. Allison Schiller 

Ms. Judith A. Herlich 

#Mrs. Carolyn K. Hearsey 

Mrs. Pamela K. Freysinger 

Mr. Jon L. Spotts 

Mrs. Kim V.Hill 

°Ms. Diane L. Heinz 

°Mrs. Holly J. Gainof 

Mr. Timothy J. Swartz 

°Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

°Ms. Rachel E. Kline 

#Ms. Cheryl D. Green 

Mrs. Kathleen Y. Thach 

Dr. Robert P. Hogan 

Mr. Eric J. Koper 

Ms. Robin L. Hammell 

Mr. Thomas N. Tice 

°Mrs. Kimberly H. Hughes 

Mr. Joseph F. Krolczyk 

Ms. Kathleen A. Hampford 

Mrs. Martha M. Varano 

°Mr. Scott E. Hughes 

Mrs. Kathryn L. Kuhn 

°Mr.JohnP. Herr, II 

Mr. Nicholas F. Verratti 

°Mr. Kevin J. Kaden 

°Mr. Thomas M. Lantz 

Mr. Michael D. Hogan 

°Mr. Leonard E. Whitford, Jr. 

Mrs. Margaret E. Kramer 

Mrs. Marilyn L. Lennox 

Rev. Linda A.'Hostetter 

Mrs. Barbara N. Witmer 

Mr. David A. Light 

Ms. Deborah M. Lucas 

°Mr. Robert D. Houseal 

Dr. Mark R. Witmer 

Dr. William M. LoEfredo 

Mr. Nick E. Magrowski 

Ms. Miriam D. Hudecheck 

Mrs. Karen T. Mailen 

Mr. Gregory B. Monteith 

Mrs. Diane S. Kamp 

CLASS OF 1986 

Mr. Scott A. Mailen 

*Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

Ms. Cheryl M. Kaufman 

Annual Fund $3,145.00 

Mr. Edward C. Malesic 

Mrs. Bonnie D. Orlowski 

°Mrs. Debra L. Kinney 

Endowment $75.00 


N Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

°Ms. Ruth E. Andersen 

Dr. Laura E. Pence 

°Mr. Rodney H. Gingrich 

Mr. Bradley G. Spitler 

Mrs. Jennifer A. Atkinson 

°Ms. Ingrid B. Peterson 

Ms. Marjorie A. Haak 

Ms. Michelle A. Sullivan 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Beatty 

Mrs. Sharon J. Porter 

Mr. Patrick M. Haley 

Mrs. Beverly A. Swiadas 

Mr. Donald E. Beck 

#Mr. William P. Rhodes 

Mr. R. Jason Hen- 

Ms. Mechelle L. Thomas 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Boland 

Mr. F. Scott Ro'cco, ASA, MAAA 

Mrs. Lori A. Heverly 

Mr. Stephen W. Trapnell 

Mr. James A. Bryant 

Dr. Marguerite M. Salam 

Ms. Laura K. Laudermilch 

Mrs. Lisa D. Weidemoyer 

•Ms. Carol J. Davison 

Ms. Debra L. Segal 

Ms. Theresa D. Leach 

Ms. Ann M. Wentzel 

Ms. Barbara J. DeMoreland 

Ms. Bonnie J. Shermer 

°Mr. Robert C. Loughney 

Ms. Stefanie L. Wilds 

°Mr. David J. Ferruzza 

Mr. John A. Shutter 

°Mr. Gregory R. Lovell 

Mr. Edward F. Wirth 

Mr. James F. Fiorentino 

Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 

Mr. C. T. Metzler 

Ms. Carol L. Flexer 

Mrs. Margaret M. Timmons 

Mrs. Robyn S. Miner 

CLASS OF 1991 

Ms. Julia M. Gallo-Torres 

Mrs. Krista B. Torpey 

Mr. Michael R. Ney 

Annual Fund $805.00 

Mrs. Martha Gelgot 

Mrs. Karen K. Townsend 

°Mr. Douglas L. Nyce 

Mrs. Joanne S. Bakel 

Ms. Elaine A. Gryboski 

°Mrs. Linda L Ulmer 

Ms. Patricia L. Pontari 

Mrs. Joanne N. Berlin 

Dr. Kent D. Henry 

Ms. Farrah L. Walker 

Mrs. Jill R. Rafferty 

Ms. Danielle M. Campbell 

Mr. Bret C. Hershey 

Mr. Thomas E. Weaber 

Ms. Regina E. Santus 

Ms. Ann M. Deitrich 

Mr. Richard P. Hoffman 

#Mr. Steven H. Witmer 

°Miss Tracy S. Shank 

Mr. Joseph Drozynski 

Mr. Geoffrey F. Howson 

Ms. Kathy L. Sheaffer 

Mrs. Linda J. Eiceman 

Ms. Sharon M. Jackson 

CLASS OF 1988 

Ms. Christine M. Smeltz 

Mr. Christian C. Foust 

°Mrs. Cynthia M. Kercher 

Annual Fund $2,405.00 

Mr. Jeffrey T. Snook 

Ms. Rachel S. Grella 

°Ms. Julie A. Kissinger 

Mrs. Melissa H. Bittinger 

Ms. Mary D. Townsley 

Ms. Kathryn Y. Guindon 

°Mr. Eric J. Kratzer 

Mr. Richard V. Bittinger 

Ms. Beth A. Trout 

Mr. Christopher R. Hills 

Dr. Kathleen D. MacLeod 

°Mr. Thomas A. Bowman, Jr. 

°Mr. Paul A. VanHouten, Jr. 

Mr. William H. Hoffman 

Mr. Michael M. May 

°Mr. Samuel H. Brandt 

Mr. Donald E. Wyand 

Mr. Eric M. Howson 

°Mrs. Valerie H. McElhenny 

Mr. Theodore D. Brosius 

°Ms. Gail L. Zerbe 

Mrs. Wendy C. Howson 

Ms. Johnna-Claire Metz 

°Mrs. Diane J. Brown 

Mr. David A. Kim 

Ms. Lisa A. Miele 

Mr. Vincent J. Bulik 

CLASS OF 1990 

Ms. Tammy L. Knerr 

Ms. Maria T. Montesano 

Ms. Rebecca A. Chamberlain 

Annual Fund $1,385.00 

°Ms. Michelle L. Leddy 

Mrs. Deborah A. Paulson 

°Ms. Donna L. Dager 

Mr. Matthew J. Andris 

Mr. Karl D. Liedtka 

#Ms. Theresa A. Rachuba 

Ms. Laurie A. Devine 

Ms. Laura A. Baird 

Ms. Kathy J. Luckenbill 

Mrs. Sara B. Schmehl 

Mr. Edward A. Doe 

Mr. Thomas R. Ball 

Ms. Janet L. Montanaro 

Ms. Victoria E. Secreto 

°Mrs. KristelJ. Engle 

Mr. Scott A. Barlup 

°Mr. Sean P. Phenicie 

Mrs. Susan C. Simonton 

Ms. Deborah L. Fike 

Mrs. Sharon E. Bennett 

Mrs. Maryann L. Puia 

Mrs. Janet L. Simpson 

°Mrs. Amy H. Gollub 

Mr. Neil D. Biser 

Mr. James P. Stock, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary L. Stojic 

Mrs. Barbara M. Greiner 

Ms. Annette K. Boyles 

Mr. David R. Umla 

Mr. Mark N. Sutovich 

Mrs. Marjorie A. Hartman 

Ms. Kristen E. Brandt 

Mr. John D. Wade 

°Ms.JanellB. Trexler 

Mrs. Tracy L. Hoffman 

Mrs. Tamara S. Brubaker 

Mr. Brian D. Wassell 

Ms. Christine E. Vagyoczky 

Mrs. Joanne M. Hunter 

Ms. Tina L. Clymer 

Mrs. Jamie D. Yiengst 

Mrs. Julie E. Valentine 

Ms. JoDee A. Huratiak 

Ms. Angela M. Davis 

Mr. Jay M. Yoder 

Mrs. Leslie H. Webb 

Mrs. Rochelle L. Kniss 

Ms. Camille DeClementi 

°Mrs. Denise M. Whitford 

Ms. TamiJ. Marrone 

Mrs. Elaine M. Dietz 

CLASS OF 1992 

Mr. Scott A. Wien 

Mrs. Lynette B. McCulloch 

Mr. William D. Dietz, Jr. 

Annual Fund $635.02 

Mrs. Jane L. Wolf 

Mrs. Kim L. McDonald 

Mr. James F. Dillman, III 

Mr. Robert D. Ambrose 

Mr. Timothy S. Wolf 

Mrs. Suzanne L. Mitchell 

Mrs. Melissa C. Dillman 

Mr. Timothy R. Bentz 

Mrs. Deborah D. Wysocki 

Mrs. Beth A. Pletz 

Mrs. Luzi A. Ditzler 

Mr. Ralph W. Bieber, II 

Mr. John P. Plummer 

Mr. Brian L. Engle 

°Ms. Lisa Ann M. Braccini 

CLASS OF 1987 

Mrs. Mary G. Plummer 

Mr. J. Stephen Ferruzza 

°Mr. Daniel J. Bruno 

Annual Fund $2,605.00 

Mrs. Kim A. Rismiller 

Mr. Christopher A. K. Frye 

°Ms. Norma J. Gibble 

Endowment $65.00 

Mrs. Lisa Sabatino 

Ms. Joann M. Giannettino 

Ms. Gina Gomes 

Mrs. Kathleen W. Bajor 

Ms. Susan K. Schaner 

Ms. Allison H. Gow 

°Mr. David P. Jenkins, Jr. 

Mr. Glen M. Bootay 

Mrs. Janice D. Schell 

Mr. Matthew S. Guenther 

Mr. Charles W. Johnston 

Mrs. Carol S. Brandt 

Ms. Susan D. Scott 

°Mrs. Helen F. Heidelbaugh 

Mrs. Roberta R. Steinig 

Mr. Andrew R. Brode 

Mr. David J. Sekula 

Mrs. Diane L. Hertzog 

°Mrs. Diane E. Wenger 

Rev. Betsy E. Bruaw 

Mrs. Jeane L. Serrian 

Mr. Rory C. Hertzog 

Mrs. Janet K. Weston 

Mr. William H. Bruaw 

Mr. Lance A. Shaffer 

Mr. Daryl A. Hess 

•Ms. Stephanie M. Butter 

Mrs. Susan F. Shappell 

Mrs. Rachel M. Hills 

CLASS OF 1993 

Mrs. Laura M. Crowley 

°Mr. Walter S. Sheets 

Ms. AmyJ.Himmelberger 

Annual Fund $30.00 

Mr. Gilbert C. Eng 

Ms. Glenda S. Shetter 

Mr. Andrew R. Holbert 

Ms. Jennifer L. Carter 

Mr. William G. Fertenbaugh 

Mr. Edward R. Slagle 

Ms. Laura C. Judd 

Mr. Eric R. Rismiller 

Mrs. Mary Ann Gergits 

°Mr. Peter J. Stegman 

Ms. Susan M. Kazinski 

Ms. Donna M. Girod 
Ms. Penny D. Hamilton 
Mr. Delayne P. Harlowe 

°Ms. Donna C. Summers 
Dr. Susan J. Toland 
Mrs. Karen L. Tropp 

Ms. Jane H. Mark 

Mr. Michael A. McGranaghan 

Mrs. Debra M. Mills 

Trustees /Faculty /Staff 

°Mr. Ronald A. Hartzell 

Mr. Richard W. Umla 

Mr. W.Jay Mills 

Mrs. Lisa B. Helock 

°Ms. Beatrice A. Vagyoczky 

Mr. George M. Partilla 

*Dr. Howard L. Applegate 

°Mr. Gregory J. Hessinger 

°Mrs. Karen L. VanHouten 

Mr. Charles D. Pidich 

*Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mr. John D. Hibshman 

°Mr. Jeffrey S. Waring 

Ms. Karen A. Reilly 

*Mrs. Ellen H. Arnold, CFRE 

Mr. John W. Hintenach 

°Mr. William I. Wright 

Mrs. Susan M. Rilatt 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

Mrs. Ursula A. Howson 

Mr. Jay W. Rinehart 

Mr. Jefferson "C Bamhart, Esq. '3ft 

°Mr. Mark A. lannacone 

CLASS OF 1989 

Mrs. Kerrie A. Rinehart 

•Mrs. Karen D. Best 

Mr. M. Anthony Kapolka, III 

Annual Fund $1,380.00 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Rosser 

°Dr. Philip A. Billings 

#Ms. Karen L. Mackrides 

Endowment $25.00 

Mr. Charles J. Rusconi-Adams 

*Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Martin 

Mr. Michael D. Betz 

Ms. Sheree L. Rybak 

*Mr. William D. Boswell 

Mr. David C. Miller 

°Ms. Susan Bonfanti 

Ms. Pamela B. Schaadt 

°Dr. James H. Broussard 

Mr. Christopher H. Monighan 

Mrs. Wendi J. Donmoyer 

Mr. David J. Schell 

°Mr. D. Eugene Brown 

Mr. Steven F. Nevin 

Mr. Ronald M. Fevola 

Mrs. Melanie A. Sherman 

#Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. 79 

°Mrs. Kim A. O'Neill 

Ms. Kelley A. Gingrich 

Mr. Robert G. Sherman 

°Mr. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 25 

°Dr. Donald E. Byrne, Jr. 
Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 
*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 
♦Mr. Richard F. Charles 
°Mrs. Keeta Kay Cole 70 
Capt. Charles T. Cooper 
*Mr. Donald M. Cooper 
Dr. Salvatore Cullari 
Dr. George D. Curfman '53 
#Dr. Donald B. Dahlberg 
°Dr. Robert S. Davidon 
*Mr. James J. Davison 
°Dr. Michael A. Day 
T°Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 38 
*Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger 75 
°Dr. Barbara J. Denison 79 
#Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 
°Mr. Robert J. Dillane 77 
°Dr. Phylis C. Dryden 
♦Robert F. Early, M.D. '48 
Ms. Nancy L. Eastwood 
#Dr. Scott H. Eggert 
°Dr. CarlY. Ehrhart '40 
°Mr. David C. Evans 
♦Dr. Ross W. Fasick '55 
°Mrs. Elaine Feather 
♦Mr. Eugene C. Fish 
°Mrs. Patricia A. Flannery 
°Mr. Patrick J. Flannery 
•Dr. Arthur L. Ford, Jr. '59 
#Dr. Michael D. Fry 
#Mrs. Deborah R. Fullam '81 
♦Mr. Rufus A. Fulton 
♦Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 
♦Dr. Elizabeth M. GefTen 
°Ms. Shanna P. Gemmill 
♦Dr. Russell L Gingrich, Jr. '47 
♦Mr. Darwin G. Glick '58 
♦Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 
♦Mr. Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 
°Mr. Ronald K. Good 
#Dr. Michael A. Grella 
Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 
♦Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Dr. Thomas E. Hagan 
#Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 
#Mrs. Leonie Lang-Hambourg 
♦Dr. Robert E. Hamilton 
#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 
#Dr. Bryan V. Hearsey 
°Dr. Robert H. Hearson 
°Dr.JohnH. Heffner'68 
°Dr. Paul A. Heise 
♦June Eby Herr 34 
♦Mr. Philip C. Herr 
Mr. Daryl A. Hess '90 
#Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 
#Dr. Paul E. Horn HO 
°Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 
°Mr. Richard A. lskowitz 
°Ms. Ordelia W. Jennings 
#Mrs. Lois G. Johnson 
°Mr. Richard A. Joyce 
•Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman '44 
#Dr. John P. Kearney 
°Dr. Robert M. Kline '50 
°Mr. Thomas A. Lanese 
Mr. Lawrence M. Larthey 72 
°Mrs. Carolyn A. Lauver 
°Mrs. Jean Herbert Levy 
#Mr. George F. Lovell, Jr. 
Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 
•Dr. George R. Marquette '48 
°Mr. G. Daniel Massad 
Dr. Joerg W. Mayer 
♦Dr. William J. McGill 

Our Woman in 

Jennifer Carter v 93 spent 
the spring semester work- 
ing in President Clinton's 
office. The math education 
and political science major 
was one of 20 students 
from throughout the 
nation chosen to partici- 
pate in the Public Service 
Internship Program of the 
Executive Office of the 

•Mr. Daniel B. McKinley 

°Dr. Anna FaberMcVay '48 

°Dr. Mark L. Mecham 

Dr. Mark Mentzer 

Mr. Joseph D. Mixon 

°Dr. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

#Mr. James P. Monos, Jr. 

#Mr. Philip G. Morgan 

#Dr. Susan M. Morrison 

♦Mr. Brian R. Mund 

♦Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

#Dr.John D.Norton 

°Ms. Judy L. Pehrson 

#Dr. Harold S. Peiffer '42 

Mr. Wayne Perry 78 

♦Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

#Dr. Sidney Pollack 

°Mr. Harold H. Quickel 

°Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 

♦Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 

♦Dr. Jacob L Rhodes '43 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Riehl'83 

Mrs. Suzanne C. Riehl 79 

♦Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

#Mr. Robert A. Riley 

*Dr. Robert C. Riley 

°Dr. C. Robert Rose 

♦Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 37 

Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

°Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

#Dr. James W. Scott 

♦Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

•Dr. Daniel L. Shearer '38 

Ms. Lynell R. Shore 

°Hon. John J. Shumaker 

°Mr. Walter L Smith '61 

♦Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

#Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

Mr. Morton Spector 

#Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63 

°Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 

#Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Mr. Thomas M. Strohman 75 

°Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart '63 

♦Mr. John A. Synodinos 

♦Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 

Mrs. Bonnie C. Tenney 

°Mr. Warren K. Thompson 

°Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 

°Dr. C.F. Joseph Tom 

•Mr. Horace W. Tousley 

♦Dr. Mark A. Townsend 


Mr. James E. Uhrich 79 

#Dr. Susan E. Verhoek 

♦Hon. John Walter '53 

♦Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 

°Mrs. Diane E. Wenger '92 

♦Dr. Harlan R. Wengert 

♦Dr. E. D. Williams 

•Dr. J. Dennis Williams 

°Dr. Stephen E. Williams 

♦Mr. Samuel A. Willman '67 

Mrs. Barbara S. Wirth 

#Dr. Allan F. Wolfe 

#Mrs. Juliana M. Wolfe 

#Mr. D. Darrell Woomer 

♦Mr. Harry B. Yost '62 

°Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 

Parents of Students 

°Mr. and Mrs. William G. Altland 

'65, '65 
#Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Berry '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Brown '69 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bullock '62 
°Mr. Edward G. Burke 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Neal Carter '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Chandler '67 
Rev. and Mrs. James D. Corbett '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Crissman 
°Dr. Phylis C. Dryden 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Enterline '65, '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fiscus 
°Mr. and Mrs. William F. Flamisch 
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Geib, Sr. 
#Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Grella 
Mrs. Donna B. Heberlig '67 
°Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hollich, Jr. 

'65, '66 
°Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hornchek 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Kohlhaas '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Kuhn 
Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Layser '50 
°Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Lehman 

'69, '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Lohr 
°Mr. and Mrs. Loreto Mancino 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. McCabe 
#Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Morgan 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Motz, Sr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. James I. Moyer 
#Dr. and Mrs. John H. Moyer, 111 '39 

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Murdaugh 
Mr. and Mrs. Austin D. Murphy 
•Mr. and Mrs. James R. Newcomer 
°Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Plummer, Jr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. William J. Poole 
Rev. and Mrs. John T. Seddon, III 
°Mr. and Mrs. Eugene K. Shaffer 

'69, 70 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Scott Sharnetzka 

'68, 70 
°Rev. and Mrs. M. Thomas Shatto 

'68, '68 
°Mr. and Mrs. David J. Shenk '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Shuler 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Smith 
Mr. Peter A. Stanillajr. '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Stroh '65, '66 
#Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Swales 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tenney 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lynn R. Wenger '92 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Wilbur 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudy F. Yocum 

Parents of Graduates 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Achey 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Allen 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Amlung 
Rev. David H. Andrews '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Angeli 
#Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
♦Ellen H. and Richard B. Arnold 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Arnold 
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Artz 
°Mrs. Elaine B. Auerbach '52 
°Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Aungst 

'38, 37 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Bagent 
#Mrs. Mary F. J. Bailes 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baird 
Mrs. Mildred Baker 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Baker '50 
Mr. Barry W. Batman 
°Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 
•Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Beck '48, '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Beers 
#Dr. and Mrs. C. Ray Bell '28, '29 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Bennett 
°Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Beno 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Benson 
°Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Berger '48 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd D. Berger '38, '37 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Bevan 
Mrs. Mary Helen Bickel '48 
Mrs. Doris C. Biery '48 
#Mr. and Mrs. Victor P. Biever 
Mr. Thomas A. Biltcliff 
°Dr. and Mrs. Tom A. Bither 
#Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Blasingame 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 
°Mr. and Mrs. John D. Boag '51, '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Danny N. Bodine 
Mrs. Doris K. Boehler 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bomgardner '48 
°Ms. Sandra L. Bonser 
°Dr. David N. Bosacco '56 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Bowen 
Mrs. Esther Bowman 
Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 
°Mr. and Mrs. Allen C Boyer '53, '46 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club + Deceased 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Boyer 

Mr. Allen H. Brown '50 

°Rev. and Mrs. William J. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brumbaugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Buck 

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin L. Bupp 

Mrs. Grace J. Caldwell 

Mr. Peter Cali 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Carl 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Carl '49 

*Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter 

#Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 

Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 

°Mr. and Mrs. George Chronister 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Claeys 

#Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Clewell 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. College 

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Connor 

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Cupp 

Ms. Judith C. Curran 

Mr. and Mrs. George Z. Cvijic 

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Cvijic 

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan A. Daubert '49 

#Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Daugherty 

'52, '52 
*Mr. James J. Davison 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew DeBoer 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DePalmer 
°Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. DeWald 
°Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mrs. Marion M. Deaven 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Deitrich 
°tMr. Curvin N. Dellinger 38 
°Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dieter 
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dillman, Jr. 
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory E. Dimick 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Doe 
Mrs. Christina Domey 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Durham 
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Duryea 
♦Robert F. Early, M.D. 48 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Eberly '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 
*Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Engle, Jr. '51 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Eshbach 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ewin 
Mr. and Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 
Mrs. Arlene A. Filer 
Mr. and Mrs. John Filippone 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Fisher 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Fisher '47, '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fleek 
°Dr. David H. Fortna '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fowler 
Mr, and Mrs. Millard C. Freysinger 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Fry 
°Mr. and Mrs. Tilman R. Frye '67, '80 
Mrs. Floyd L Fulk 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Furman 
*Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl Gacono 
°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Garner, Sr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. Ruben C. Gaspar, Sr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. Vernon George 
°Mr. John E. Giachero '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gingrich 
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Glassman 
#Dr. David W. Gockley '42 
°Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Goodwin 


°Mr. Mrs. Robert J. Gottlieb '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S. Gray 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Groman 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guenther 
#Mrs. Lois H. Guise '37 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 
Mr. Dean H. Haine 
Ms. Peggy Haine 
Mr. Richard W. Hall 
*Mr. and Mrs. George C. Halliday 
*Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hamilton 
Mr. and Mrs. Merle C. Harding 
Mr. and Mrs. Max E. Hauck 
°Mrs. A. H. Heisey 
Mr. and Mrs. Girton E. Henry 
Mr. and Mrs. Enos F. Hen* 
*Mr. and Mrs. Philip C Hen- 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hibshman 
*Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Hill 
Mrs. Muriel Himmelberger 
Ms. Betty Himeisen 
°Mr. and Mrs. James I. Hoepfer '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic E. Hoffman 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hogan 
•Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 
Mr. and Mrs. John Hrico 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Huber 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Huey 
°Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie L. Hutton 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Jones 
°Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jordan 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kabana 
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 
Mrs. Pauline R. Kauffman '53 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Keefer 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Keller 
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kerr 
Ms. Bonnie S. Kline 
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kline 
*Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 
Mrs. Grace Kline 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kline 
Ms. Jane Kline 
°Mr. Luke K. Kline 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Klinsky 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Knen 
°Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Koch 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kreichbaum 
°Ms. Christine G. Kreider 34 
Ms. Doris P. Krysiak 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Lambert 
°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lauver 
°Mr. John M. Leidich 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford D. Leitao 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lemkq 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lenhaft 
Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 
Ms. Susana Lenox 
Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Lesher 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lewis '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Lewis Jr. 
°Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Liedtka 
°Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Light 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Light 
Dr. William J. Lloyd '47 
Mr. David M. Long '59 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Loughney 
Mrs. E. T. Lucas 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. Luckenbill 
#Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mackrides 
'54, '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton F. Major 

Ms. Pauline R. Makl 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Malloy 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Manning 

Mr. and Mrs. John Marcinkowski 

Dr. and Mrs. Roland R. Mariani 

°Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Marrone 

Mr. and Mrs. George Martin 

°Mr. and Mrs. Francis Maruska 

°Mr. and Mrs. James J. McClain 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. McGranaghan 

Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McKechnie 

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mehlman 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Meiser 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mentzer 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Messersmith 

#Mr. and Mrs. John W. Metka '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Meyer 

Mr, C Richard Miller 

*Mr. Carl E.Miller '65 

Ms. Sally A. Miller '58 

*Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 

•Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 

°Mr. and Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer, Jr. 

°Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 

Mr. Donald E. Murray '61 

Mr. Ronald J. Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Neideig 

Mr. Fred L. Neiswender '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Nissley 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Noll 

Dr. and Mrs. Ira G. Nolt 

Ms. Laureen H. Nourie 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd P. Nyce 

Mrs. Bertha O'Neill 

Ms. Elizabeth D. Olmsted 

Mr. C. Robert Orndorff 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Paszkowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Pauli 

Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Pellegrini 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Peters 

*Dr. and Mrs Arthur L. Peterson 

°Ms. Louise P. Petro 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Q. Phenicie 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pickering 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Pisano 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Plank 

*Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pope 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pounds 

Mrs. Frances M. Pullman 

°Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

Mr. Robert Reilly 

Mrs. Dawn B. Reinhart '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Reppert 

*Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Richmond 

°Mrs. Loretta H. Risser '57 

°Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Roach 

°Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Rojahn '50 

Mrs. Fern J. Roland 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ross 

#Mrs. Beatrice L. Roth 

•Mrs. Dorothy G. Roudabush 32 

Mrs. Carl B. Ruehr 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman H, Rumfield 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

Rev. and Mrs. Jusuf Salam 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sarisky 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Savoca 

Mr. Joseph F. Scampton 

Ms. Ruth E. Schaadt 

Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Schleicher 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schrack, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Schuler 
Mr. Mrs. Larry D. Schwalm '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvah J. Scott 
Mrs. Rebecca U. Scott '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Scott 
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Scratchley 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Shaak 

'55, '55 
Mr. Gary Shank 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard 1. Shantz 
Ms. Gayle P. Shatzer 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 
Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Shaw 
•Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

38, 36 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Shellenham 
#Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta 

'52, '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sherman 
Mrs. Janet L. Simpson '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Deri W. Sitler 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sladek 
Mrs. Ethel H. Slonaker 38 
Mr. and Mrs. Dick S. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Snavely 
Mr. Chester E. Snedeker '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Snovel 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Snyder 
°Mr. and Mrs. Dane S. Snyder 
Rev. and Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 

'44, '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Spector 
#Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Stanson 

'63, '66 
Mrs. Hannelore W. Starsinic '57 
°Mr.JoeL Stauffer'58 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Stein 
*Mrs. Elaine F. Stepanek '48 
Mr. and Mrs. George Stockburger, IV 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sturgess 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Sullivan 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Supplee, III 
°Rev. and Mrs. John Swavely 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sypher 
Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Tamaki 
#Mr.and Mrs. Edward A. Teitelman '56 
Mr. and Mrs. David Terpstra 
Mr. and Mrs. Soi Thach '85 
°Mrs. Delia H. Thomas '23 
Mr. and Mrs. I. Alan Thompson 
°Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thompson 
°Mr. and Mrs. Wanen K. Thompson 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Tice 
#Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Toews 
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Toneyson 
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Trapnell, Jr. 
°Rev. and Mrs. Martin W. Trostle 

'51, '60 
°Mrs. Constance C. Trostle '60 
°Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Trout 
°Mr. and Mrs. William H. Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tweedie 
°Mrs. Elynore Uhl 
°Mrs. Linda L. Ulmer '87 
Mr. Walter W.Umla 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Valone 
°Mr. and Mrs. George VanDillen 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. VanHorn 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Vera 
*Hon. and Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Wangman 
Mr. and Mrs. Weston B. Wardell 
#Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Weber 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Welsh 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wenger 
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Werner 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 27 

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie G. Wescott '65 
°Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Whiting 
Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 
#Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Wierman 
Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Wilds 
°Mrs. Marion G. Wilhelm '49 
°Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilhelm 

'50, '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Willis 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wilson 
°Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wolfe 
Mr. and Mrs, Robert L. Wolfgang 
•Mr. Robert D. Womer 34 
Mrs. Dorine M. Wood 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Worrilow 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Wysolovski 
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Yerger 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Young 
Mrs. Parker C. Young 
°Mr. Rodney L. Young 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 30 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Zerbe 
°Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Ziegler '57, '58 
°Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 
#Mr. and Mrs. James H. Zimmerman 

'64, '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Zook 
Mrs. Joseph J. Zygmunt 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ackerman 

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Ackley 

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed 

Ms. Janice Albright 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Allwein 


*Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mrs. George H. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Jeffrey Arnold 

*Mrs. Suzanne Arnold 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

*Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bach 

Dr. Daniel L. Backenstose 

Mr. Daniel L. Backenstose, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Newton J. Bair 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Baker 

°Ms. Soon Ballantine 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bare 

°Mr. and Mrs. John K. Bashore 

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Battey 

Mr. Thomas R. Beazley 

♦Mrs. Ethel A. Beittel 

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bej 

°Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bentz 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Bentzel 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bernhard 

°Mr. PeterJ. Berthold 

•Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Best 

*Mr. and Mrs. John Bex 

°Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Billings 

*Ms. KatherineJ. Bishop 

*Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Dr. Madeline E. Blackway 

Mrs. Vema Blair 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Blew 

#Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 

•Mr. Samuel A. Bomgardner 

'*Mr. William D. Boswell 

Mr. and Mrs. George Bow 

Mrs. Shirley A. Bowman 

Mr. Thomas R. Brandt 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Bricker 

Athletic Honors 

Mike Rhoades, a sopho- 
more point guard from 
Mahanoy City, was named 

to the National Association 
of Basketball Coaches 
(NABC) Division III All- 
Middle Atlantic District 
First Team. Rhoades (pic- 
tured with Coach Pat 
Flannery), who also was 
the MAC Southwest 
League and team Most 
Valuable Player, led the 
Flying Dutchmen in six 
categories. He also helped 
the Dutchmen to their first 
MAC playoff win in 20 
years, and their first NCAA 
playoff win in 40 years. 

Mrs. Jean K. Bruiser 

*TMs. Catherine D. Bronson 

°Dr. James H. Broussard 

°Mr. D. Eugene Brown 


Mrs. Jean A. Buckley 

Mr. H. M. Budin 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Burianic 

Ms. Mary E. Burke 

Ms. N. Jeannie Burns 

°Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Byrne, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Calvario 

*Mrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor 

Dr. Voorhis C Cantrell 

Rev. E. L. Carlson 

*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 

Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Charles 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Charles 

°Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Cheung 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Chubb 

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clawson 

°Mrs. Barbara U. Clemens 

*Mr. Edward Cohen 

°Mr. Robert C. Cole 

Capt. Charles T. Cooper 

*Mr. Donald M. Cooper 

°Dr. and Mrs. F. Donald Coopey 

°Dr. and Mrs. Drew Courtney 

*Mr. John L Cousler 

Mr. Jonathan Cox 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion L. Crawley 

Dr. Salvatore Cullari 

#Dr. Donald B. Dahlberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dautrich 

°Dr. Robert S. Davidon 

Mr. Gregory L. Davis 

°Mr. Philip S. Davis 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Davis 

°Dr. Michael A. Day 

°Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dearden 

*Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 

Ms. Shelley A. Derfler 

Mrs. Sarah E. Dettra 

#Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 

°Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C Diller 

°Mr. Frank J. Dixon 

°Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Druckman 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Dugan 

*Mr. Richard T. Early 

Mr. James A. Earnshaw 

Ms. Nancy L. Eastwood 

°Mr. Fletcher Eaton 

Ms. Feme Eberly 

•Mr. and Mrs. James A. Edris 

#Dr. Scott H. Eggert 

Mrs. Sara S. Ehrhart 

#Mr. Seth A. Eisner 

Ms. Kathleen S. Elliott 

Mr. N. D. Erickson 

°Mr. David C. Evans 

°Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 

°Mrs. Elaine Feather 

*Mr. Eugene C. Fish 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Fitzkee 

°Mr. Patrick J. Flannery 

°Mrs. Patricia A. Flannery 

Mr. Greg A. Forbes 

°Dr. John H.Fritz 

#Dr. Michael D. Fry 

*Mr. Rufus A. Fulton 

°Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 

Ms. Nancy Gaity 

Mr. Edwin M. Garver 

*Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

°Ms. Shanna P. Gemmill 

Mr. James E. Gerlach 

°Mrs. May E. Gingrich 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gingrich 

#Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Glosser 

♦Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

°Mr. Ronald K. Good 

°Mr. Dale W. Graffis 

#Mr. Philip W. Graves 

°Ms. Kathleen Gray 

Dr. Gary Grieve-Carlson 

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Gruber 

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin J. Gruber 

Ms. Beatrice M. Guenther 

Ms. Lucy T, Guerrisi 

Ms. Joan S. Haddock 

Dr. Thomas E. Hagan 

Ms. Alice E. Hains 

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D, Hains 

Dr. and Mrs. William Hallahan 

#Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 

#Mrs. Leonie Lang-Hambourg 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hammond 

#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 


#Dr. Bryan V, Hearsey 

°Dr. Robert H. Hearson 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Heeter 

°Dr. Paul A. Heise 

*Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

°Mr. and Mrs. David Helfman 

°Mrs. Bernice L. Herb 

°Mr. Richard M. Herman 

*Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Herr 

#Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Hicks 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Hicks, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle F. Hilton 

Mr. and Mrs. Thai P. Hoang 

Dr. Richard R. Hoffman 

Rev. and Mrs. B. Penrose Hoover 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Horn 

#Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Ms. Patricia Houser 

#Mrs. Katherine S. Howard 

°Mr. Kenneth S. Hull 

Ms. Arlene Huss 

°Hon. William D. Hutchinson 

°Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 

°Mr. Richard A. Iskowitz 

°Ms. Ordelia W. Jennings 

#Mrs. Lois G. Johnson 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Joyce 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Kane 

Ms. Nancy L. Kauffman 

#Dr. and Mrs. John P. Kearney 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Keene 

Dr. and Mrs. James Keiter 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd L. Keller 

Mrs. Jean Kelly 

Mrs. Mary E. Kettering 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kiebort 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Kirby 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Klim 

Mr. David Knapp 

°Mr. Dilwyn J. Knott 

°Mr. Harold J. Kramer 

#Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kreider 

°Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kreider 

°Ms. Wanda S. Kreider 

Mrs. Justine J. Kreifels 

Mrs. Harold A. Krohn 

Mr. Arthur Landis 

°Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lanese 

#Dr. and Mrs. I. S. Lape 

Mr. Max A. Lauffer 

#Mr. Rich Lawton 

*Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr 

Dr. and Mrs. William F. Lenker 

*Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lesher 

*TDr. Victor V. Leske 

Ms. Yvonne C. Lessard 

°Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levy 

Ms. June E. Longenecker 

#Mr. Richard C. Loose 

#Mr. George F. Lovell, Jr. 

Mr. George B. Lukens 

°Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Lyons 

Dr. Richard D. Magee 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Mandes 

Mrs. Mary F. Mare 

Dr. Leon E. Markowicz 

°Mr. G. Daniel Massad 

°Mrs. Thomas May 

Dr. Joerg W. Mayer 

°Mr. Thomas H. McAlpin 

*Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill 

•Mr. Daniel B. McKinley 

°Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert McKlveen 

Mrs. Janet M. McLeod 


* Vickroy Society • Society of 1866 # Charter Club ° Quittapahilla Club t Deceased 

#Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McShane 

#Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Mecham 

°Dr. Mark L. Mecham 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Melusky 

Dr. Mark Mentzer 

Mrs. EloiseJ. Miller 

*Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

#Mrs. Helen L. Miller-Messmer 

°Mrs. Linda L. Missimer 

Mr. Joseph D. Mixon 

°Dr. and Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 

#Mr. James P. Monos, Jr. 

°Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Morris 

#Dr. Susan M. Morrison 

*Mrs. Barbara Gruber Moyer 

*Mr. Brian R. Mund 

*Mr. Richard G. Mund 

°Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 

°Mrs. Joan G. Nagle 

°Mr. Charles S.Nease, Jr. 

Mrs. Elsie B. Neefe 

°Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

Ms. Joan L. Nichols 

°Mrs. Violet W. Nitrauer 

Mrs. Irene E. Noll 

Mr. Lewis Norcott, III 

#Dr. and Mrs. John D. Norton 

Ms. Caroline Nunan 

#Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 

°Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. O'Kane 

Mr. Michael Orlowski 

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Paterniti 

°Mr. Blake Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Patton, Jr. 

°Ms.JudyL Pehrson 

♦Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 

Mr. Dennis J. Pellecchia 

Mr. David Perry 

*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips 

Ms. Linda E. Plummer 

Mr. Steven G. Policastro 

#Dr. Sidney Pollack 

Mrs. Ellen J. Porter 

Dr. and Mrs. George S. Poust, Jr. 

Dr. Jeffrey R. Quay 

°Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

°Dr. Ezra H. Ranck 

°Mrs. Harriet M. Ranck 

*Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

°Mrs. Rhea Reese-Madden 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Resnick 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Rhoads 

♦Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

#Mr. Robert A. Riley 

*Dr. Robert C. Riley 

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Robinson 

Mr. Richard Rocchi 

Mr. Richard S. Rodgers 

Ms. Marian N. Rolles 

°Dr. C. Robert Rose 

Mr. Joel Roth 

°Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Rothermel 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Rowe 

Ms. Lorna B. Rudisill 

♦tWarren C. Rugh 

Mr. Robert W. Rutter 

Mr. George F. Sandel 

Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

*Mrs. Arbelyn W. Sansone 

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sattazah 

°Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schell 

Mrs. Evelyn L. Schott 

#Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Schott 

Ms. Kim Schultz 

Summer Grant 

Dr. Thomas Liu, assistant 
professor of mathematical 
sciences, was awarded 
a grant to spend 1 1 weeks 
this summer doing 
research at Argonne 
National Laboratory in Illi- 
nois. He was studying the 
modeling of electro- 
reactions, and he and two 
Argonne staffers are about 
to publish a paper on their 
finding?. The annual pro- 

gram at Argonne provides 
research opportunities for 
faculty across the country. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Schwart 

#Mrs. Carolyn B. Scott 

#Dr. James W. Scott 

Mr. David R. Seiverling 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Seiverling 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Seiverling 

*Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sheipline 

Mr. and Mrs. Ron S. Shepler 

Ms. Lynell R. Shore 

°Mrs. Shirley M. Shott 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Shounder 

°Hon. John J. Shumaker 

Ms. Louise Shutter 

Mr. and Mrs. Bret W. Sidler 

°Ms. E. Marie Smith 

Mr. Edgar F. Smith 

#Msgr. Thomas H. Smith 

Mr. Keith L. Smykil 

*Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

Mr. Steven E. Snyder 

Ms. Carolyn C Solera 

*Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Sowers 

Mr. and Mrs. William Spahr 

Ms. Irma E. Spire 

Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 

°Mr. William D. Stock, Jr. 

°Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 

Mr. Ronald D. Straley 

Dr. Alice J. Strange 

Mr. Richard Strosnider 

*tDr. George G. Struble 

Mrs. Betty Stutzman 

Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Suarez 

#Mr. Robert Sullivan 

#Mr. Richard H. Swope 

*Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

°Mr. and Mrs. Wallace T. Tanksley 

Ms. Jane Taylor 

*Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 

Ms. June G. Teich 

Mr. Soi Thach 

°Mr. and Mrs. George F. Thomas 

Mr. Mark R. Tice 

Mr. Mark H. Tice 

°Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Titus 

°Dr. CF. Joseph Tom 

*Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 

•Mr. Horace W. Tousley 

*Dr. Mark A. Townsend 


*Mr. George W.Veale, IV 

#Dr. Stephen E. Williams 

#Dr. Susan E. Verhoek 

°Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 

°Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wannemacher 

Dr. William H. Warner 

°Mr. and Mrs. Ross W. Watts 

Mr. Gary K. Webb 

*Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 

♦Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wengert 

#Mrs. Shirley A. Wentzel 

Ms. Jean Wertz 

°Ms. Bonnie L. West 

William J. White, M.D. 

Mr. C W. Whitmoyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Whitmoyer 

Dr. and Mrs. H.L. Wiest 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Wiest 

Mr. Michael C. Wildasin 

*Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Williams 

•Dr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Williams 

*Mr. and Mrs. Reuben O. Willman 

Dr. Stephen Winer 

Mrs. Barbara S. Wirth 

*Mr. and Mrs. John L. Witmer 

#Dr. Allan F. Wolfe 

#Mrs. Juliana M. Wolfe 

Mr. Ellis R. Wolfe 

#Mr. D. Darrell Woomer 

Mr. John A. Worhach 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Yocum 

°Ms. Rosemary Yuhas 

Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Zeigler 

Corporations /Foundations 

*Actex Publications 

*ALCOA Foundation 

Allwein's Flooring Center, Inc. 

*AMP Inc. 

Annville Sheet Metal 

APR Supply 

* Arnold Industries, Inc. 

Automotive Service, Inc. 

*Bell of Pennsylvania 

*Berkshire-Taconic Foundation, Inc. 

*John A. Blessing Foundation 

*Boscov's Department Store 

*The Boston Foundation 

H.L Brown Mirror & Glass Service 

* Butler Manufacturing Company 
Century 21 Krall Real Estate 
*Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. 

* Cleaver Brooks Division of AQUA- 

*Corestates Hamilton Bank 
Dauphin Deposit Bank 6ar Trust 
Dellinger Electric 
*Derck & Edson Associates 
Donald Blyler Offset 
*R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co. 
*Dow Chemical Company 
*Ivan C. Dutterer, Inc. 
*Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc. 
Egli, Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, & Schrum 
Engle-Hambright & Davies, Inc. 

* Farmers Trust Bank 

First National Bank of Fredericksburg 
D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Company, Inc. 
D. B. Fisher Tours and Travel Agency, 

Fitzkee's Candies, Inc. 

* Foundation for Independent Colleges, 

Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. 
Gallery 444 

Garrity, Spangler and Seibert 
GE Environmental Services, Inc. 
Giorgio Associates 
*Glick Stanilla and Siegel 
GSH Home Med Care 

* Hallmark Management Services 
Harrisburg News Company 
Hauck Manufacturing Company 
J. C. Hauer's Sons, Inc. 
Henise Tire Service 


*Hershey Foods Corporation 

*Hopper Soliday 6z Company, Inc. 

♦IBM Corporation 

♦Joel Inc. 

"Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. 

*Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline 

Kreamer Funeral Home 
*Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. 
Lauck Brothers 
♦Layser's Flowers, Inc. 

* Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon County Board of Realtors 
♦Lebanon Electric Supply Company 
♦Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
♦Lebanon Valley Cable TV Co. 
♦Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
♦Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lebanon Valley Offset, Inc. 

Carlos R. Leffler, Inc. 
♦Lesher Mack Sales & Service 
♦Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback 

♦Meridian Bank 
♦Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation 
Miller & Bixler Auto Parts, Inc. 
Milton Hershey School 
National Telephone Exchange, Inc. 
♦New Penn Motor Express, Inc. 
♦Northwest Savings Bank 
Ono Transport Services 
♦The William Penn Foundation 
♦Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 
♦Peoples National Bank 
Phillips Office Products, Inc. 
Plain'n Fancy Kitchens, Inc. 
♦Ken Plummer, Jr., Inc. 

NUAL REPORT 1992-93 


*The Presser Foundation 

*The Reidler Foundation 

Rentals Unlimited 

Rohland Funeral Home, Inc. 

Rover's Flowers 

Mary Sachs Trust 

Sheridan Corporation 

*L. B. Smith Educational Foundation, 

Spider & Kilgore 
John H. Steffy, Inc. 
*John Frederick Steinman Foundation 

* Sterling Winthrop, Inc. 
Strickler Insurance 
*T.CR. Packaging, Inc. 
Tender Touch 
Tray-Pak Corporation 
Turkey Hill Minit Markets 
*UG1 Corporation 

* United Methodist Foundation for 

Christian Higher Education, Inc. 
*United Methodist Church, General 

Board of Higher Education and 

*UPS Foundation, Inc. 
♦Walter H. Weaber Sons, Inc. 
WamerLambert Company 
Weis Markets, Inc. 
Wenger's Farm Machinery, Inc. 
*Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
*Wimpey Minerals PA, Inc. 
The Woodrow Wilson National 

*York Container Company 

Matching Gift Corporations 



*Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 

Aid Association for Lutherans 

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. 

* ALCOA Foundation 
Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 
American Cyanamid Company 
American Home Products Company 
American Re-Insurance Company 
American States Insurance 

AMP Incorporated 

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 

ARCO Foundation 

Armstrong World Industries 

Arrow Precision Products 

Arthur Andersen & Co. Foundation 

The Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 

*AT&T Foundation 

Bankers Trust Company 

Bell Atlantic Corporation 

Bell Communications Research 

Bell & Howell Foundation 

*Bell of Pennsylvania 

Bon Ton Foundation 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. 

Burroughs Wellcome Company 

Caterpillar Foundation 

Champion International Company 

♦Chemical Banking Corp. 

Chemspec Products, Inc. 

CIGNA Foundation 

* Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
*CoreStates Financial Corp. 
Coming Glass Works Foundation 
CPC International, Inc. 

*R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
*Dow Chemical Company 
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 
Eli Lilly & Co. Fund 

* Ernst & Young Foundation 

* Exxon Education Foundation 
A. Foster Higgins & Co., Inc. 
Fulton Financial Corporation 

* General Accident Insurance 
GE Foundation 

P. H. Glatfelter Company 

GPU Service Corporation 


Hallmark Cards, Inc. 

* Hamilton Bank Foundation 
Harsco Corporation Fund 
The Hartford Insurance Group 
Hercules Incorporated 
Hershey Bank 

*Hershey Foods Corporation 

Hewlett-Packard Company 

Russell-Eleanor Horn Foundation 

Honeywell Foundation 

IBM Corporation 

1C1 Americas, Inc. 

IDS Financial Services, Inc. 

Ingersoll-Rand Company 

Instrument Specialties Co. 

International Paper Company 

J. M. Huber Corporation 

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance 

*Johnson & Johnson 
*Jostens Foundation 
Life Technologies, Inc. 
Lincoln National Corporation 
Lintas: New York 
Loews Corporation 

Mack Trucks, Inc. 
Martin Marietta Corp. 
McCormick & Company Fund 
McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. 
Mellon Bank N. A. 

* Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc. 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 

* Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Nabisco Brands, Inc. 
Nalco Chemical Company 
New Jersey Bell 
Northwestern Mutual Life 
Organon, Inc. 

*The William Penn Foundation 

* Pennsylvania Power & Light 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc.' 
Phoenix Home Life 

PPG Industries Foundation 
Price Waterhouse Foundation 
Procter & Gamble Fund 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance 

* Prudential Foundation 

* Ralston Purina Company 
Rockwell International Corp. 
Rohm & Haas Company 
Sedgewick James, Inc. 

♦Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
*L. B. Smith Educational Foundation, 

SmithKline Beecham Foundation 
Solvay Animal Health, Inc. 
Southern New England Telephone 
Star Enterprise Matching Gift Program 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
♦Sterling Winthrop, Inc. 
Sun Company, Inc. 

Towers Perrin 

*UGI Corporation 

UJB Financial Corp. 

Upjohn Company 

USF&G Insurance 

Weitz Corporation 

Westvaco Corporation 

The Wheat Foundation 

Wisconsin Power & Light Co., Inc. 

Witco Corporation 

Xerox Corporation 

Churches /Organizations 


Central Pennsylvania Conference 

of the United Methodist Church 

Altoona: Fifty-Eighth Street 

Altoona: Simpson 

Arch Rock 

Berwick: Bower Memorial 

Catawissa: Mt. Zion 

Chambersburg: St. Paul 





Fayette ville: Calvary 


Franklin: Bethel 


Hanover: First 

Holidaysburg: First 




Middletown: Evangelical 


Montoursville: Faith 


Orangeville: Kitchen's 

Paddletown: St. Paul's 

Pine Center 


Roaring Spring: Trinity 

Schum Memorial 

State College: Main Street 

Sunbury: Catawissa Avenue 

Tyrone: Good Shepherd 


Unityville: Salem 


Wesley Chapel 


Williamsport: Grace 

Williamsport: Third Street 


Windsor: Emmanuel 



York: Aldersgate 
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
The United Methodist Church 


Ash Grove 



Lancaster: Covenant 

Millersville: Grace 

Myerstown: Zion 

Philadelphia: Berry-Long Memorial 

Reading: Central Park 

Reading: West Lawn 
West Chester 

First United Methodist Church 
Fulton-Siemers Memorial Church 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Myerstown-Elco Rotary Club 
Rotary Club of Lebanon 
United Methodist Women of Eastern 

Women's Club of Lebanon 
LVC Women's Volleyball 


The Sponsor-A-Scholar program 
was initiated in the spring of 
1993 to help support the 
Achievement Scholarship 
Program and to enhance the 
overall scholarship fund at the 
college. Those donors who make 
recognition level commitments 
to the Sponsor-A-Scholar pro- 
gram receive the name and a 
short biography of an LVC 
student who is a recipient of this 
special support. 

The following individuals are 
Scholar Sponsors for the current 

Vickroy Scholar Sponsors 

Mr. Gordon B. Kemp '46 
Miss Mildred E. Myers 30 
Mrs. Kathryn Moll Chernich '50 

Leadership Scholar Sponsors 

Ms. Carol J. Davison 
Mr. Dick London '65 
Ms. Margaret S. Weimer '40 

Achievement Scholar Sponsors 

Mrs. Jennifer C. Arthur '80 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Cassel 36 

Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler '48 

Ms. Cheryl D. Green '84 

Mrs. Kathy Davidson Ireland 77 

Mr. Howard L. Lake '67 

Ms. Theresa A. Rachuba '86 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R Schott 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Schrope 

Mrs. Adora R. Sholley '55 

Other Contributors 

Mr. Robert D. Ambrose '92 

Dr. Jerald G. Bachman '58 

Mrs. Diane Beckstead '84 

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Bickel 

Mrs. Lavinia B. Biltimier '64 
Mr. Nicholas Bova '52 

t Deceased 


Mr. James S. Bustard '60 

Ms. Susan M. Kazinski '90 


Dr. and Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Mrs. Kathryn Noll Chernich '50 

Mr. Edward K. Kress 39 

Pat Houser 

Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Kuhn 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Arnold 

Richard Iskowitz 

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Davis '63,'65 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegem '49 

Phillip and Beth Bach 

Dr. and Mrs. James Keiter 

Ms. Dorothy B. Dillin '43 

Ms. Yvonne C. Lessard 

Doris and Vernon Bishop 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Klim 

Mr. Anthony G. Ellis '82 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Liedtka 

Richard F. and Pauline C. Charles 

Mrs. George W. Kummer 

Dr. John H.Fritz 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Lohr 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Glick '58, '58 

Mr. and Mrs. William Lehr, Jr. 

Mrs. Amy Hammerstone Gollub '88 

Mr. Robert C. Loughney '89 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levy 

Mr. Douglas S. Graham 79 

Mrs. Ellen J. Lukens '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lesher, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 

Ms. Nina L. Hansen 79 

Mr. Norman G. Lukens '51 

John and Glenda Synodinos 

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Meluskey 

Ms. Athanasia A. Johnson 74 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 71 

Harlan and Nancy Wengert 

Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 

Mrs. Doris L Ketner '50 

Mr. Scott A. Mailen '82 

Jane and Bill Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. James 1. Mover 

Ms. Faye H. Lehman 75 

Mrs. Karen T. Mailen '82 

The Nichols Family 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Lukens, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. McClain 


Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Paterniti 

Miss Emma I. Madciff '27 

Mrs. Mary C. McNelly '19 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Patton, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Seitz Mamet '85 

Mr. Charles R. Miller '47 

Howard L. and Shelby C. Applegate 

Art and Connie Peterson 

Mrs. Phyllis Proctor Martin 76 

Mrs. Robyn S. Miner '89 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 

Rhea Reese-Madden 

Mr. Joseph E. Michael 

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Murdaugh 

David Lynch and Associates 

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Rhoads 

Mr. Richard W. Miller 

Mr. C. Robert Orndorff 

Tom and Ginny Phillips 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Seiverling '42 

Mr. Robert K. Miller 

Ms. Regina A. Parkison '81 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Shott '82 

Ms. Helen L. Miller-Messmer 

Mr. David Perry 


Donald and Rita Shounder 

Mr. Albert H. Morrison '43 

Mr. Wayne Perry 78 

Ingeborg M. Snoke 

Mrs. Anne Zicarelli Neely 78 

Mr. John P. Plummer '88 

A.L. "Jim" Hanford, 111 

Alyce and Morton Spector 

Mrs. Deborah O. Orbock '28 

Mrs. Mary G. Plummer '88 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 

David '69 and Sue Stanilla 

Mrs. Greta Heiland Payne 38 

Mr. Jimmie L. Pogue '80 

Bonnie and Edwin Tenney 

Mrs. Linda S. Petrecca 73 

Mrs. Loree D. Pogue '83 


Randy and Sarah Tice 

Dr. Roberta G. Reed '67 

Mr. Fred A. Poorman '60 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Willman '67, '68 

Ms. Eileen R. Sabaka '64 

Ms. Marian N. Rolles 

Ms. Soon Ballantine 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Yocum 

Dr. Bonnie L. Seidel-Rogol 73 

Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. 37 

Judith and Joseph Clark '64 

Mrs. Audrey Wahler Smith '65 

Ms. Susan D. Scott '88 

Dr. and Mrs. F. Donald Coopey 


Mrs. Carol J. Smith '54 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Davis 

Mrs. Susan E. Snyder 74 

Mr. Walter S. Sheets '88 

Barbara and Stephen Druckman 

Mrs. George H. Arnold 

Mr. Michael R. Steiner '67 

Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Early, Sr. 

Rick and Ellen Arnold 

Mrs. Claire Adams Stoudt '37 

Mrs. Anne E. Shemeta 

'48, '49 

Dan Backenstose 

Mr. Robert P. Tschop '39 

Mr. Wayne B. Shuler 

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Fava 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bernhard 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans W. Uberseder 

Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

Eugene C. Fish 

Karen Diener Best 


Mrs. M. Rosie Sorrentino '54 

Tilman and Nancy A. Frye '67, '80 

Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Billings 

Mrs. Julie E. Valentine '86 

Mr. Ronald D. Straley 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry N. Funk 

KatherineJ. Bishop 

Dr. David H. Wallace '50 

Mr. John F. Swope '42 

John t and Pat Gerdes 

Marie G. Bongiovanni 

Mr. Brian D. Wayne 71 

Mrs. Martha R. Swope '48 

Hamilton Bank 

Shirley A. Bowman 

Mr. Gregory A. Weaber '83 

Ms. Kathleen M. Tierney 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Hanford 

Jennifer Buckler 

Mrs. Anne W. Whitmire 31 

LVC Women's Volleyball 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Burianic 

Mrs. Martha R. Williams '60 

Mrs. Jacqueline Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Herr 34 

Don and Mary Anne Byrne 

Mrs. Deborah Carl Williams 77 

Col. Roy A. Weidman 39 

John and Carol Kearney 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Clawson 

Mr. William I. Wright '88 

Mr. Michael C. Wildasin 

David F. Lenker '40 

Salvatore Cullari 

Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman '41 

Mr. Anthony S. Winter 76 

Mr. G. Daniel Massad 

Mrs. Mary E. Dellinger 

Mr. D. Darrell Woomer 

Bill and Ellen McGill 

Wesley T. Dellinger 75 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Zook 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Murry 
Steve and Linda O'Kane 

Feme Eberly 
Scott Eggert 

Booster Club 

Diana and Jim Reilly '61 
Thomas C. and Polly A. Reinhart 

Mr. A. E. Emery 
Dave Evans 

Mr. Matthew J. Andris '90 

Friends of the Gallery 

'58, '57 

Mrs. Deborah Freer 71 

Mr. Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. 36 


Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Rothermel 

Christopher A. K. Frye '90 

Mr. James E. Brommer '63 

Mary Louise Sherk 

Jonathan and Leslie Frye 

Mr. Theodore D. Brosius '88 

"Art deals with things forever 
incapable of definition that belong 

Janet and Wally Tanksley 

Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 

Rev. and Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr. H. M. Budin 

Mim Warden '57 

Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, Jr. 
'47, '49 

Ms. Mary E. Burke 

to love, beauty, joy and worship; the 


Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 

Ms. N. Jeannie Bums 

shapes, powers and glory of which 

Leonie Lang-Hambourg 

Mr. David A. Calvario 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Calvario 

are forever building, unbuilding, 
rebuilding in each man's soul, and 

Fred and Thelma Allwein 
Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D 74 and 

Miss Pat Hartranft 
Robert H. Hearson 

Mrs. Gloria F. Carter '62 

David A. Hoffman, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Heeter 

Mr. C. Neal Carter 

in the soul of the whole world." 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Jeffrey Arnold 

Jeanne C. Hey 

Ms. Jennifer L. Carter '93 

— from a medallion in the 

Helen N. and John A. Bamberger, M.D. 

Dr. Richard R. Hoffman 

Mr. Henry T. Chadwick '56 

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building 


Richard A. Joyce 

tMr. Curvin N. Dellinger 38 

Bryan and Jean Battey 

Jean Kelly 

Fitzkee's Candies, Inc. 

Deborah and Thomas Clemens '69 

Mary E. Kettering 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Fry 
GE Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Crawley 
Joan and Tom Dautrich 

Peter and Evelyn Kiebort 
Mrs. Justine Kreifels 


Ms. Nancy Gaity 

Director: $1,000 

Arthur '59 and Mary Ellen Ford 

Mrs. Harold A. Krohn 

Ms. Joann M. Giannettino '90 

Patron: $500 

Ted K. and Carolyn A. Fitzkee 

Mrs. John H. Lynch, Sr. '41 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin '53 

Sponsor: $250 

Walt and Deb Fullam '80, '81 

Daniel McKinley 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Sustainer: $100 

Gallery 444 

Dr. and Mrs. Owen Moe 

Mr. Gregory J. Hessinger '87 

Family: $50 

Dr. and Mrs. William Hallahan 

Philip Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Johnson 

Member: $25 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hamilton 

Mildred E. Myers 30 

Mr. Earl F. Kauffman '49 

Allen and Martha Hicks 

Rev. and Mrs. B. Penrose Hoover 

John Norton 


Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Northrup 

Caroline S. Nunan 

Douglas L. Nyce '89 

Mrs. George S. Poust, Jr. 

Christine Reeves 

Alan Resnick 

Ruth E. Rhodes 

Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

Evelyn L. Schott 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Karen S. Sheipline 

Anne Shroyer Shemeta '5 1 

Mrs. Rosanna B. Slayton '42 

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder '41 

Carole D. Spahr 

Msgr. Thomas H. Smith 

Dr. Joelle Stopkie 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 

Nenita L. Suarez 

June G. Teich 

Marie H. Tousley 

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer 38, 37 

Diane Wenger '92 

Jean L. Wertz 

Anita C. Winer 

Al and Julie Wolfe 

Ellis R. Wolfe 

Gifts In Kind 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 

Mr. Richard B. Arnold 

Mr. John W. Bitner 70 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Charles 

Mr. Jeffrey E.Gleim 78 

Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 

Mrs. Karen M. Gluntz '82 

Mr. Henry H. Grimm 35 

Mr. David F. Lenker '40 

Ken Plummer, Jr., Inc. 

Schott West Pharmaceutical 

Mr. Warren K. Thompson 

Memorial Gifts 


Kathryn S. Rolston 


Jean K. Brinser 


Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Sample '52 


Russell W. Blew 
Alice E. Hains 
Barbara B. Hains 
Dale B. Hains 
Glen D. Hains 
Linda E. Plummer 


Mrs. A.H. Heisey 


Christine Gruber Kreider 34 


Mrs. John C. Messersmith 


Mrs. Edna G. Moser '28 


Frances B. Newcomer 


Ellen H. Arnold 


John A. Schoch 72 


Ellen and Richard Arnold 

Florence E. Barnhart '47 

Dr. Philip A. Billings 

Vera J. Early '49 

Dr. Martin L. and Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
Joan S. Haddock 
Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 
Harlin S. Kinney 39 
Lebanon County Board of Realtors 
June E. Longenecker 
LVC Auxiliary - Annville Branch 
John P. Shott 
Louis A. and Rosie M. Sorrrentino 

*54, '54 
John A. and Glenda J. Synodinos 


Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Sample '52 


Mrs. Betty Stutzman 



Ivan C. Dutterer, Inc. 


Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Zellner '81, '81 


Mrs. Linda Bell Becker '64 
Mrs. Carol Denison Brame '84 
Mr. James W. Davis '63 
Mrs. Sallie Slocum Davis '65 
Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam '81 
Mr. Walter F. Fullam '80 
June Eby Herr 34 
Mr. Gene R. Layser '59 
Mrs. Marilyn Kreider Layser"59 
Ms. Theresa D. Leach '89 
Ms. Mary Maxwell Leisey 70 
Ms. Diane E. Lupia 77 
Mrs. Carol Swalm Moffatt '68 
Mr. H. Lee Mover '62 
Ms. Ingrid B. Peterson '87 
Deacon Richard W. Wentzel '67 
Shirley A. Wentzel 


Betty Criswell Hungerford '54 


'40, '43 
George N. Ackley 
Daniel L. Backenstose 
Edward D. Baker 

Thomas W. Bare 

Jefferson C. and Mary Z. Barnhart 

38, 38 
Emil Bej 

Alma Payne Bobb '67 
George Bow 
Allen C. Boyer '53 
Chester A. Bricker 

D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
C. S. Charles 

Donald B. Chubb 

W. E. Dearden 

Alfred S. Dugan 

James A. and Susan G. Edris 

Kathleen S. Elliott 

Phyllis Thumma '46 and Robert C. 

Christian Gruber 
Harry G. Gruber 36 
IrvinJ. Gruber 
June Eby Herr 34 
Wallace C. Hicks 
Thai P. Hoang 
Esther Wise Hovis '40 
Ariene Huss 
Barry E. Kane 
Eugene W. Kirby 
Christine Gruber Kreider 34 
George W. Lazorjack 
David F. Lenker '40 
Jesse S. Lenker 40 
Theodore D. Mandes 
Michael T. and Imogene S. Morris 
John H. Moyer, M.D. 39 
H. Lee and Barbara Moyer '62 
Mildred E. Myers 30 
Lawrence L. Rowe 
Lorna B. Rudisill 
William C. Sattazahn 
Robert L. Schell 
G. Ariene Shaffer 

Daniel and Jane G. Seiverling '40, '43 
David R. Seiverling 
Jack Seiverling 
Jeffrey D. Seiverling 

E. Marie Smith 
Irma E. Spire 

John and Glenda Synodinos 
Jane Taylor 
Kathryn S. Taylor 
George F. Thomas 
Robert B. Whitmoyer 
H. L. and Susanne Wiest 
Mark W. Wiest 
Eleanor L. Witmeyer '43 


Richard and Ellen Arnold 
Douglas S. Graham 79 
Dr. C. F. Joseph Tom 


Ronald Trout 

Lebanon Valley Education 

The Lebanon Valley Education 
Partnership is a program being 
carried out with the Lebanon 
School District that enourages 
young people to consider 

attending college. The three-part 
program familiarizes students 
with the college environment, 
identifies those qualified to 
pursue a college education and 
provides scholarship funds if 
they should choose Lebanon 
Valley. Each September for the 
past three years, friends of the 
college and representatives from 
local industries have participated 
in a golf outing at the Lebanon 
Country Club. The tournament 
has raised over $120,000 for 
scholarship assistance. The 
honorary chair each year has 
been Lebanon native Sam Bowie, 
center for the Los Angeles 

ALCOA Foundation 

Allwein's Flooring Center 

APR Supply Company 

Automotive Services, Inc. 

Blyler Printing Company 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Century 21 Krall Real Estate 

College Hill Poultry 

Dauphin Deposit Bank 

Mr. Wesley Dellinger 75 

Dellinger Electric 

Mr. Frank J. Dixon 

Mr. Richard T. Early 

Ebersole Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GMC 

Truck, Inc. 
Egli, Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey, Shrum 
Farmers Trust Bank 
Giorgio Associates 
Glick, Stanilla and Siegel 
GSH Home Med Care 
Dr. Murray B. Grosky '57 
Hamilton Bank 
Mr. A.L. Jim Hanford 
Hauck Manufacturing Company 
Henise Tire Service 
Henry Molded Products 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
Hopper Soliday & Company 
Kreamer Funeral Home 
Ladd-Hanford Motors 
Layser's Flowers, Inc. 
Lebanon Chemical Corporation 
Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
Lebanon Valley Cable Television 
Lebanon Valley Engraving, Inc. 
Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Meridian Bank 
Miller &* Bixler Auto Parts 
Dr. I. Samuel Lape 
Mr. Kenneth F. Leedy 
Carlos R. Leffler, Inc. 
Mr. Donald W. Lesher 
Mr. Richard C. Loose 
Meridian Bank 

New Penn Motor Express, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank 
Mr. Stephen M. O'Kane 
Peoples National Bank 
Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 
Rohland Funeral Home, Inc. 
Rover's Flowers, Inc. 
Sheehy Ford Company 


♦ Deceased 

Mr. Richard L. Shenk '66 
Sheridan Corporation 
Mr. Calvin D. Spitler 38 
John H. Steffy, Inc. 
Strickler Insurance Agency 
Mr. John A. Synodinos 
Mr. Curt S. Tomlinson 
Trefsgar & Company, Inc. 
Walter H. Weaber & Sons 
Wengert's Dairy, Inc. 
Jane and Bill Williams 
Wimpey Minerals PA, Inc. 

Scholarships and 
Other Funds 

Through the years, many 
alumni, faculty and other friends 
have established endowed and 
current scholarships to remem- 
ber or honor a special individual. 
These funds provide a perpetual 
memorial that assists students 
now and in future generations. 
The following descriptions are 
abridged. Most of these scholar- 
ships are for students with 
financial need. Full information 
is available from the Financial 
Aid or Advancement offices. 

Actex Publications: To a rising senior 
actuarial science student. 

Alumni Association: To two students 
selected by a committee from the 
executive council of the Alumni 
Association, on recommendation of 
the college administration. 

Elmer R. and Helen H. Andrews 
Memorial: Preference given to those 
preparing for church-related 

Dorothy Jean Bachman: For current 

Ullian Merle Bachman: For current 

Louis Gary Bailey: Awarded to a 
psychology major. 

E M. Bourn: For current tuition. 

Arthur and Emma Beckley: Preference 
given to pre-ministerial students. 

Andrew Bender: To an outstanding 
senior majoring in chemistry. 

Qoyd C and Mary Bender: Preference 
to physics majors. 

Ruth E. Bender: Awarded to a worthy 
music student. 

Elizabeth Bittxnger: Awarded to a young 

Gideon L '12 and Edna Landis Blough: 
To one student in each class, 
preference given to pre-theological 

Mary A. Bixler: For current tuition. 

I, T. Buffington: For current tuition. 

D. Clark and Edna}. '59 Carmean: To 
outstanding freshmen. Renewable 
each year if students continue to 

Carmean Strings: Four scholarships, to 
qualified performers on the violin, 
viola, cello and string bass. 

Datatel Scholars Foundation: For 
current tuition. 

Derickson Fund: Preference to biology 

Dow Chemical Company Foundation: To 
entering freshmen chemistry majors 
whose goals are to continue their 
education through the Ph.D. level. 

Dowland-Martin: To students involved 
in campus, community and/or church 

William E. Duff: For current tuition. 

Cloyd H. Ebersole: To a sophomore or 
junior pursuing teacher certification. 

Estella C Ellenberger: For current 

Samuel F. and Agnes F. Engle: 
Preference given to a member of First 
Methodist Church in Palmyra. 

Esther and Paul Ensminger: To a junior 
for the junior and senior years; 
individual must be active in church or 
campus and off-campus organizations 
with a minimum of 3.0 GPA. 
Preference give to education majors. 

Oscar Fisher Memorial: To help worthy 
students develop musical talents, 
preference given to those who expect 
to serve in Christian churches. 

Thomas G. Fox Memorial: To a junior 
chemistry major. 

Elizabeth M. Gejjen (History): To a 
junior or a senior with at least three 
history courses at Lebanon Valley, 
with a GPA of 3.2 in each and 3.0 
overall, who has contributed 
significantly to the development of the 

Christian C. Gingrich, Almeda G. & 
Harry M. Gruber: To student(s) 
demonstrating ability and character. 

Hazel W. and Martin L Gluntz 
Memorial: To a chemistry major who 
participates in a college athletic 

Gossard, Plitt and Monteith: To a 
student from Annville with financial 
need or to a college athlete. 

Mary E. McCurdy Graham '30 Fund: To 
two high school seniors who plan to 
major in biology (or pre-health or 
forestry), with minimum 1 150 on the 
SATs and in the top 10 percent of 
high school class. 

Margaret Verda Graybill Memorial: To a 
worthy female student, "not necessarily 
noted for brilliant scholarship but a 
thoroughly worthwhile girl." 

Peter Graybill: For current tuition. 

Jacob F. Greasley: For current tuition. 

Grimm-Shirey: To a student with a 
good academic record, involved in 
campus activities and respected by 
students and faculty. 

Hilda Hajer: Preference given to a 
student preparing for the ministry or 
missionary work from the First United 
Methodist Church of Chambersburg. 

Rebecca 5. Harvey: To senior(s) for 
current tuition. 

Alice M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

J. M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

Bertha Foos Heinz: For current tuition. 

Harvey E. Herr Memorial: For current 

June E Herr '34: To student(s) from 
sophomore, junior or senior class 
intending to enter elementary 

Edwin M. Hershey: For current tuition. 

Hollenbaugh Biology Leadership: For 
biology major, Presidential Leadership 

Hollenbaugh Chemistry Leadership: For 
chemistry major, Presidential 
Leadership Award. 

Merie M. Hoover '06: To students from 
Franklin County or foreign countries. 

Dorothy Yeahel Horn 39: To junior 
music major. May be continued for 
senior year. 

Cora Appleton Huber: Based on 
character, personality and intellectual 
ability. Preference given to history/ 
political science/pre-law majors. 

Judge 5. C Huber: Based on character, 
personality and intellectual ability. 
Preference given to history/political 
science/pre-law majors. 

Henry S. Immel: To a worthy young 
man preparing for the United 
Methodist ministry, or one who shall 
devote his life to the betterment of 

Henry J. and Anna S. Kaufman and 
Family: For current tuition. 

Dorothea Killinger: To young women 
from Lebanon County (or the State of 

Rev. and Mrs. J. E. and Rev. A. H. 
Kleffman: For current tuition. 

Aaron Shank Kreider Ministerial: To a 
student who intends to enter the 
United Methodist ministry; preference 
given to the Eastern Pennsylvania 

Professor D. Albert and Mrs. Anna 
Forney Kreider: Priority given to 
physics majors. 

W. E. Kreider: For current tuition. 

Amy Snavely Kreiser: To a senior in 
good academic standing who has a 
high moral character. 

Kreiser-Snavely-Pfeiffer: To a woman 
entering her senior year and majoring 
in chemistry, biology, physics or 

Maud P. Laughlin: To a junior or senior 
majoring in social studies. 

Lebanon Area Personnel Association: To 
junior or senior management major. 

Lebanon Steel Foundry Foundation: To 
student(s) demonstrating ability and 
high character. Priority to manage- 
ment majors. 

Rev. Christian Risser hmgenecker 
Memorial: To junior pre-ministerial 
student. Renewable for the senior year 
if the student qualifies. 

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund 5. Lorenz: For 
current tuition. 

Mrs. Edwin M. Loux (Sivilla Fritz houx): 
For current tuition. 

Cecil B. R. and Parke H. Lutz: To 
students from the Cocalico School 

Dr. George R. Marquette '48: For 
current tuition. 

William J. McGill, Sr.: For current 

F. Clint McKay Memorial: To provide 
aid to Black American students. 

Elizabeth H. Millard Memorial: To a 
pre-ministerial student. 

Margaret S. Millard Memorial: To a 



Harty E Miller: For current tuition. 

Rev. Joseph H. Miller Memorial Sacred 
Music: To students studying organ. 

Leon W. and M. Anna Miller: To pre- 
ministerial students. 

Wade S. and Jennie Shoop Miller: For 
current tuition. 

Bishop J. S. Mills: To a student 
preparing for work in the United 
Methodist Church. 

Germaine B. Monteux Memorial: To a 
music student or other student 
involved with the music department. 
Renewable for up to three years. 

J. Maxwell Moron: For students in need. 

Allan W. Mundjr. Memorial: To a 
junior. May be continued for the 
senior year if the student qualifies. 

Laura ReiderMuth 1892 Memorial: For 
current tuition. 

Neidig Scholarship for Chemistry: To a 
student majoring in chemistry or 
biochemistry. Renewable for up to 
four years. 

Northern Lebanon Scholarship: To a 
student from Northern Lebanon High 
School. Renewable for up to four years. 

Arthur L Peterson Leadership: To the 
student who best exemplifies qualities 
of leadership, scholarship and caring 
concern for others. 

Rev. H. C. Phillips: To students 
preparing for the ministry in the United 
Methodist Church; preference given to 
those from the Philadelphia area. 

J. Allan Ranch Memorial: To a junior 
pre-ministerial student. 

Ruth Detweiler Rettew '1 1 and Donald 
Rettew '45 Memorial: To student(s) 
designated by the chairperson of the 
Department of English and the 
director of Financial Aid. 

Robert C Riley: To an upperclass 
student who has completed 
Accounting 161/162 and Economics 
1 10 and 120 with a "B" or better. 

Emmett C. Roop '03: For current 

Mary Sachs Foundation: To a woman 
management major. 

Stephen Sanko Fund: To a junior pre- 
medical or biology major who is on 
the wrestling team. 

Jan Garber Schoch 12 Memorial: To a 
student who plans to make teaching a 
career. Preference given to a major in 
elementary education. 

Harvey L Seltzer: For current tuition. 

Bishop Paul E. V. Shannon '18: 
Preference to a pre-ministerial student. 

Alvin E Shonk '16: For current tuition. 

Sierra Leone: To assist students from 
Sierra Leone. 

Snavely-Wheeler-Entwisle Scholarship 
Fund: For current tuition with 
preference to students entering 
missionary service. 

Mary Ann Ocker Spital: To assist male 
students whose intention it is to 
pursue religious or altruistic goals. 

Rev. and Mrs. Cawley H. Stine: To a 
student preparing for the Christian 
ministry or missionary service. 

Alfred D. '1 J and Louise Kreider 
Strickler '08: To a pre-medical student. 

C F. Joseph Tom Fund For Economics: 
To promote and attract more students 
into the field of economics. 

Perry A. and Laura B. Tshop Memorial: 
For current tuition. 

Theresa Stefan Umberger '38 and Helene 
Siegrist Umberger '25: To an outstand- 
ing junior or senior with preference to 
students of French, German, 
mathematics or physics. 

Robert L Unger '69 and Elizabeth 
Robinson Unger '72: To a junior on the 
basis of financial need and scholastic 

United Methodist Church-Ministerial 
Scholarship Trusts: To students who are 
members of the United Methodist 

United Methodist Women, Eastern 
Pennsylvania Conference: Awarded on 
the basis of financial need, church 
involvement, academic performance 
and potential. 

Scott A. Wallace Memorial: To a 
returning football player in satisfactory 
academic standing. 

Henry L Wilder '12: To students 
desiring to enter church service. 

Ruben 0. and Barbara P. Willman: To 
student of business, management, 
economics or pre-ministerial studies. 

Henry T. Wilt '26 Memorial: For 
current tuition. 

Jacob C. Winter Memorial: Preference to 
a student from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. 

Edwin H. '1 7 and Jesse 0. '19 Zeigler: To 
a rising junior who is preparing for a 
teaching career. 


Bradford C. Alban '60 Memorial Fund 

American Chemical Society Award: To an 
outstanding senior chemistry major. 

American Institute of Chemists Award: 
To an outstanding senior chemistry 

Baish Memorial History Award: Given 
on basis of merit to a senior majoring 
in history. 

Andrew Bender Memorial Chemistry 
Award: To an outstanding senior 
majoring in chemistry. 

B'nai B'rith Henry Levin Memorial 
Americanism Award: To the member of 
the senior class who best exemplifies 
the philosophies of our American 

Biological Scholarship Award: Annually, 
on basis of merit. 

Alice Evers Burtner Memorial Award: 
Awarded to an outstanding member of 
the junior class. 

Oliver P. Butterwick '12 Philosophy 
Award: For outstanding achievement 
in the study of philosophy. 

Childhood Education Club Award: To a 
student majoring in elementary 
education who has completed one 
semester of student teaching. 

Class of 1964 Award Fund-Quittapahilla: 
To outstanding yearbook staff 

Robert A. Clay Award in Sociology and 
Social Work: To a rising senior 
displaying academic promise in 
sociology or social work, as well as 
service to the community. 

Robert S. Davidon Award for Research in 
Psychology: To a student with the best 
research in psychology. 

Senator James J. Davis Award 

Mary A. Dodge Loan Fund 

Governor James H. Duff Award: To a 
senior who by participation in campus 
government demonstrates facility and 
interest in government service. 

Daniel Eberly Student Loan Fund 

Martha C. Faust Award: To an 
outstanding senior woman. 

Howard Hoy Fawcett Chemistry Book 

Freshman Achievement Award in 

Pierce A. Getz '51 Award for Sacred 
Music: To the outstanding sacred 
music major. 

Glant-Gibson-Glunt Educational Loan 

Barbara June Kettering Award: To a 
music major. 

Florence WolfKnauss '07 and Edward E 
Knauss '07 Memorial Award in Music: 
To an outstanding freshman music 

La Vie CollegLenne Award Fund: To a 
freshman on the staff of the newspaper. 

Max F. Lehman Memorial Mathematics 
Award: To the freshman who has 
attained the highest standing in 

The Esther and Frank Ugan Fund: 
Student loan fund. 

David E. Long '00 and Abram M. Long 
'1 7: To an outstanding student 
preparing for the ministry. 

Jean 0. Love Award for Outstanding 
Achievement in Psychology: To the 
outstanding senior psychology major. 

Mathematics Achievement Award: To a 
sophomore for the best work in 
mathematics throughout the year. 

Medical Scholarship Award 

Elizabeth May Meyer Award: To a 
pianist with high academic standing. 

Harry K. Miller International Student 
Loan Fund: Recipient must be a 
student from a developing country. 

Edith Frantz Mills Award in Music: To 
an outstanding senior music major 
with vocal excellence. 

Deborah Moore 16 Memorial Award in 
Music: To an outstanding junior music 
major whose area is a woodwind 

Robert A. Nichols III '41 Memorial 
Scholarship Award: To an outstanding 

Dr. Agnes Boyle O'Donnell Literature 
Award: To an outstanding English 
major with a deep appreciation for 

Outstanding Achievement in Biblical 
Studies Award 

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science 
Award: To a senior in the Mathemati- 
cal Sciences for exceptional perfor- 

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science 


+ Deceased 

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics 

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public 
Accountants Award: To an outstanding 
senior accounting major. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement 
Award in Economics: For outstanding 
scholarship in economics. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement 
Award in Management: In recognition 
of outstanding scholarship in 
accounting or management. 

Physical Chemistry Award: To a junior 
or senior with the best performance in 
physical chemistry courses. 

Physics Achievement Award 

Pickwell Memorial Music Award: To a 
junior music major with outstanding 
piano ability. 

Pi Gamma Mu Scholarship Award: To 
an outstanding senior member of the 
Pennsylvania Nu Chapter. 

Psychology Department Award for 
Science: To a senior psychology major 
for outstanding contribution to the 

Psychology Department Leadership 

Quittapahilla Audubon Society Award: 
To a biology major with financial need 
and dedication to nature and a healthy 

William Rakow 39 Memorial Award in 
Management: To an outstanding 
upperclass management major. 

G. A. Richie Memorial Ministerial 
Scholarship Award: To a major in 
religion and philosophy. 

M. Qaude Rosenberry Memorial Award: 
To an outstanding senior in music 
education who is entering the teaching 

Reynaldo Rovers Memorial Award: To 
an outstanding voice major in the 
music department. 

Richard B. Salter '83 Memorial Award: 
Formerly the Alpha Psi Omega Award 
for Service to the Dramatic Arts. 

Senior Prize in English 

Conrad M. Siegel Actuarial Examination 
Prize: Awarded semi-annually to the 
student with the highest passing score 
on an exam beyond the first level. 

Sigma Alpha lota Award: To the 
outstanding senior of Delta Alpha 

Sigma Alpha "College Honor" Award: 

Awarded to a member of Delta Alpha 
Chapter on the basis of scholarship, 
musicianship and fraternity. 

Sigma Alpha Iota-Delta Alpha Chapter 
Award: To an outstanding sophomore 
or junior woman majoring in music. 

Sigma Alpha lota Honor Certificate 
Award: To a senior music major with 
the highest scholastic average over the 
four years. 

Robert W. Smith 39 Award in Music: To 
the outstanding male freshman music 

Sophomore Achievement Award in 
Chemistry: To a sophomore in 
recognition of outstanding work in 

Frank Stachow Memorial Award: To the 
outstanding male woodwind player. 

Teutonia Vallis Award: To an 
outstanding senior majoring in 
German or international business with 
a concentration in German. 

Wall Street fournal Award: For 
distinguished work in the Department 
of Management. 

Francis H. Wilson Biology Award: To an 
outstanding senior biology major. 

Merle L Wise '53 Memorial Service 
Award: To a rising senior who has 
demonstrated outstanding leadership. 

Women's Club of Lebanon Award: To a 
full-time student from Lebanon 
County, awarded on the basis of 
financial need, scholarship and 

Book Funds 

Marion Snavely Ellengerger '42 
History Book Fund 

Howard Hoy Fawcett 
Chemistry Book Fund 

Edith Kreiser Probus '46 
Plant Science Book Fund 

Lottie J. Snavely '26 

English and Communications Book Fund 

Planned Giving 
The Honors Society 

The Honors Society of Lebanon 
Valley College was established 
on March 15, 1987, to recognize 
alumni and friends who have 
planned for the future by naming 
the college in their will as a 
beneficiary for $10,000 or more, 
or by purchasing a charitable gift 
annuity, establishing a charitable 
remainder trust or giving real 
estate or insurance policies to the 
college. This group has pledged 
over $5 million for future 
buildings, scholarships and 
endowment to assure the well- 
being of Lebanon Valley College. 

Margaret Fake Anders '50 
Ellen H. Arnold 
Mary Albert Attick '40 
Sylvia Evelev Baker '36 
Ethel A. Beittel 
Louise E. Bishop '36 
Salvadore and Winona Shroff 

Botello '36 
Norman Campbell 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna J. Carmean '59 
Richard F. Charles 
Samuel "Sammy" K. Clark '27 
Mary Blanche Cochran '30 
Betty Rutherford Daiber '41 
Dr. Hilde M. Damus 
Nancy and James J. Davison 
Mary E. Dellinger 
Joseph B. Dietz '60 
Kenneth Cassel Donmoyer '54 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth '33 
Rachel Heindel Fink '24 
Eugene C. Fish 
James T. Frantz, Jr. '33 
Sara Ann Frantz 
Christopher A. K. Frye '90 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Gerard M. Gert '41 
Darwin G. Glick '58 
Elizabeth Speicher Glick '58 
Karen McHenry Gluntz '82 
Dr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 
Alvin R. Grove '36 
Rev. Dr. Thomas W. '39 and Irene 

Robert E. Hamish 
Anna Mary Herr '36 
Alvin S. Hildebrand '49 
Ruth C. A. Keene '39 
Johann L. Klick '45 
Dorotha Eldridge Kline '31 
June Lykens Lantz '57 
Wilbur Franklin Lantz '57 
Malcolm L. Lazin '65 
Cora Graby Limmroth '39 
John A. McKenzie '53 
Mabel Jane Miller '41 
Virginia C. Miller 
Allan and Irma Mund 
Dr. Frederick W. '32 and Helen L. 


Dorothy H. Musser 

Mildred E. Myers '30 

Mrs. E. E. "Hook" Mylin 

Mrs. Harry Newcomer 

Dr. H. Anthony '43 and Helen Neidig 

Grant T. Nicholls '69 

Dr. Sara Elizabeth Piel 

Yvonne L. Raab '45 

George M. Reider, Jr. '63 

Bruce R. and Janet L. Rismiller '59, '59 

Charles W.Salisbury '81 

Victoria L. Salisbury '82 

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Sample '52 

John A. Schoch, Jr. '72 

Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Sheaffer '35 

Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley '55 

TFrances Long Shroyer '28 

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder '41 

Alfred E. Stevens '42 

TDr. George G. Struble 

John A. Synodinos 

TElizabeth L. Taylor 

Evelyn Toser '52 

William Jay VanEtten III '86 

Jeanette Sprecher Walter 

Judge John Walter '53 

Pat Lutz Walter '57 

tMargaret 1. Weaver '35 

Dr. Mervie H. Welty '26 

Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger '44 

Charles W. Wolfe '44 

Suzanne H. Worrilow, M.D. 

Membership in the Honors 
Society shows a farsighted 
commitment to future genera- 
tions of Lebanon Valley College 
students. For details on how to 
become a member, contact Paul 
Brubaker, director of Planned 
Giving, at (717) 867-6324. 


t Catherine D. Bronson 
tMyma R. Greenawalt '62 
tPaul 1. Kleinfelter '32 
tDr. Victor V.Leske 
tMiriam L. Mengel 
t Albert J. Sincavage '35 
tDr. George G. Struble 
TElizabeth L. Taylor 
tMargaret 1. Weaver '35 

ANNUAL REPORT 1992-93 35 

Board of Trustees 

Lebanon Valley College 


Edward H. Arnold, B.S., L.H.D.; 
President, Arnold Industries 

KatherineJ. Bishop, B.A., M.B.A.; 
Vice President and General 
Manager, Lebanon Chemical 

Donald M. Cooper, Chairman, 
President and Chief Executive 
Officer of Hamilton Bank, 
CoreStates Financial Corporation 

Jennifer Bullock '95, 

Student, Lebanon Valley College 

Wesley T. Dellinger, 75 B.S.; 
Prudential Gacono Real Estate 

JohnR. Eby,'57B.S.,M.B.A.; 
President, Eby & Associates, 
Business Consultants 

Ross W. Fasick/55 B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Senior Vice President, 
Du Pont Automotive Products 

Rufus A. Fulton, B.A.; President, 
Fulton Financial Corporation 

Darwin G. Glick, '58 B.S.; Partner, 
Glick, Stanilla and Siegel 

Martin L. Gluntz, '53 B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D.; Vice President, Manufactur- 
ing and Distribution Services, 
Hershey International Ltd. 

Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq., A.B., 
LL.B.; Attorney, Goldberg, 
Katzman and Shipman 

Elaine G. Hackman, '52 B.A.; 
Retired Business Executive 

Lois G.Johnson, B.S., M.Ed.; 
Chairperson, Department of 
English, Delaware Technical and 
Community College 

Gerald D. Kauffman, '44 A.B., 
B.D., D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church 

John D. Norton III, A.B., M.A., 
Ph.D.; Professor of Political 
Science and Chairperson, Political 
Science and Economics Depart- 
ment, Lebanon Valley College 


Thomas C. Reinhart '58 Chairperson 

Edward H. Arnold Vice Chairperson 

John R. Eby '57 Vice Chairperson 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 Vice Chairperson 

Harry B. Yost '62 Secretary 

Deborah R. Fullam'81 Treasurer 

Harlan R. Wengert Assistant Treasurer 

Allan W. Mund Chairperson Emeritus 

F. Allen Rutherford Jr. 37 Chairperson Emeritus 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 Chairperson Emerita 

Kenneth H. Plummer; Retired 
President, E.D. Plummer Sons, Inc. 

Thomas C. Reinhart, '58 B.S.; 
President, T.C.R. Packaging, Inc., 
Albee Campbell, Inc., and People 

John J. Shumaker, B.A., J.D.; 
Member, Pennsylvania State Senate 

Morton Spector; Vice President 
and Treasurer, D & H 
Distributing Company 

E. Peter Strickler, '47 B.S.; 
President, Strickler Insurance 
Agency, Inc. 

John A. Synodinos, B.S., M.S.Ed.; 
President, Lebanon Valley College 

Kathryn Seiverling Taylor, B.A., 
M.A.; Homemaker 

Susan E. Verhoek, B.A., 
M.A.,Ph.D.; Professor of Biology, 
Lebanon Valley College 

John A. Walter, '53 B.S.J.D.; 
President Judge, Lebanon County 
Court of Common Pleas 

Harlan R. Wengert, B.S., M.B.A., 
D.Sci.; Chairman, Wengert 's Dairy 

E.D. Williams Jr., L.H.D.; Private 

J. Dennis Williams, B.A., M.Div., 
D.Min., D.D.; Pastor, United 
Methodist Church 

Samuel A. Willman, '67 B.S., 
M.Com.; President, Delta 
Packaging, Inc. 

Allan F. Wolfe, B.A., MA, Ph.D., 
Professor of Biology, Lebanon 
Valley College 

Harry B.Yost, Esq., '62 B.S., 
LL.B., LL.M.; Attorney, Appel & 


William D. Boswell, Esq., LL.B., 
Ph.D., LL.D.; Attorney, Boswell 
Snyder Tintner & Piccola 

William D. Bryson, LL.D.; Retired 
Executive, Walter W. Moyer 

tCurvin N. Dellinger, '38 B.S.; 
President, J. C. Hauer's Sons,Inc. 

Dewitt M. Essick, 34 A.B., M.S.; 
Retired Executive, Armstrong 
World Industries 

Eugene C. Fish, Esq., B.S., LL.B,, 
J.D.; President, Peerless Industries, 
Inc.; Chairman of the Board, 
Eastern Foundry Company; 
Attorney, Romeika, Fish and 
Scheckter; Senior Partner, Tax 

Thomas W. Guinivan, 39 A.B., 
B.D., D.D.; Retired Pastor, United 
Methodist Church 

Paul E. Horn, '40 A.B., B.D., D.D.; 
Retired Pastor, United Methodist 

Allan W. Mund, LL.D.; Retired 
Chairman, Ellicott Machine 

Harold S. Peiffer, '42 A.B., B.D., 
S.T.M., D.D.; Retired Pastor, 
United Methodist Church 

Jessie A. Pratt, B.S.; Retired 
Administrative Assistant, Legal 
Division, City of Philadelphia 

Ezra H. Ranck, A.B., B.D., D.D.; 
Retired Pastor, United Methodist 

Melvin S. Rife, Retired Executive, 
St. Regis Paper Company 

F. Allen Rutherford, Jr., 37 B.S., 
LL.D.; Retired Principal, Arthur 
Young and Company 

Daniel L. Shearer, 38 A.B., M.S.T., 
S.T.M., D.D.; Retired Pastor, 
United Methodist Church 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger, '44 B.S., 
Ph.D., D.Sci.; Retired Chief of 
Carcinogen Metabolism and 
Toxicology Branch, National 
Cancer Institute 

Charles W. Wolfe, '44 B.A., 
M.Div.; Emeritus Vice President of 
University Relations, Bucknell 


Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq., 38 
A.B.,LL.B.; Attorney, McNees, 
Wallace and Nurick 

Felton E. May, B.A., M.Div., D.D.; 
Resident Bishop of the Harrisburg 
Area, United Methodist Church 

Susan M. Morrison, B.A., M.Div., 
D.D.; Resident Bishop of the 
Philadelphia Area, United 
Methodist Church 

Anne B. Sweigart, B.S.; Chairman 
of the Board and Chief Executive 
Officer, Denver and Ephrata 
Telephone Company